Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Mad Science & Corrupt Governments: CIA Caught Red Handed, Scientific God Complexes & The Artificial Eclipse Conspiracy

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Welcome to the Adams Archive. In this podcast we peel back the layers of official narratives to explore the intersection of advanced technology, government intrigue, and the ethics of scientific ambition. 

Artificial Eclipses: Uncover the startling revelations surrounding engineered celestial events, exploring the technology capable of creating artificial solar eclipses. 

The Dawn of De-Extinction: Step into the laboratories where the lines between past and future blur, as companies claim to possess the technology to resurrect extinct creatures. From mammoths to dinosaurs, examine the scientific breakthroughs, the dreams, and the ethical dilemmas posed by playing god with nature's design.

Targeted Voices: The chilling confession of a CIA operative admitting to targeting Alex Jones sheds light on the power struggles between the state and the individuals daring to challenge it. Explore the implications of these admissions for freedom of speech, media integrity, and the right to dissent in a digital age.

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Full Transcription 

 Adams Archive. 

Hello, you beautiful people, and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we're going to have to cover a lot of ground, starting with the fact that Julian Assange could have his prosecution thrown away, according to Joe Biden.

Biden. Now we'll talk why I think he might be saying this.  Maybe it has something to do with gaining popularity in a time where your dog wouldn't want to vote for him, but that's beside the point we'll read through that article together and talk through some of the more nuanced conversations surrounding Julian Assange.

From there, we're going to discuss somebody of high, Notoriety within the AI community. What some people call the Godfather of AI warning about battle robots.  If that sounds terrifying to you, then we're on the same page. So we'll discuss that after that. We'll talk about how plants. allegedly scream when they're being harvested.

That's a terrifying visual.  Then we'll jump into the Alex Jones situation. So Alex Jones, if you don't know, had the full force of the FBI, the CIA, they completely obliterated him in court. He over the Sandy Hook.  It's a crazy situation that he had. I think it was a billion dollars is what they said that he owed these defendants, which is like the most  egregious of all hearings in the history of the American judicial system.

So  there was some updates on that, which is the fact that there was an individual from the FBI. Who came out and got caught on camera in one of the, I don't believe this was actually private project Veritas, but it was very project Veritas ask in the way that it was a gay man who somebody found on either grinder or Tinder.

And apparently that's the only way that you can find these people who are willing to talk about this type of stuff. Um, but we'll actually watch the video where this man from the FBI comes out and, and admits that the FBI actually, um, Went after Alex Jones to make an example of him and how you might ask.

Well, we'll talk about that in just a little bit.  Uh, we'll go through a couple articles about that. Then we'll talk about this new biomedical pharmaceutical company, I guess, biomedical company that's claiming that they're going to do something that has been shown rendition of this. ever, which is the fact that this company is saying it's called Colossal Biosciences.

And apparently,  they're going to de extinct animals, starting with a mammoth. And if that doesn't terrify you, I don't know what will. So we'll talk about the implications of that. We'll talk a little bit about the company and the people that are behind it. All of that, and  then the last discussion we'll have today, and we might have one more, but if we have time, we'll, we'll talk about that.

If we don't, the last thing we're going to talk about is the solar eclipse. So everybody went crazy over the solar eclipse. There was all these conspiracy theories about how there was earthquakes and all of this craziness, and there was going to be an EMP and  mass chaos was going to break out.  Well, it's been kind of silent since then. 

That eclipse just a couple of days ago. And I held my opinion on this a little bit for a reason. Cause I don't know if I believed any of these things. Some people were saying that the solar eclipses were fake and all this crazy stuff,  but then I saw this article that came out. And it talks about, I think, I believe it's a Swedish or German, German article, um, talks about a technology that could be utilized to create eclipses. 

Hmm.  That's interesting.  It's called the ESA proba three, and it's a satellite, I guess, two satellites. And we'll actually read more about this together, but two satellites that essentially  can cause pseudo eclipses.  Why would they want to do that?  Guess what? We'll talk about it. So all of that and more. And if we have time, we'll see just how far we get into this and how deep we go, but we might have a little bit deeper, darker, conspiratorial thing to discuss just after that.

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The Adams archive. 

I should have been a music producer in a past life. Cause I promise you both of the intros that I've made, whether it was for red pill revolution or for the Adams archive is kind of a banger, kind of a banger should have been a music producer, but here I am talking nonetheless. All right, let's go ahead and jump into it.

The very first article that we're going to discuss the very first conversation that we're going to have today is about Julian Assange,  Julian Assange, the leader and  whistleblower who has.  Unloaded a treasure trove of government and corporate corruption over  years and years and years of WikiLeaks has since fled the country, fleeing for his life while the full force of the government, the FBI, the CIA, manhunt, manhunt, manhunt going after this man. 

And he would be put away for life, but he's been finding himself in Australia,  interesting enough, um, who has been sheltering him without extradition to the United States. And now Joe Biden is saying that he's considering dropping the prosecution against Julian Assange.  After a request from Australia.

Now, this man should have been pardoned long ago.  This man should have been pardoned by Trump.  This man should have been pardoned by Obama. Right? The list goes on.  This man should have been pardoned long ago. There's no reason. Somebody  The only time The true case of authoritarianism is a government that cannot be questioned.

And that's what Julian  Assange did. He questioned the government. He questioned their intentions. And not only did he question them, but he exposed them for what they were. He exposed them for all of the corruption, all of the surveillance activities, everything that they were doing that was horrific. You know, you go to wikileaks.

com Or org or something right now. I was actually looking at their archives today. There's a unbelievable list of all of these situations where the government was doing things that it shouldn't have done. From the Guantanamo Bay,  uh, interrogation, what is it, enhanced interrogation techniques. Like so many of these things that were atrocious acts by our government that he exposed.

Rightfully, you were doing illegal acts. You should be exposed for those illegal acts. This man exposed you for the illegal acts that you were committing, and now you want to go throw him in jail for committing, for, for, for exposing you. That's authoritarianism. That's abuse.  That's abusive behavior.  That isn't the act of an abuser, right? 

So I would say this is the best thing that Joe Biden has  considered. This is the best possible thing. If Joe Biden did this one thing, I would scream the praises of Joe Biden from a mountaintop  for about two minutes, but nonetheless, I would still scream is my praise from a mountaintop and it would be that Joe Biden.

Pardons Julian Assange.  And so let's go ahead and read this article. It says U S president, Joe Biden says the U S is considering dropping his persecution or prosecution, same thing against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange. For years, Australia has called on the U S to drop its prosecution against Assange, an Australian citizen who has fought U S extradition efforts from prison in the UK asked about the request on Wednesday, as he hosted Japanese prime minister, Fumio Kishida.

For an official visit, Biden said, we're considering it. Hmm. Interesting.  Very interesting. 

Assange has been indicted on 17 espionage charges and one charge of computer misuse over his website's publication of a trove of classified U. S. documents almost 15 years ago. American prosecutors allege encouraged and helped U. S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning steal diplomatic cables and military files that Wikileaks  Or WikiLeaks published putting lives at risk.

I want you to point me to one person who died within the government as a result of Julian Assange exposing the government and their corruption. Australia argues that there is a disconnect between the US treatment of Assange and Manning.  Then US President Barack Obama commuted Manning's 35 year sentence to seven years, which allowed her release in 2017.

Assange's supporters say he is a journalist protected by the First Amendment, absolutely correct, who exposed US military wrongdoing in Iraq and Afghanistan that was in the public interest. Correct. Assange's wife, Stella Assange, has said that WikiLeaks founder is being persecuted because he exposed the true cost of war in human lives.

Absolutely correct. She has said that his health continues to deteriorate in prison and she fears he'll die behind bars. A British court ruled last month that Assange can't be extradited to the United States on espionage charges unless U. S. authorities guarantee he won't get the death penalty.  Wow.  The death penalty for telling the truth. 

What kind of world do we live in?  That's so crazy that they would even consider that for exposing the truth, exposing corruption, exposing war crimes, exposing an enhanced interrogation.  Right? Hmm.  So there you go. That would be amazing. That would be a great precedence to set. If you find corruption and you expose corruption, you should be celebrated, not given the death penalty. 

Very straightforward. So I hope that happens. I will be  So excited to hear if that happens. Like I said, that is the one thing that Joe Biden could do that you would hear my praise about is pardon, Julian Assange,  maybe Snowden to throw him on the list, throw him on the list, and then I'll be very happy.

Right. So  I hope to see it happen. I hope to see it happen soon. Joe Biden is leaving office office, you know, somewhat, uh, in the near future. And that would be pretty incredible to see that that man walks free.  Alright, next situation. This is quite the segue.  The godfather of AI warns us of death. Battle Robots! 

Now, when I think Battle Robots, I don't know if you remember this, but there used to be the Battle Bots, I think, or Battle Bots Arena, or something like that, where all these kids would like, I say kids, they were probably like 35 year old nerds, awesome nerds, by the way, because the show was Sweet, but they would create these little Circular like Roomba looking things, but they would throw razor blades on them and like little mini chainsaws and like little I don't know missiles or some shit  They would have saws on the side of them and like it was the craziest thing ever game show ever where they would literally physically fight these little tiny robots on remote controllers.

I mean, essentially, they were like glorified little RC cars with knives, which I guess is pretty terrifying in itself. But that's what comes to mind. When I think of this, I'm sure you remember that if you are over the age of I don't know. Twenty six. Twenty seven.  I think it was even on like Nickelodeon or something at one point.

Like a Nick at night. I don't know.  I'm gonna have to go back and watch some of those. Anyways, the technology is becoming more intelligent than people and could take over. Geoffrey Hinton says.  Hmm. The world can encounter, the world could encounter major disasters before the use of artificial intelligent weapons is regulated in a proper manner according to Turing award winning scientist Geoffrey Hinton, seen as a pioneer of the AI technology. 

The former Google engineer who quit the company last year compared the use of the technology for military purposes to chemical weapons deployment. And I'm going to go ahead and throw this article up for you here so you can follow along with me. And if you can't see it, that's because you're listening and not watching.

And if you want to watch, you can head over to YouTube right now and type in The Adams Archive and you'll find me. Maybe not, because  of all the platforms, for some reason, YouTube seems to hate me the most.  But head over there, you can actually follow along on the articles as I'm scrolling through these and see them with your own eyes.

But if you're driving, don't do that. Just keep listening to my silky smooth voice.  The former Google engineer who quit the company last year compared the use of the technology for military purposes. I just read that, uh, to chemical weapons deployment, warning that very nasty things will occur before the global community arrives at the comprehensive agreement comparable to the Geneva conventions.

And I totally agree with that. I can absolutely see that happening. The third I spoke about is the existential threat.  Professor Hinton said on Tuesday in an interview with the Irish broadcaster RTE News, emphasizing that these things will get much more intelligent than us, and they will take over.  I'm gonna read that again. 

The man who essentially is called the, the man called the Godfather of AI, just said that these things will get much more intelligent than us.  And they will take  over.  The computer scientists highlighted the impact of AI on disinformation and job displacement and also on weapons of the future. One of the threats is battle robots, which will make it much easier for rich countries to wage war on smaller, poorer countries, and they are going to be very nasty, and I think they are inevitably going to be.

And we see that kind of with the way that you see drone strikes, like the drone strike thing has completely changed the war landscape that we've seen between the war in Ukraine, uh, what we're seeing in Israel, like.  Drones have changed the game. You can sit back in some hut somewhere and some, you know, trailer in a military base and fly a, fly a  plastic plane over somebody and then blow them up or kill them, uh, pretty wild stuff.

So yeah, if you think about how much that has changed warfare.  Now think about how sentient ish AI  robots armed with machine guns. With immediate reaction  times and unbelievable strength and perfect accuracy.  Yeah, that's terrifying.  One of the threats is battle robots. Just said that he urged governments to put pressure on tech majors, and, uh, especially in California to conduct in depth research on the safety of AI technology, rather than it being an afterthought there should, there should be government incentives to ensure companies put a lot of work into safety.

And some of that is happening. Now, the scientists also highlighted huge benefits that AI can bring to humanity, particularly in healthcare, adding that one does not, that he does not regret any of his contributions to the technology. Despite the mounting interest in AI, several high profile picture, uh, picture figures, wow, in the tech industry have warned about the potential dangers posed by the unregulated adoption of the technology. 

Hinton, who quit Google last year, has waged a media campaign to warn of the risks. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple co founder Steve Wozniak and Joshua  Bengio, who is considered an AI pioneer  for his work on neural networks, were among the top industry figures to co sign a letter last year calling for aggressive regulation of the AI sector. 

Now I'll stop reading that to you and tell you this,  AI battle robots could be a very bad thing for humanity. like probably humanity ending  or it could also be very good for war. And by good for war, you know, my stance on war by now, I think it's useless. I think, but I also think that it will not go away.

War is not going to go away. So to me, I had this thought the other day.  And there was an interesting little rabbit hole I found myself down where, think about this. What if AI robots  were now the only soldiers in major wars?  If you think about it, if their reaction time is way better, if they're literally unkillable, if they are extremely strong compared to humans, they're way faster than us, their accuracy is perfect, they have AI algorithms telling them exactly when a threat goes to reach for anything at any time.

They can kill you from like, two miles away, probably like, it's just literally not going to be a fair fight.  So during the time, maybe the near future, the near ish future,  we're going to develop these weapons. If we haven't already, and my hunch would be that we already have, but if we haven't developed this already in the very near future, robots, AI battle bots are essentially going to take over the battlefield. 

Now, if they do that,  and we're in wars with other countries who have essentially replaced their entire fighting force with robots, AI robots,  then what if the war was entirely fought between robots? Because essentially, what you're saying is establishing absolute dominance, because if our robots can kill your robots, and our robots could definitely kill all your people,  right?

There's no contest, there's no conversation, right? So if our robots just obliterate China's, then China knows that we could essentially just have our robots kill all of them instantaneously or something like that, complete control, right? So, What if wars were no longer fought with people? What if they were only fought with robots in a safe arena esque  type of situation?

10 on 10, let's say.  10 US robots versus 10 Chinese robots, and they just fight it out in an arena because then we essentially know we don't need hundreds of thousands of these robots. But if we could just come to a gentleman's agreement,  That once the, once the octagon shuts and the robots fire, fire up their engines and whoever is the last robot standing, that country wins the war.

Cause we already know the end result would be if you take that to its furthest extent, that their technology is better. And as a result of your technology being better, you could essentially kill everybody within our country, or we could kill everybody within your country.  Interesting thought experiment.

And I kind of just want to see AI BattleBot war arenas as a sport, like betting and like drinking on the sidelines to, you know, two different jerseys, USA flags in the background, China with their, you know, little dinky Chinese flag. And, and, you know, we're drinking beer and they're doing math equations  on the sidelines.

I don't know, however far you want to take that analogy. I think it's a cool one. I don't think it's the utopia that's gonna come of this, but nonetheless it's a fun thought experiment. But it does seem to make some rational sense that it could get to that point.  There's a sci fi book there you could write, but if you do, at least attribute me in your, you know,  your acknowledgments. 

Anyways, that's,  that's the side tangent when it comes to AI battle bots. Uh, but that's terrifying. Robots could potentially kill us all. I don't know what I think is a bigger threat, whether it be AI or, you know, You know, nuclear bombs, the problem with that scenario that I just gave you, though, is it's not going to be nearly equal, right?

There's still countries who haven't figured out nuclear bombs, right? They don't have the nuclear stockpile that we or Russia or China does. And so if we send these battle bots into, I don't know, Afghanistan or  a place where they don't exactly have that much It's not fair. It's just  complete dominance and control.

There's nothing you can do. Go watch Terminator. You know where it goes from there.  Now on a completely different note, going from non sentient metal objects that are going to act sentient and have the possibility of, I don't know. murdering us all. There's also this flip side of things, maybe equally as terrifying,  which is that I came across this article the other day that said that plants scream  while they're being harvested. 

This new study finds. Now there's something about scream and harvested in the same sentence. That just doesn't quite sit right with me. Now I'm not saying I'm going to go vegan,  but I think you're given some vegans, some more ammunition. So let's go ahead and read this article. Um, I actually came across this cool website, Indy 100. 

com. I find a bunch of different websites to source some of my news articles and try to do some research for you guys. And this one had some, it had like the top 100 articles and discussions that are being had. Seems like a cool way to kind of source some, some interesting material and find some conversations.

So check it out. Indie100. com.  No association. Um,  vegetarians, we're afraid we've got some news.  Vegetarians, we're afraid we've got some news that you're probably not going to like. Plants emit sounds  akin to screams. When they're distressed, according to a new study, I actually got it backwards in the way that I said that a little bit earlier.

Yeah.  I guess this is ammunition for carnivores, not vegans.  It  plants emit screams when they're distressed. According to a new study,  I have the most terrifying visual picture in my head right now of a little baby plant, just screaming, uh, they allegedly produce clicking noises that humans can't hear without the use of scientific equipment.

Research has found the research, which was published in, uh,  cell back in 2023 showed that plants produce these noises in times of acute distress.  Lilac Hadany is an evolutionary biologist at Tel Aviv University. Hadany said, even in a quiet field there are actually sounds that we don't hear, and those sounds carry meaning. 

There are animals that can hear these sounds, so there is the possibility that a lot of acoustic interaction is occurring. Plants interact with insects and other animals all the time, and many of these organisms use sound for communication.  So it would be very suboptimal  for plants not to use sound at all.

That makes sense. The findings show that plants which are distressed have incredibly high pitched popping noises, while unstressed plants do not emit these noises. emit these noises. The study's definition of distressed includes plants that were having their stems cut or were dehydrated.  However, it's not yet clear how the plants produce these noises.

Now that we know that plants do emit sounds, the next question is, who does? Might be listening.  We are currently investigating the responses of other organisms, both plants and animals, to these sounds and we're also exploring our ability to identify and interpret the sounds in completely natural environments.

Comes after a new study suggests that Western industrial diets may be changing the ways that humans digest plants. As modern diets lack fiber, cellulose found in fruits and vegetables is changing. Hmm.  All right.  So, that's a terrifying mental image, and now I feel a little bad for, you know, all the, all the weeds that I ripped out of the, the concrete when I was in the military.

Um, anyways,  yeah, so now when a vegan comes to you and says, oh, you're hurting those animals. Well, just let them know that plants scream when they eat them,  literally, according to this study.  I don't really know where to take this from here. It just seemed pretty terrifying. And I had a lot of weird mental images of plants screaming while, while somebody was eating a, I don't know,  one of them anyways,  really not a ton of places to go from there, but I'm just letting you know, that's more of an FYI than a discussion piece. 

Now, it is a discussion piece is the fact that Alex Jones has now come out and said that he's going to be pursuing a lawsuit against the FBI and the CIA for conducting a essentially a hit job on him, including the 1 billion settlement that he was forced to make. Now, it says. 

Let's go ahead and see which one we should start with.  Alright, it says that Alex Jones, Alex Jones joined Louder with Crowder Wednesday to discuss the massive expose by Sound Investigations,  showing a CIA operator Or CIA operatives admission that the FBI and CIA vindictively targeted Jones for destruction.

Jones explained the footage could significantly bolster a free speech lawsuit against the federal agencies for a violation of his civil rights, with which he's hoping tech entrepreneur Elon Musk could assist since the law firms coming after Jones are the same coming after Musk. Now I do want to look a little bit into the sound investigations because it was very very Project Veritas esque. 

So let's go ahead and we'll take a look at them in just a minute. But this is from Sound Investigations. If you go to Twitter it's Sound I N V E S T I G is their handle. So. Sound investig.  Says breaking CIA officer, former FBI boss, uh, boss can put anyone in jail. Set them up. We call it a nudge.  FBI did what we wanted with Alex Jones.

He took his money away, chopped his legs off. Estimates 20 undercover FBI agents at January 6th, works with some of them now at the CIA. Whoa. Let's watch this video. 

You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do. How? You set them up. Does the bureau practice entrapment a lot? Yeah. We get really close. We call it a nudge. A nudge. A nudge. Mmm. Sometimes you just gotta give them a quick little,  just to see what happens. Sometimes you like to fuse and just wait for it to follow.

Nothing.  Sometimes you just gotta give them a quick little Just to see what happens. We're putting up a fake social media thing to like really get people mad. Alex Jones? Yeah, so, we were after him. You are? He did what we wanted.  Which was what?  Took his money away. Chop his legs off. Took his money away, chopped his legs, is a contracting officer at the CIAO.

Lennis. Worked for the FBI in 2021 and 2022 in the San Diego office. Moved on to Homeland Security where he conducted asylum interviews at the southern border and now works for the CIA managing multimillion dollar contracts across government agencies and private.  I work for, um, I work like this, um,  I'm not supposed to tell people any job.

If I say intelligence, what do you think?  CIA? Yep. Oh, you work for the CIA? I do.  That's incredible.  That is the worst  CIA  officer ever.  So I work in a field where you're like, not really supposed to tell people what to, what you do.  But when I say intelligence, you say  central intelligence. agency?  Yeah.  Wow, you're a tough cookie to crack. 

That is the nation's best my friend. Let's listen to that one more time because that was amazing.  Sector Vendors. I work for, um, I work at this, um,  I'm not supposed to tell people. You're not supposed to tell intelligence. What do you think? CIA? Yep. You work for the CIA? That's me. I do work for the contracting officer. 

So I deal a lot with, like,  different agencies. We're contracting with, like, uh, Directorate of National Intelligence to do stuff. We do Navy, Army,  many of them, really. I just, FBI, I used to work for the FBI, so. We went through the FBI, Abby. They're like, here, you used to work there. Oh, I'm permanent. I'm staff.

I'm good. Well, why do they call it contracting? Because I do the contracting for them. I do all the legal contracts.  I fly out to vendors and evaluate them. I love the agency.  I like the Bureau too. The Bureau was a lot of fun. I got to do a lot of cool stuff at the Bureau. I was the guy in the back of the truck in the van. 

Oblenus spoke to an Undercover Sound Investigations reporter about his work experience involving near entrapment and his employers involvement with political commentator Alex Jones legal battles. As long as the Bureau is able to  progress far enough to be able to put pro lifers in jail whenever they want.

Yeah.  You think that's on the agenda? We can, we can  You can kind of put anyone in jail if you know what to do. How? You set them up. 

You create the situation to where they have no choice but to act on their impulse. And once they act on that impulse, then we call that entrapment.  It's a fine line.  Does the Bureau practice entrapment a lot?  We get really close. Not officially? No. We get as close as we can.  We get as close as we can to it without doing it.

So they can entrap some of these pro lifers into doing things that they don't care about. Japan gang, yeah.  We call it a nudge. A nudge. We call it a nudge.  Mmm. Sometimes you just gotta get a quick little, just to see what happens, right? And how does that happen?  You put a post out there, or you have someone fake it.

Profile, say something that triggers, that we know is going to trigger one, right? Like, we, we already know your history. If we're to that point, we already know everything about you. So we're like, oh, this'll piss them off. Oh. Sometimes you like to fuse and just wait for it to follow, right? Like a railing.

Like a, oh. So when a railing happens, then sometimes the bureau behind it Yeah, sometimes. 

So that's interesting. So  he's saying essentially that they would put out social media posts to try to get certain individuals to bite on it.  I'm not sure how you could put somebody in jail for a reaction to a social media post.  Not sure what he would be alluding to there, but the fact that a CIA intelligence  contracting officer just stated basically publicly and without any friction that the CIA conducts nudges or entrapment campaigns around people they disagree with the ideologies of That's pretty concerning Make an influence that you're influencer that you're after you like a  I don't know like um  I don't even know these names.

Like a Fox News person, or like a Tucker Carlson, or like a Uh, oh, I'm sure he's  Right.  The youngest one's I think that's the loudest.  Like that, what was his name? The one that said, uh,  the, uh, San Diego didn't happen. Alex Jones. Yeah, so, we were after him. You are? Are you still after him? Yeah. Why? Because he's broke.

He got found guilty. And had to pay like a hundred million dollars.  So what, why were you after him? We're not anymore. Just to get the money for them? Yeah.  Was that court case used? Was that a CIA case? Sure it was. That was an agency thing? Well, actually it was a defamation case. So it's a civil, not  government. 

But we were looking at all of his followers, commenting, following, like, who's that gonna make us take the break?  So, even though it's technically not our, well, not the agency, definitely, but the Bureau, for instance.  Yeah, that's not our purview. It's a civil,  it's a civil matter.  But, since they got all this access to his stuff, and it's  there,  what can we go find? 

And did you find anything? I can't tell you. Oh, God.  But,  so, you know, it's just kind of like, you know,  Realize the opportunity that you have so with Alex Jones  So he's essentially saying that during the civil case. They got access to all of his documentation over the Sandy Hook allegations And I'm sure you can't point to one thing Alex Jones said that pissed off the CIA It was probably a lot of things but within that list of things was obviously that the ability to find the silliest things  potential civil legal case to completely bankrupt a man who was just doing his job in trying to expose potential corruption and mass weaponization of  proven tactics that have been absolutely leveraged and at least proposed to be leveraged, right?

If you go back to Operation Northwoods with the CIA, they proposed and it went all the way up to the president. To conduct fake mass shootings, one literally on a military base. And they were actually going to pay people to conduct it.  Right? So not faking a mass shooting, that's far more difficult than actually doing the mass shooting. 

Right?  When you looked at the situation in Russia, what happened? They found people who were broke. Right? Maybe this was, maybe it wasn't the CIA. But maybe it was the CIA. Mm hmm.  Who has a track record of potentially finding people who are in a position that they can then bribe to do an act that would be in line with what they would want to see happen to cause something that they want to cause.

And then they find them on telegram and then they convince them to do the thing through words and money and enablement, right? Just a little nudge, just a nudge, right? So  in the case of Sandy Hook, right?  The dumbest thing they could have done, the dumbest thing anybody could have done, was try to fake it like a movie, right?

That's just, there's so many loose ends.  It's far easier to convince somebody who's already on a bunch of psychological medications, who's already, you know, maybe having some sort of mental breakdown, who's already talking about it on forums to just Yeah, what if this did happen? What if this showed up at your house tomorrow?

What if I gave you plans to conduct that, right? Like, there's a lot of ways to do it without  creating a Hollywood movie scene, right? This isn't the moon landing.  Right? So this man is literally admitting here that what they did was they weaponized the government.  Right? Weaponize the CIA. Weaponize the FBI.

Weaponize the judicial system in order to gain  insight, dirt, and knowledge.  And then go after Alex Jones, cut him off at the legs, which means the judge who conducted it, the prosecutors, all of that should be appealed at this point with this new evidence.  You were watching him long before anything ended up happening?

Probably. It wasn't my office, but I mean, we would have been well aware of what he was doing. And the goal with him was what? Just to bankrupt him?  Oh, pretty much. And we let the families do it.  What? We let the families do it. Were they encouraged to do that by the Bureau? Like nudged? We don't encourage people, but like, we just say, there's no federal  statute being broken.

But you do have the option for a civil,  for a civil case. And it's a pretty good case.  In our opinion.  So, oh, that makes so much sense. I have a cousin who's a lawyer.  So that's a lot of these cases, they're kind of encouraged by the FBI? Yeah, like,  there's nothing federally, federal law we can  Interesting. 

Let's see. Just gonna kind of scrub through here so I'm not making you listen to this loud background  restaurant.  But, let's see if there's anything better.  Oh, here we go. January 6th, then we'll move on. Alright, here we go. 

Maybe it won't. It essentially says, how many people do you think the FBI or the CIA had in the crowd? And he said, I'm talking, they maybe had 20, 20.  You needed a thousand to get rid of that crowd.  That's where we're stuck on here. So  there you go. That's the situation. Now, Alex Jones responds to this on Louder with Crowder. 

Discusses this at length in an interview. Let's see if we at that. Lemme ask if you have a lawsuit planned yourself. Um, yes. Can you explain that to people so they understand what it is that you're Yes. And, and Steven, I apologize for going on and on, but, but I can just, just lemme just finish that last go.

I'll get into that. My point is justice depart.  IRS, uh, law firms, uh, rig courts, who are not allowed to defend yourself. This is the cocktail they've used against Trump. It's the cocktail that they're now using against everybody. And absolutely, the only reason I want to sue them is to get my name back. I don't even want money, but I want to be able to call Oblevis in.

I want to be able to call their other lawyers in. I want to be able to call in the PR firms because the mistake they made was run their mouth. I mean, the lawyers in Connecticut and Texas. And by the way, the Texas Crips, the same ones suing Elon Musk, by the way, they got up at the courthouse steps when they won their cases, the judge had already found me guilty and then told the jury to find me guilty for a bunch of money. 

They said, our mission is to silence him. We don't want money. And that's now happening in the bankruptcy court where the judge is like, wait, the law says you can get money.  But the law doesn't say you get to silence people.  And so basically there's now findings about to be made public that they're dealing in bad faith.

So that's an inside baseball. But, but yes, I've talked to several different civil rights law firms and I've had four conversations with four law firms, uh, since this just broke, uh, uh,  I was talking to him before it broke. So in the last week, they just broke a day and a half ago. It seems like a million years ago now.

And so it's a big deal. You know, it's all God. Yeah. You're opening up the mouths of these evil people to then expose themselves. The Bible says the pit they dig for you is the pit they will fall into. And so absolutely. I don't like taking on the FBI and the CIA, but if somebody's on top of you breaking your nose and punching your eyeballs out and gang raping you and running over you and backing over you, All you can do is fight back.

That's why when I saw the targeting of you a few years ago, I called you. We're already friends then. And I said, listen, don't let it get to you because you're successful. You're one of the top talk shows. You're a populist. People love you. Do not, I know you're smart, but you haven't been through a lot of this yet.

You've been through some stuff. I said, I know the cut of this jib. I know the signature. This is 100 percent the Justice Department, the CIA. They create the narrative. They look at things. They go, we'll take this and we'll take that and we'll make Alex Jones the guy that bullies kids and pees on graves.

Exactly. And then we'll make Steven Crowder this guy that, you know, literally, uh, breaks women's necks and human sacrifices them and it's just all made up and then they just hype it and hype it to, to, to, to, to, to take what you're known for being smart and being funny.  Alright, so there you go. That's his response.

He's essentially going to go after the FBI and the CIA for conducting this, uh, this nudge operation, right? Uh, now,  again, I think that was pretty good work. Like, I think that's some of the better investigative journalism that's come out more recently, even above what OMG is doing. Uh, what I've seen more recently from James O'Keefe, which is, you know, OMG media project Veritas is essentially dead in the water.

I haven't seen a single project Veritas thing come out, uh, in probably a year since they got rid of him.  Uh, but let's look, I just want to look at their, the sound investigations, Twitter account. Hopefully they're only 23, 000 followers.  Uh, investigating corruption in adult industries and more.  Hmm.  Wow. And since they posted that, that has 6 million views  on  Twitter. 

Hmm.  Very interesting.  Uh,  And look, they have more posts. They posted about the Pornhub, C Suite, Executive, uh, Uh,  Very interesting. Okay, cool. Sound investigations. Good job. Good on, good on James O'Keefe for encouraging people to start doing this, right? That's real journalism. Absolutely incredible.  Okay, let's touch on this. 

But before we do that, I just want to remind you that you're still here, still here listening to me. And if you haven't left a five star review,  I'm watching you.  Not really. Not like the CIA, but I am I am I do feel your presence right now And if you haven't done it yet, I know you want to just do it Just tippity tap that button and I also know you want to head over to Ronan Ronan basics calm and check out the website It's still a little bit of a work in progress.

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That'd be pretty cool, huh? So, RonanBasics. com, and this will start, again, the thing that I will have go live, that will no longer be on backorder, or presale, is going to be the wallets. Alright? Um, pretty awesome designs. They look super sharp, very high quality materials, RonanBasics. com. Check out the wallets that are there and make your order today.

And I can start shipping it out as early as late next week. And I will include with that  a QR code for you to share the love with all of your friends and family.  All right. RonanBasics. com head there right now.  U. S. company hoping to bring back dead extinct animals.  This article says U. S. company hoping to bring back the dodo and the mammoth. 

But here's why it won't be like Jurassic Park. I like how they're already going on a PR campaign. But here's why it's not going to turn into velociraptors tearing you and your children to shreds. Here's why. Let me explain. My name is James Robinson, news reporter for SkyNews. com. Let me tell you why this is a great thing for humanity.

That we're going to bring back woolly mammoths. And also saber toothed tigers. And also maybe Velociraptors. Let me, let me, give me five minutes of your time and I shall convince you, sir, that bringing back extinct animals that the world no longer was able to, to need or was able to sustain at sizes much larger than animals that we have today, in an environment that is constantly surrounded by humans that are not like they were before, let me tell you why introducing  Extinct animals back into the ecosystem is a great thing.

Okay, I'm listening, James. Tell me.  Well,  the idea of scientists bringing prehistoric creatures back to life with some clever DNA trickery might sound familiar to fans of the 1993 Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic Park. Yes, it does. But for Colossal Biosciences, a company that hopes to reintroduce extinct species such as the Dodo and the Mammoth, I like how they find like the most cuddly little stupid things that they could come up with,  right?

We're not gonna do those big scary animals, right? We're not gonna weaponize  Tyrannosaurus Rex's, right? We're just just a little Dodo. They're stupid and harmless. That's all. Maybe a little woolly mammoth So you can give it a little belly rub  But not velociraptors. We would never do that. We would never.

We would never. That's a terrible idea. We would never do that, guys. We would never start an island for rich people to go hunt velociraptors. To pay us millions of dollars  to go start our own  Jurassic Park Island, where you could view  Velociraptors, T Rexes, Bronchiosauruses, Triceratops, and, and all of your childhood dreams come true.

We would never do that and monetize it for our benefit.  Just dodo's. And little belly rubs for the woolly mammoths. That's all we want to do, guys. Don't worry about us. Just dodos. They were stupid to begin with. We'll start there.  But for, uh, it, it says it is more than just a film script.  It's a reality, and one that could be just years away.

We've got all the technology we need, says Ben Lamb, chief executive of the firm. Based in Dallas, Texas. It's just a focus of time and funding. And we are 100 percent confident we can bring back the Tasmanian Tiger, the Dodo, the Mammoth. The science behind the project is simple. Work out the genes that make an extinct animal what it is, and then replicate those genes using the DNA of a close existing relative. 

Right?  We're not God. We're just creating  animals out of thin air. With our bare hands. Creating life. The very existence that maybe, just maybe, we may alter a thing or two there. Maybe make a purple woolly mammoth, because people love purple.  Right? But we would never. Not the big scary stuff, guys. Don't worry about  it.

It's almost reverse Jurassic Park, says Mr. Lamb. Right? In the film, they were film filling in the holes in the dinosaur DNA with frog DNA.  We are leveraging artificial intelligence and tools to identify the core genes that make a mammoth a mammoth and then engineering them into elephant genomes. Right?

We're not, we're not filling in the DNA with frog DNA. That's um,  such a huge part of this and all of the concerns have to do with the frog DNA. So we're not going to do that.  Wow.  Uh, that is the technical part, but there are some other practical hurdles for Colossal to overcome. Namely, once you have a mammoth cells, do you birth a real life mammoth?

The answer, according to Colossal, is in the womb of an Asian elephant.  Hmm. But it is a process that could take nearly two years, even after they've worked out how to do it. Each of the different projects have different challenges. The mammoth is really around gestation, which is around 22 months. The dodo gestations, it's pretty great.

They said we are using surrogate chickens. The hardest part is cultivating the primordial germ cells.  So after about 4, 000 years.  When could we see the return of the Mighty Mammoth, a creature that fell victim to human hunting? This is our fault, guys. Let's bring him back. And the changing conditions brought about by the end of the last Ice Age.

We are well into the editing phase, said Mr. Lamb. We don't have mammoths yet, but we still feel very good. About 2028.  Geez. Away from the lab, led by Rona Hisoli, Colossal's head of biological sciences, there are a few issues to overcome, including where the newly returned species will live once they're born. 

Mr. Lamb said Who gives Who the fuck gives you the right? Mr. Lamb who gave you who gave you the right to do this? How do you how do you say? Oh, I'm gonna be the guy to challenge nature  to say hey I know this happened in the past in history, but guess what?  Not on my watch, my name's Mr. Lamb. I'm gonna reverse engineer the cells and become God, and start to create animals that haven't been around for thousands of years.

Without any regard to how this will affect our ecosystem, without any regard to what the actual predatory aspects of this might look like, without any concern for anything other than, this shit looks pretty cool, maybe I'll do that.  How is there not, and also by the way, what stops them from doing this with Neanderthals? 

There's a weird situation. Oh, no, all you need is a surrogate mom and we have Neanderthals back  Isn't there like little people too? Like we I remember I went to the museum. I think it was in San Diego  Some some museum that I was at and they had a literal like little person dwarf That was another homo sapien esque type of figure  What's to stop them from doing this.

With that, are we gonna bring back Neanderthals and dwarf homo, you know,  homo sapien esque creatures, and just see how that works out for us.  I could just see, let's go. Let's go into a new scenario. We went from battle bots to Neanderthals being regenerated into life. Maybe. Maybe let's cross them both together. 

The battle bots.  And the only way to, to combat that is to bring back to life the strong, the, the eyebrow having Neanderthals, right? We were the reason they're gone anyways. Just bring them back. We'll see. Well, they're going to back us up. Right? If, if all hell breaks loose with the AI robots, let's just keep further experiment with us being God, you know, discount the metal God that we're creating.

And let's just say, Hey, we're going to bring back the enderthals to fight off the AI  robot battle bots. Maybe that's the end result. Right? But literally, do you think they're going to stop a mammoths? Do you think they're going to stop at Dodo's or whatever they said, whatever the other one was. No, they're going to do everything and anything they can, which includes. 

Includes dinosaurs includes other, uh, Homo sapien ask  creatures like the Neanderthals, right? That is going to happen if we are going down this road. We are opening up Pandora's box. Where these scientists are acting as if they're gods, where they believe they can do whatever they want without repercussions, without government oversight, because they're moving fast enough now to where we can't as humans be able to take in the information and what they're doing and have corrective measures and, and guidelines for them to follow, which says, Hey, maybe it's not a good idea to re introduce predatory species into our current state ecosystem that haven't been around for thousands of years.

Maybe that's not a good idea.  Maybe it's not a good idea to create a hyper intelligent Metal figure that could break every bone in your body and has no emotions.  Maybe not,  you know Where do we start to put where do we start to draw the line, right? If it's not hyper intelligent godlike metal creatures, and it's not bringing back extinct creatures and developing Animals from scratch  and changing their genetic makeups with with the metal God filling in the blanks  Right?

Like, there's so many sci fi books that I could create out of this, it's ridiculous.  And most of them, if not all of them, end terribly for us.  Right? We better hope the aliens show up and save our asses from these dumbass scientists trying to extinct humanity while bringing back dodo's  and creating metal gods like AI.

Battle bots.  Jeez.  Our ultimate goal is to put all the animals we make back into the wild. He says new tools in the fight to protect nature. Colossal thinks the work is not just about rewilding animals previously lost to the world. The company is currently working with Dr. Paul Ling at Baylor college of medicine to create a vaccine to eradicate the deadly.

E E H V virus, which kills about 20 percent of baby elephants. It is also working closely with the university of Alaska and the university of Stockholm on radiocarbon dating of American mammoths, as well as sequencing their genome, the largest study of its type ever undertaken.  Now what's interesting about this is that guess what they're getting to help convince you in their propaganda campaign, that this is a good thing. 

They hired the guy. There's a very famous documentarian named Teton.  Not named Teaton Ridge, but James Reed, you've probably heard that name before and if you hadn't go look up his IMDB and you'll probably be pretty familiar with it. You know the Documentary that was very very famous region recently The my octopus teacher  is now been commissioned to create a docu series about this medical technology company The new Jurassic Park  says the company has teamed up with Oscar winning my octopus teacher James Reed's underdog films and Teton Ridge Entertainment to produce a multi year docu series about Colossal's work.

The firm bills itself as the world's first de extinction company has raised some 225 million dollars in funding as it works to resurrect species like the woolly mammoth and the dodo. The announcement of the docu series comes on the heels of Colossal hiring former legendary Entertainment executive Emily Castell as chief marketing officer.

Among other duties, Castell will help guide the company on its foray into the entertainment world. Teton Ridge Entertainment will finance the first phase of production with the intent of finding a distribution.  Coming to a Netflix near you!  The real Jurassic park. I like how every time they mentioned this, they also mentioned dodo's and woolly mammoths.

Like they, I guarantee you that marketing executive CMO  probably did a huge survey market analysis  where they tried to figure out what are the least intimidating things that we could run our campaign on to not immediately sound the public alarms around us playing God, and that just so happens to be the woolly mammoth and the dodo. 

Right?  Transparency is core to Colossal's missions and goals. Of course it is. So working with the right filmmakers to chronicle our journey was incredibly important.  Right? So this is just a big propaganda campaign. Huge money budget, big propaganda campaign to convince you that this is a good idea and we shouldn't be sounding the alarms over this.


now, the last topic that we're going to discuss today  is going to be  that the Everybody was talking about this week about the solar eclipse, right? There was all these conspiracy theories about the solar eclipse, right? It's going to be the end of times. It's going to cause all these earthquakes that the, all of the technology is going to go out.

It's there's going to be this, there's going to be that there was all these conspiracy theories. And I didn't come out and say much about it at all. One, because I was too busy, busy building Ronan and have my head buried in the sand to sit and create content about it. Yeah. But two, I didn't really see the correlation, right?

I know there's a huge buildup and it's in the air. Something's going to happen very shortly, very soon. I don't disagree with you.  Uh,  and side note, I listened to a podcast between Theo on Theo Vaughn's podcast, uh, this past weekend where he interviewed Tucker Carlson, probably one of my favorite podcasts I've listened to in a very, very long time.

And Tucker Carlson sounds the alarm. It's the third time I've said that in like three paragraphs.  It really does. Sound the alarm bells around the potential for mass EMPs causing mass chaos by an external enemy. And there's some really sobering thoughts and ideas around, get a plan in place, because when all hell breaks loose and you can't call your mom, you can't call your dad, you can't get a hold of your kids, you can't get a hold of your brother, your sister, your mother, your best friend,  what are you gonna do?

Do you have a plan in place? Do you have a place to meet up? Do you know where to source your water from? Do you know how to get out of the city properly? Do you know where to go hide in the woods? Do you know those things? Because if you don't,  and I certainly need to put together this plan as well, but you should have a plan.

You should have some food storage. You should have a way to filter your water. You should have some of those things, right?  Go listen to that podcast. Really, really well done. But anyways,  uh,  all of these conspiracy theories around what's going to happen after the eclipse. Now.  Being somewhat interested in astronomy and and the cosmos and everything that's going on in the larger universe around us This eclipse is pretty cool to me I like looking up in and seeing that and and kind of being able to feel extremely small in this mathematical equation that is reality going on around us and I appreciate being able to witness that and I think it's pretty damn cool People that shit on the Eclipse are the same people that shit on New Year's resolutions.

Like, you're just,  you're just lame.  So, I wrote off all these conspiracy theories.  And,  I didn't find any of them interesting. I didn't see any one of them that convinced me there was going to be something that went down.  But what I did see,  after the fact,  excuse me, is this article.  And I saw a video about it, that was pretty well done. 

And it explains how  the Eclipse could have potentially been artificially created. And that sounds crazy.  But let me tell you how  this article  comes from the European Space Agency,  and it says face to face with sun eclipsing proba  three,  there is a satellite technology  rotating around the earth right now that has the capability to cause a pseudo solar eclipse.

This is real technology. It's online.  Look it up, the article is face to face with sun  eclipsing Proba 3. And here's what it says. It says, 

through exquisite millimeter scale formation flying the dual satellite making up ESA's Proba 3 will accomplish what was previously a space mission impossible. Cast a precisely held shadow from one platform to the other in the process of blocking out the fiery sun to observe its ghostly surrounding atmosphere  Now this should be fairly easy and simplistic to go back and see if prior to this thing being created was there a projected solar eclipse.

It's just a mathematical equation, right? I'm sure somebody way smarter than me knows how to calculate it. But this should be able to be validated. I haven't done that math myself because it would take me 20 years of learning math and you know, maybe getting Neuralink in the, in the process to help me understand it.

But  there's probably a way to validate this. So I just haven't gotten that far, but there are some interesting names for these things.  One of them is called the Occulter Spacecraft because there's two satellites that make this up. And it says, ahead of the Proba pair launching together later this year, the scientists who will make use of Proba 3 observations were able to see the satellites with their own eyes.

Members of this team will test hardware developed for the mission during an actual terrestrial solar eclipse over North America. Next.  April dun dun dun. The two satellites are currently undergoing final integration in the premises of RedWire near Antwerp in Belgium. They are paid a visit by Proba3 science working team, a 45 strong group of solar physicists coming from all over Europe and the wider world. 

Many of these experts are regular visitors to terrestrial solar eclipse around the globe, but looking forward to the new perspective Proba3 will open up on the faint solar corona. This mysterious region is important as the place where coronal mass ejections are created, vast eruptions of charged particles that trigger solar storms, as well as influencing the velocity of the solar wind, which is central to determining space weather.

The satellite hardware was quite something to in close up, or in close up.  I was particularly struck by how close the camera had on the coronagraph  spacecraft is to the solar array. So those are the two names of it. Coronagraph?  And the other satellite's name is Occulter.  While the array relies on high solar illumination, the camera has to remain in complete darkness with no stray light whatsoever.

It really brings it home how precisely that small shadow cast by the Occulter will need to be maintained in place. We also got to peek at the carefully machined edge of the Occulter spacecraft's disk, normally kept under protective cover before launch. Interesting.  Now this is pretty long. Let's see if we can find out and explain how it goes.

Exactly does what it's supposed to do. 

So it says there are telescopes that incorporate internal occulting discs to obscure the solar disc. The problem is that these internal occulters still experienced light spilling around their edges known as diffraction, blotting out the extremely faint signals of interest, right? So it looks like one, uh, one satellite in front of the other, both positioning itself in front of the sun and creating this.

Pseudo eclipse, right? An artificial eclipse, it says.  It says Damian Galeno, ESA's Proba 3 project manager, notes the best way to reduce diffraction,  uh, is to increase the distance between the occulter and the chronograph, which is precisely what Proba 3 is going to do.  Interesting. By definition, full scale end to end testing of PROBA3 is impossible here on Earth, but the meeting here heard how the same set of filter wheels developed by PROBA3  will be used to observe the solar eclipse over North America on the 8th of April 2024 along the Liquid Parallel Crystal Imaging Technology. 

The filter wheels allow observation of the corona in different polarization angles, like switching between different polarized glasses.  Uh, the nice about observing during an actual eclipse is we won't need any occulter to gain insight of exactly the kind of results we are going to get back from Proba 3.

Now why would they want to do this? Right, why would they want to cause proba 3? A solar eclipse. It says, uh, Assuming the sun's output influences Earth's climate, it's important to measure any variations we precisely can. Probe 3 is due for launch this autumn. Like, what's the purpose of this? Why are you doing that?

Why do you want to? And here's a actual good, uh,  Explanation as to what it's doing and how it's doing it and so you can go check that out Look up the article name, but the 

last thing I'll show you is a video here This is a two and a half three minute video that explains hopefully verbally what's going on If it doesn't I'll read you what it's saying 

Says proba mission for precise formation flying demonstration and sun Proba mission that we're developing for the European Space Agency and we have two main objectives The first one being at the demonstration of formation flying technologies And the second one is to allow for the observation of the inner solar corona. 

Robo3 consists of two spacecraft. One of them has a telescope which is pointing towards the sun, and the other carries an occulting disk. What we do with the formation flying is to position the disk in front of the telescope such that the solar disk is occulted from the point of view of the telescope.

And it allows to see exclusively the much fainter solar corona.  Besides that, one of the main challenges is the accuracy with which we want to achieve the formation. Positions need to have an accuracy of a couple of millimeters and pointings of a thousandth of a degree. And all of that while both spacecraft are flying at speeds between 1 and 10 kilometers per second. 

The last challenge will be the autonomy with which we want to achieve that each spacecraft is an in Basically it sends some instruction for the next seven days and from that point onwards spacecraft will work on their own. This has required the development of some specific technologies to make up all the spacecraft to communicate with each other, synchronize and cooperate, not only under no In GMC and attitude control systems and information flying.

Anyways, we're not going to listen to that whole thing. It's amazing how proud these people are of themselves just randomly doing stuff for no seeming purpose.  without any understanding of what the actual implications are of their actions. Seems to be quite the theme with science today is like, everybody's a mad scientist.

And there's these situations, right? The mad scientist, like,  trope,  essentially, is playing out right before us right now in so many instances, and, you know, between nuclear bombs and AI battle bots and resurrecting extinct species.  Gosh. And pseudo artificial solar eclipses. Like again, why would they want to do that?

What's the purpose of that? What's the value of this? Why would you want to do that? It's crazy. It's crazy.  But guess what? The world's crazy. And everybody's gone mad.  And last but not least,  you know, like I said before, make sure you have your, your, I'm not correlating it to this. This is just weird to me.

I'm not sure why they would want to do this. They don't seem to explain why they would want to do this, but they can do it. So when people are saying, oh, it's an artificial solar eclipse, or, oh, it was fake, or, oh, this, oh, that. Yeah, you sound silly. But then you actually find something like this and you're like,  Hmm, that's interesting.

If nothing else.  It's interesting.  All right. That's all I got for you guys. Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart, and I hope you have a wonderful.  Thank you. Adams Archive. 

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