Friday Mar 08, 2024

Hollywood Horrors: P. Diddy is the New Epstein, Joe Rogan's Murderous Guest & Ryan Garcia Exposes Elites

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Welcome to "Adams Archive," where the glamour of Hollywood meets its darkest secrets.

Host Austin Adams invites you on a gripping journey behind the velvet curtain, where the sparkle of stardom often hides chilling narratives of intrigue, misconduct, and mystery. In this thought-provoking series, we delve into three compelling stories that have sent shockwaves through the entertainment world and beyond.

  • Joe Rogan's Murderous Guest: Explore the unsettling revelation of a guest on Joe Rogan's podcast who was later discovered to have a severed head in his freezer. We'll analyze the implications of such associations in media and the responsibilities of platforms hosting controversial figures.

  • P. Diddy on Trial: Delve into the legal battles surrounding P. Diddy, where allegations beyond the music mogul's glittering career surface. From lawsuits that hint at dark practices akin to Jeffrey Epstein's to whispered tales of a hidden side to Hollywood elite circles, we unravel the complexity of P. Diddy's ongoing legal drama.

  • Ryan Garcia Exposes Elites: Follow the shocking allegations made by professional boxer Ryan Garcia, as he claims to have witnessed and been a victim of heinous acts by some of the entertainment industry's most powerful figures. Garcia's claims shed light on the purportedly sinister undertakings within elite circles, echoing the fears and concerns about the influence and actions of the rich and famous.

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Full Transcription


Adams Archive.  Hello, you beautiful people and welcome to the Adams Archive. My name is Austin Adams and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we're going to discuss some pretty wild events. Now it's been a few weeks since our last episode and I'd like to formally apologize to you for that. 

Life gets in the way. Some new adventures that I have been pursuing simultaneously. So just trying to juggle it all while we go through some changes. Here on the Adams archive as well. So thank you for sticking around. I'm glad you're here today because we're going to discuss some wild shit, and I will even give you the update on everything that I've been working on in the background.

And if you follow me on social media, you might be privy to it already. So we'll discuss that, which is pretty cool. But first, we're going to discuss Joe Rogan having a guest on just one month ago, who has now been found  to have had a severed head in his freezer. Thanks  So we'll discuss that,  obviously. 

The next thing we're going to discuss is going to be the bill that may make TikTok unavailable in the United States as it quickly advances in the House. Now, this isn't a new idea. This is something that's been discussed before. This is bills that were presented by Donald Trump prior to this. This is no new conversation, but we'll discuss why it might be interesting in the conversation today. 

After that, we're going to have a discussion about some deeper and a little bit darker topics.  And as always, the more you stick around, the darker and deeper things generally get. So as we segue from those conversations, we're going to move into a conversation about a few more recent celebrities that are exposing the elites the same way that  Jeffrey Epstein did.

Now, in a couple of different manners, one calling it out in a way that is  seemingly,  I would say positive, you know, positive in the meaning that they are not a part of it, and the other  being a part of it. And you may know these names, one being the famous boxer Ryan Garcia, and the other being P.

Diddy.  Some pretty crazy stuff going on there, which is  Stuff we'll get into. I'll give you a brief synopsis, which is the fact that Ryan Garcia, famous boxer, young,  good looking dude, 200  something boxing matches, unbelievable boxer, has had a recent tirade on X where he just goes off about Bohemian Grove, saying that he was tied up by guys in black robes and made to watch some horrific events. 

Again, at Bohemian Grove. So. pretty crazy stuff. We'll look at the tweets, we'll look at the videos that he actually talks about these things, and that will move us into a conversation about P Diddy. P Diddy is having a more recent judicial situation where a former producer that he worked with, Lil Rod, seems to be the all time worst rapper name ever. 

It almost seems satirical, but I digress.  Lil Rod  has filed a lawsuit against P. Diddy as well as Universal Records and a bunch of other people in association with what seems to be a honeypot Trap, similar to what Jeffrey Epstein was doing. And they actually named Jeffrey Epstein in the doc documents in the court documents of this 73 page document, which I'll actually walk you through.

I have it. I highlighted that I went through it, did my research for you guys. So I will share all of that with you as well in the show notes today. So you can actually take a look at it. All right, then.  That's it. All right. So that will be our discussion for today. Go ahead, hit the subscribe button, leave a five star review.

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Into it, 

the Adams Archive.  All right. The very first topic that we're gonna be discussing today is going to be  that Joe Rogan had a guest on his podcast just one month ago, who has now had been found to have a severed head in his freezer,  along with a torso in a bla or a blue. bin that he was toting around that there's photo evidence of him Toting this bin around through a door.

So let's go ahead and read this article And let's find out what this is really about now the individual in question here  with somebody who is a former,  former inmate, and he's, was on the podcast with Josh Dubin, and I've actually loved the podcast with Joe Rogan and Josh Dubin, where essentially what he does, Josh Dubin is a advocate and a lawyer who basically brings on people who are wrongful convictions.

and gets them out of jail and then starts this conversation about wrongful convictions and, and how a large percentage of individuals who are in jail right now could very well be innocent. And so they, his organization does an amazing thing, which they go through all of the, the different cases that they're sent.

They do some deep dives into the information that are there, and then they help get these people out, which is an amazing thing. I love the work that Josh Dubin does,  but.  Maybe in this instance, they should have left this guy in jail. Okay. So Sheldon Johnson, a former Joe Rogan show guest is a 48 year old youth counselor for the Queens defenders who spent 25 years in prison for attempted murder and robbery. 

And he was introduced on the Joe Rogan experience in February by his friend,  Perlmutter Center from Legal Justice executive director, Josh Dubin.  And he was saying that he was a marvelous human being who was wronged by the system. Johnson was also photographed shaking hands with Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. 

However, less than a year after his release from prison, Johnson was arrested in New York on Thursday after police found a severed head in his apartment freezer and a torso stashed in a bin. The  victim, identified as 44 year old Colin Small, spent time in the same prison as Johnson and may have had a beef with him, according to the New York Post.

Small was reportedly heard by neighbors pleading for his life on Tuesday evening before several gunshots rang out. In security footage following the incident, Johnson could be seen carrying cleaning supplies in a blue bin to the apartment where Small's remains were found, before leaving in a blonde wig. 

Great disguise.  Rogan received criticism from viewers when the episode with Johnson aired with critics accusing Rogan and Dubin of downplaying Johnson's violent criminal history.  Very  interesting  Now, I'm pretty sure I've listened to this episode I know I've listened to several episodes with Josh Dubin and again really like the work that he's done I'm not sure if this is the individual that I'm thinking of that I listened to last  But I'll definitely go back and listen to this one because this is a wild situation, right?

It's like Even if this guy wasn't guilty and maybe this is the argument that could be made around this is that jail prison time  Makes you a terrible person it can find you it turns you into an animal All you are is surrounded by people who are violent criminals who are absolutely the the  And even, and this isn't to detract from the fact that there are wrongful convictions, and that the for profit prison system is the absolute worst thing in the world, that causes hundreds of thousands, if not millions of families a year to be in agony, agony,  for no good reason.

I've stated my positions on the justice system before,  as somebody who was, you know, planning on going into the justice system and becoming a lawyer, criminal defense lawyer, my take on the entirety of this. And the reason I wanted to go be a criminal defense lawyer is because I don't believe in the justice system in the way that it stands today.

I believe there's so many wrongful convictions. And I feel like even the ones that are convicted, are generally convicted for profitable corporations, and not because it's a true way to help them better themselves and their lives and be a better person for themselves. In society. I don't think that happens.

I think there's a very, very marginal percentage of people that come out of jail as a better person or come out of prison as a better person as when they went in there.  I just don't think it happens. There's no system, there's no processes in place that cause that to be the case. There's no reform that's happening.

It's a place to essentially imprison people, to throw them in a jail cell and allow them to be a number that corporations can profit off of. And so, to me  In this situation, let's go back to the original discussion being had here, which is that in this situation, even if he wasn't guilty here, even if he wasn't an attempted murderer, as he was convicted for prior to him getting out for a wrongful conviction, they very well, in prison, could have made him this way, just shown by the fact that the person that he went after and murdered was actually somebody that went to jail with him, went to prison with him.

And so, that to me, it shows that like,  It didn't help, did it? Even if he, and let's just say he wasn't the person who committed that initial crime, it made him the type of person that they made him out to be to begin with. Even if he wasn't. And he probably was, now that we know he's this type of, he's got this in him.

That's some gangster shit, but  for sure, for sure, Seems like he did this one. I don't think he's getting out of this one at all. All right. So a pretty wild situation. I wonder what this I wonder what Joe Rogan's response will be to this because that's a not a good look for Josh Dubin. I wonder what Josh Dubin's response to this as I wonder if he's come out and had some some conversations because Joe Rogan as there's very few guests that Joe Rogan has said or had on consistently.

Joe Rogan has Josh Dubin on his podcast at least once a quarter.  And he says that he does that because he believes in the cause. He says that he does that because he believes that there is a injustice happening in our justice system. Absolutely is. And I agree with him 100%.  This isn't a good look though. 

There's probably, there's probably I don't know, a hundred situations that could have been bad that couldn't have been this bad of a look for them.  So anyways, wild situation. I'm sure there's going to be more information that comes out in this. There was some photos that leaked that showed this,  Interesting stuff.

So  I didn't go and find any clips. I doubt there's going to be anything that like alludes to this or is even interesting compared to this. But, I would say you should still go check out Josh Dubin's situation and his organization that he leads there. Because they still do good stuff despite, I don't know,  getting a man out of prison who severed another man's head. 

Not a good look.  Anyways, all right. So the next thing that we're going to discuss here is going to be that there is a new bill looking to ban tick tock  and, and it says the measure gained the support of house speaker, Mike Johnson on Thursday and could soon come up for a full vote in the house. I don't know why I said vote like that vote.

Podcast when this happened. A couple years ago, and I'll tell you my position on this. I haven't read really much into this. We'll read it together and we'll, we'll kind of have a real reaction for you here. Cause I don't know the context of this bill or why they're trying to pass it  personally.  I do know that the last time it was because there's like military and, and espionage happening in there and situations where they're tracking our military members and leveraging the data against them.

And, and they believe that it's a security issue with our own civilians, that they're gathering all this data and they're, they're infiltrating our youth and putting in all of these themes of like terrible  societal constructs that are, are degrading our society as a whole.  I don't disagree with any of those, but I also don't think that tick tocks the only one doing that and I also think that if our government is going out of their way to pass a bill because they're concerned about the security measures and the spying and the,  the, the utilization of data weaponization of data, right?

So if our government's concerned about China weaponizing tick tocks data against our citizens and surveilling us.  utilizing that technology. What I should be far more concerned about and what you should be far more concerned about is the fact that our government uses every social media platform to do the very same thing.

They just don't like it when other people do it to us too. It's like, if they're concerned about other other governments weaponizing social media against our citizens,  it's because they're already doing it. It's because they know what they can do with that. Information and we already know that they're connected, right?

We already know the information came out about the FBI connections with Facebook Instagram Surrounding the election. We already know that they essentially had the the twitter files and stuff you know after the twitter files were released that they were working with all of the three letter agencies and the government organizations and the White house and they all had a basically a secret email thread where they were telling people a specific post to take down and I'm sure several of mine were one of them Absolutely, because the second I posted a video about  Hunter Biden and the whole situation, I think I pulled it from InfoWars, and I reposted it on my Instagram, I was vanished, gone.

So shadowbanned for I think about seven or eight months. It really like crushed my momentum. With the podcast with the Instagram with everything very disheartening it hurt my feelings a bit But I bet say about eight months you couldn't search my account. You couldn't find any of my videos there would get no view It was terrible.

I had like 30 something thousand followers at the time. It wasn't like I did nobody followed me. It was pretty wild  But anyways, let's go ahead and read this bill. That's my take on it is essentially if they're concerned about it Somebody else doing it to us. It's because they already know and are doing it ten times worse than what they're doing it They're thinking China's doing it to us for right.

Anyways, a bill that could lead to the popular video sharing app. TikTok being unavailable in the United States is quickly gaining traction in the house as lawmakers voiced their concerns about the potential for the platform to surveil and manipulate Americans. Could you imagine a government surveilling and manipulating American citizens with social media platforms? 

No way.  Say it ain't so. We better get that TikTok out of here. Because there's no way our American social media platforms do that to us. It's only those Chinese communists over there that that surveil and manipulate Americans with social media.  The measure gained support of House Speaker Mike Johnson and could soon come up for a full vote in the House.

The bill advanced out of committee Thursday and unanimous bipartisan vote 50 to nothing. Wow.  I find a another bill that's passed like that in a while. The White House has provided technical support in the drafting of the bill. The White House Press Secretary Kain Jean Pierre said that TikTok legislation still needs some work to get to a place where the President, Joe Biden will endorse it. 

Yeah, because you know, if you go read that bill right now, it's probably like, yeah, we'll ban TikTok and we'll also allow another 3 million immigrants to come into our country and also vote.  The bill takes a two pronged approach. First, it would require ByteDance, which is  based in Beijing, to divest TikTok and other applications it  controls within 180 days of enactment of the bill.

Or those applications will be prohibited in the United States. Second, it creates a narrow process to let the executive branch prohibit access to an app owned by a foreign adversary if it possesses a threat to national security. It's an important bipartisan measure to take on China, our largest geo geopolitical foe, which is actively undermining our economy and security. 

I think we're actively undermining our economy and our security.  Just as much as China is. Our critics also claim the app could be used to spread misinformation beneficial to Beijing. Former President Donald Trump attempted to ban TikTok through executive order, but the courts blocked the action after TikTok sued, arguing that actions would violate free speech and due process rights. 

Hmm. So interesting that all these things that Donald Trump tried to do four years ago Biden's trying to do now, build a wall. Don't do that. Well, now Biden's saying that we should build a wall. Ban TikTok. No, don't do that. Oh, well, now Biden's trying to ban TikTok. It's like everything that Trump foresaw and tried to attempt to do. 

That was, Like defaced and demeaned by the Democrats is now being enacted as if it was their own idea. Just like how in the State of the Union Address, Joe Biden was sitting there acting like he wanted immigrants to not immigrate.  Jump over our border. Like  basically saying we're, we're going to protect our border.

Like, Oh really? Cause you were the very person that allowed this to happen over the last two years. And now that we're coming up on an election and we have  essentially the same amount of illegal immigrants that have entered our country as the total population of 33 States.  That's how many immigrants that we have in our country today is the, They total up to the same amount of population that we have had over our borders in the last, since Joe Biden started in office, 33 states worth of populations of individuals that are now in our country, undocumented, illegal aliens. 

Hmm.  Critics also claim that the app could be used to spread misinformation beneficial to Beijing. TikTok raised similar concerns about the legislation gaining momentum in the house.  This bill is an outright ban of TikTok, no matter how much the authors try to disguise it. This legislation will trample the First Amendment rights of 170 million Americans and deprive five million small businesses of a platform that they rely on to grow and create jobs, the company said.

Yeah, I really don't think that  TikTok cares about the First Amendment, to be fair. The bill's author, Republican Mike Gallagher, the Republican chairman for the Special House Committee, focused on China, rejected TikTok's assertion of a ban. Rather, he said it's an effort to force a change in TikTok's ownership.

He also took issue with TikTok urging some users to call their representatives and urge them to vote no on the bill. I did see that, that there was a big there was like a, a, a notification on TikTok,  That's having all of the users of TikTok send  or call their representatives. It says the notification that urged TikTok users to speak up now before your government strips 170 million Americans of their constitutional right to free expression.

The notification also warns that the ban of TikTok would damage millions of businesses and destroy the lives of countless creators across the country. Today, it's about, it's about our bill, and it's not intimidating members considering that bill. But tomorrow it could be misinformation or lies about an election, about a war, about any number of things Gallagher said.

This is why we can't take a chance of having a dominant news platform in America controlled or owned by a company that is behold of the Chinese Communist Party and their foremost adversary. Now, I don't disagree there. I just don't think that's the sentiment of this.  I just think that if you were concerned about that, you just, you know, honestly get rid of all social media platforms.

Our world would be much better.  And I, this is an avid user of social media. That's how I've grown my podcast. That's how you know about me, likely.  Get rid of it. It'd be better for my children, it'd be better for your children, it'd be better for your grandchildren, it'd be better for our country. Get rid of all social media.

It's a fucking cancer on our population, on our society as a whole. It's terrible for children, it's terrible for adults, it makes people lazy, it sucks up all of your time, and it hijacks your dopamine system so that you feel the need to, like,  I'm just as guilty of it, like, pffft. I try to be better about it, but just like everybody else, I'm just as guilty about it.

And sometimes I sit there just and I go on tiktok. I go on instagram now and it's like just  Maybe the way that I you know, I consume my feed and and for this podcast and stuff, but it's just political bullshit  I don't know. What's more fake american politics or  Pro wrestling like it's it's so irritating even though a lot of the influencers a lot of the the top people in the Republican influencer space and the Democratic influencer space.

They're all full of shit They're all being pushed to you know, say certain things about certain topics and they're all being paid to do So they're all terrible at marketing with their shitty t shirt companies. They're, they're all just repost bullshit videos that are regurgitated from other accounts without any value or narration on them.

It's just trash, like,  trash, trash, trash, trash, trash. That's all social media is. And so, yeah, sure, ban TikTok, but ban Instagram and Meta and, and, you know, Axe, ban them all. Get rid of them. We don't need them. Let's, let's, let's use a fucking phone to call somebody instead, like, let's, let's go back, right?

Like, you wanna talk about, you know  conservativism?  Let's get rid of those, get off my lawn! You know?  Anyways, as I get older, I just have come to accept the fact that I'm an angry old man.  And that's okay. I think that's probably the right way to be in today's society anyways.  All right.  Not sure what's going on there.

Okay, cool. So let's move into the Ryan Garcia situation. So Ryan Garcia, professional boxer, has come out on, on a Instagram, or I'm sorry, a ex tirade, tirade, calling out celebrities. Dropping names like Oprah Winfrey, saying that he was tied down in a forest by men in black robes and forced to watch some horrific  acts conducted on children. 

And I'm sorry, like trigger warning, whatever you want to say, there's some terrible stuff here, guys. I'm sorry. It's not like if you want to skip ahead 15 minutes, but it's, it's, it's  pretty serious stuff. So the Ryan Garcia. Pro boxer, very, very active, has a fight April 20th. Now some people are saying that he's doing this to promote his fight.

I don't think so. If you hear this guy's voice and you know what he's going through right now,  I don't think that he's faking this for fight promotion. I also just don't think he's that smart. He's had 240 pro boxing matches. So he's probably has a lot of brain damage too. Now I don't think that means or diminishes anything that he's saying because everything he's saying we already know to be true.

We know that. All of the celebrities and politicians and most powerful people in the world meet in Bohemian Grove, or at least they did.  Till it was infiltrated and now everybody knows where it's at and how to get there.  But at least they did, right? I think who was it?  It wasn't Kennedy. Was it Truman?

I think it was Truman said that it was the most faggoty place on earth.  That is a direct quote from a former president that Bohemian Grove is the most faggoty place on earth. Excuse my 2020, you know 2010 language there's apparently we're not allowed to say that anymore, but the president said it So, you know blame him not me  anyways  And so what this, if you don't know about Bohemian Grove, it's a whole rabbit hole and I'm sure I've done a whole episode on it at least once, or had some deep dives into it.

Essentially all these politicians and all these most powerful people in the world, very well known, been infiltrated, we know this happens, they all go there, they dress up in robes, they gather around this owl statue, this like 30 foot tall owl statue. Might be exaggerated, but it's probably pretty close to that huge owl statue.

And then they light on fire while they're in a circle in their robes with masks on this effigy that is supposed to be a sacrifice to the owl God or Malak, right? The, the,  Baphomet, the, you know, the evil entities of the world. They're doing a satanic ritual out in the woods.  Very well known, well documented,  Go Google it.

Alex Jones at one point infiltrated it with a video camera and found them doing this effigy, found it happening live. So you can go go do that research. It's there. It's real thing. Okay, so he talks about it and says that he was brought there, taken by men in black robes, and I'll let you him tell you  some of  it here.

All right, here you go. 

I don't give a fuck any.  Hold on one second here, guys. 

Anymore  where 

all right here we go. Hey, bro. All right. Talk to us. Oh, I don't give a fuck bro. They help Okay, and so this was after an initial release of, so I'll start from the beginning before I play this video for you. It needs a little bit of context. Ryan Garcia said that his phone was taken from him, that he was forced, his money was taken from him, all this stuff.

He posted a video, like there was a video saying, it's kind of a weird situation, it was like, we got him, we slid his throat, something like that. On Ryan Garcia's Twitter, like they, they took over his Twitter. They said he still has his, their, his Instagram. We slit his throat, 666, Satan, the devil, whatever.

It was like this super weird, random tweet that went out. Okay. That happened like 12 hours later, after some people thought he was dead. Ryan Garcia posts a video. And in this video, he looks completely disheveled. He looks like traumatized and he basically says, I'm okay, guys. I can't really talk about what's going on, but I'm okay.

Just wanted to let you know, I'm not dead. Okay, then he starts to release information about Bohemian Grove and what these people did. Andrew Tate then goes on and says, let's do a live, I'll let you share your story. They jump on a live and here you go.  They made me watch little kids get raped. I don't give a fuck anymore. 


Bro, they fucking took me to the fucking woods, bro, and they fucking tied I'm not fucking joking, bro. I have fucking proof, bro. I don't give a fuck.  Bro, I fucking will show you every fucking video you could ever fucking believe. Bohemian Grove is real. They fucking tied me down and they made me fucking watch, dawg.

I absolutely don't give a fuck anymore. Yes, I fucking lost it. They're raping little kids. He doesn't want to take us all, so let's go. Come on, Ryan. He doesn't want to take us all. Bro, fuck this dude, dude. Who? Who? Bro, you know the higher elites, bro. You already know who they are, bro.  You know the path you're going down is dangerous, my friend.

I don't give a fuck. I don't give a fuck. They can't touch me. I'm a god.  Well, that's the first point of contention, because I care about you a lot, and I can assure you, from my own personal experience, that they can touch you, which is the worst part about it. Bro, no, they can't, bro. Alright, so come touch me, you fucking bitch. 

You have proof of these things on You have proof of this on your phone? Yes, of course I do.  The fuck you talking about? Of course. If Alex could get a fucking video from the Bohemian Grove, of course I could. 

Well, I have to be careful what I say, because I'm in the middle of a judicial process right now. You want me to get you out of it? Bro, my door gets kicked in if I say what I'm thinking.  Okay, well I can help you get out of it if you want. I know people. Tell 

everyone at home then. Start from the beginning. When did this happen? Where did this happen? What exactly did you see?  Why have you tweeted the things you've tweeted? Let people at home understand you. Because I don't give a fuck, bro. They rate me, right?  I was two years old, they rate me.  I have proof of that too.

Why have you tweeted the things you've tweeted?  So you have to honestly appreciate Andrew Tate. Like, you know, I love everybody shits on Andrew Tate. I've shit on Andrew Tate rightfully in some situations, but you have to appreciate the way he's organizing Ryan's thoughts, right? He's obviously much more articulate, much better at  having a conversation than the emotionally heightened state, at least that Ryan's in right now.

So again, you have to appreciate about how he's going about this. Even saying that, you know, be careful the path that you're going down, my friend, this is a dangerous one and they can touch you. You're not untouchable. You're not a God. They can get you.  And that's the scary part, he says. So here we go.

Tweeted the things you've tweeted. Let people at home understand you a little bit more. Because I don't give a fuck, bro. They rate me, right?  I was two years old, they rate me.  I have proof of that too.  That's where it all started, bro.  Jeez.  Okay, you do know there's going to be certain people who believe and I'm Ryan, you know, I like you  speaking for years, you know, there's going to be people who believe you're just saying this because you've, I don't know, had a mental breakdown or taking drugs and you're repeating some of the things you've said on the internet and they're going to not believe you unless you come at it very coherently. 

Andrew, Andrew, I'll go to the fucking Romania and take a drug test in front of your face. Bro, you don't want to come here.  You don't need to remain in jail. It's not your fight camp. But I'm just asking, like, you're gonna have to tell a far more coherent story from start to finish for people to truly understand that.

What you're saying happened is what you saw and that this is not some sort of episode or anything else. This is my advice to you as a brother. I'm trying to make it, if you want people to believe you, you're gonna have to come along and explain from the absolute beginning exactly how it happened, who was involved, how you got there, what car you were in, where you were standing, everything. 

Of course they're gonna want that and I have all the information possible. Okay, so when you're releasing it, how you're releasing it, or are you keeping it for yourself? Because it looks like you don't want to keep it for yourself.  I don't. At the right time I'm gonna release all of it, but  at the right time I'm gonna do it. 

They're already calling me to tell me to stop. I don't give a fuck, dude.  I've already had a meeting with them. 

I'm gonna let you sit with that, Andrew.  With who? All right, bro. Well, I want you to know that either way, I'm praying for you, and I hope that Thank you, bro. You know, and I mean that. I don't give a fuck, bro. Alex Jones has been saying the same shit, and they try to get The only reason they can't stop me, because  they listen to the devil.

I listen to God. God gave me authority. It's over for everybody, bro.  Now, again, to Andrew Tate's point, and you probably won't hear me say that very often, but  he does seem to be in some type of  Mental breakdown, but obviously, you know, just by the way he's speaking is very Emotionally heightened his voice is shaky, but wouldn't you be  Like, if you were sitting in front of, when this was going on, there's 26, 000 people hearing you talk about being raped as a child, like, wouldn't you feel that way?

Wouldn't you be heightened emotionally? Wouldn't you have a mental breakdown if that happened? Like, and  again, nothing he's saying is crazy. We already know that these things were happening. We already know Epstein was real. We already know Bohemian Grove is a super creepy, weird place where they have satanic rituals. 

And, you know, To, to Andrew Tate's point though, like, are you just puppeting, are you, are you just parroting the situations that you hear online? Are you just parroting what, the information that you have heard from other people talk about and just like stringing these together? But why, why would you do that? 

Why, why, what would be the purpose of that? That, that's not going to help him. You know, it's, it's really not good PR for his fight that he says that, and, and honestly, no man's going to come out and say, I got raped. Like, there's very little of the, you know, Me Too situation happening in  men in highly visible spaces.

And we'll find that out more with what we see with P. Diddy.  And the Lil Rod situation coming up is like, this guy was tormented for years by this man. Lived with him and didn't speak up because that's like,  not generally what  men do in this situation. It's just not.  Especially people who are very in the public eye.

It's, it's, it's embarrassing, I'm sure. And, and something that you have to contend with in a different way, especially when you're highly visible like these people are. So again, you would have a mental breakdown. You would be heightened emotionally. You would stutter over your words and be, you know, use a bunch of swear words when you're talking and like,  You would do those things, regardless, so I don't think that detracts from his opinion, and I don't, you know, this guy's also had a bunch of fights, so I don't think he's like the most articulate person in the world, I'm sure he has some serious head trauma, but I don't think that means that he's not telling the truth. 

And so, As we go further into this, let's go ahead and read some of the tweets that came from him.  Now there was a whole 25 minute live that he did that I listened into.  You can go to his Twitter right now and listen in. He did a full live video. You know, maybe I'll play a few minutes of that for you guys here.

But  the most recent conversation that he had is, is this one, which says that I'm not talking about anything else other than fighting. He's in the fight camp right now. He has a fight in the, like six weeks or so. So. Let me start you from the timeline beginning. Here is the video that I was talking about if it's still up of him essentially saying  I'm, okay.

I'm alive. They took my phone. Okay. Here's where it starts  Hey guys, it's me ryan  I'm here to explain what's going on  I'm, not in possession of my phone. I can't get access to my instagram  My cards are locked  And i'm just being real Oh, you know I'm being real, taking advantage, and I personally wanted just to send out a video to the people that love me and my fans,  family that's concerned that I'm okay.

I'm not dead.  I believe in Jesus. All those are lies. And, you know,  in jail, they're blocking my cards. I can't access my money.  Nobody's hitting me back.  I don't know what's going on, but just know I'm okay, look. He was being targeted by some organization or some group of people that are obviously somewhat powerful if they can get into all of his accounts, if they can freeze all of his bank accounts, if they can get into all of his social media accounts, if they can cut off his communication with everybody at one time.

It's obviously a pretty powerful entity, right? It's not just some random guy next door. And you see the look on his face. He looks, like I said, disheveled. He looks concerned. He looks like meek, almost.  Which is not generally the case for a guy with 250 pro boxing fights. Like you just hear it in the sound of his voice.

He sounds a little scared. Which rightfully, if somebody goes onto your account and says they slit your throat, it freezes your bank accounts, all that stuff at one time. So, and this is where it all started. This is where it all got triggered to, to begin. And it sounds like from there, he's just like, all right,  And he's going to just say everything that happened that he's been holding back in fear of these organizations that are potentially going after him.

And that's speculation, but that's what it seems like to me. It seems to be some, you know, you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to kind of take that out of the context of what's happening.  Now he posted a bunch of other things.  that all got deleted. Now, I don't know if he deleted them. He says that they got deleted off of X, but I do have those tweets and I'll read them to you.

It says, if they post my phone, I will post on someone else's.  It's in plain sight. It's trying, I'm trying to screen record the rules of devil worshiping and they are deleting it. Can someone DM me their account info so I can tweet? They are going to attempt to stop me. I'm going to set up a drive a live drug test to prove that I'm not trippin I feel like crying because i'm giving everyone info.

They already know but they refuse to believe do you want proof now? I'll get it asap  he said  If they take my phone, I will post on someone else's. More you ask, or what's up? It's that three Disney workers, school athletic, he posted screenshots. Three Disney workers, school athletic director among 219 arrested in Florida human trafficking sting.

Wow. And that was posted from 2023 September. So just a few months ago, he said, please help send prayers. I'm calling all prayer warriors. You think you'd be you think you'd be quiet if they killed kids and showed you and did it over and over. I'm done. I have lost it. And so have you. My pain is unbearable.

I can't describe I will be killed soon. Hurry find you think you you think you'd be quiet if they killed kids and showed you and did it over and over and over.  I'm done. I've lost it. And so have you. My pain is unbearable. Wow.  So, pretty dark stuff there. But then he went on to say that they auction off kids.

That's one of the next tweets.  He goes on to show that a video from a Bohemian Grove situation.  He starts saying that I didn't kill myself. I love God and my kids. I love Jesus. I'm healthy and I have no medical issues for the record. I'm with my wife, Drea. All the other stuff is cap.  For you who are not Gen Z, like me, cap means a lie. 

You're welcome.  Let's see what this is. Says I'm changing. Let's see. He brought up the Vatican as well as Oprah Winfrey.  He said, how many more kids will y'all allow this to happen to? And then he posted some posts from the Catholic church abusing children. He said, why do you think that in all scary movies, they are always use a priest from Catholic churches because they are molesters and they allow you to disrespect God.

Hmm.  So wait, I'm the bad guy for calling out an institution that has an unbearable or unbelievable amount of rape and molestation. And I'm the bad guy. I'm the crazy one.  So everyone's getting real quiet now.  Interesting. He, he, he also said something along the lines of, and I say along the lines of, but I'm just reading it verbatim.

They actually have the files on Jesus, the Ark of the Covenant, the giants, the clones, the aliens files on everything. They are the ones.  That let me in. Now, again, sounds pretty crazy in the way that he's going on this, like, tirade, back to back to back to back to back tweets. You know, I have my beliefs on almost every one of the things that he said there, which are definitely reasonable.

Clones, check, we know that. Ark of the Covenant, super weird and interesting situation there.  The Giants, we talked about the Nephilim.  Alien files, we know that to be true. But when you put it in this unarticulate way, where it just sounds like you're ranting like crazy, it does sound crazy. Because when you put it all together, it is crazy.

But  it is crazy when you put it all together. But bitch, we live in a crazy world. All of these things have a potential of being true.  But he's just not very good at discussing it.  At least in a way that's believable, right?  So he keeps going on and on talks about Gaza, all of this and that. So, so after a little bit, he does have a live that he's like, all right, come on here.

Ask me anything. I'll play a little bit, just a couple minutes of that for you guys and just kind of  go move around on the video. So I'm letting anybody ask any question for  the time being to whenever we get off. How do we start this? People are coming in. People are coming in.  Hello guys. I don't know how to run a space.

I don't even know how to do this. How do you do this?  How do I let people speak? They said the request, how do you let them speak? Oh, all right. So let's get this part.  I'm, I'm, I'm going in on everybody. 

Wait, Brian, so to all the people that are asking why you don't show the clips, can you answer?  No, there's, just so you know, there's 674, 000 listens to this audio.  So it's not like this is some random weirdo, right? This guy's very, very well known celebrity athlete. Is there a question for them?  I can't show the clips.

They're already out there. I mean, there's so many clips. It's unbelievable. I know everybody wants me to put out my evidence, but I can't put out my evidence or else they're going to come after my family. So I choose not to. Oh, you can speak on me. 

Gummy,  whatever your name, Gumi.  Gummy don't want to speak.  Bro.  Oh, there you go. Can you hear me?  Yes. 

Hello.  Everybody's like, yo, put the drink down. Okay, fine. I won't fucking drink, but I'm still gonna tell the truth. Sober or not. I have more balls than you.  I put my ball sack on everybody.  . They told me they're gonna, they told me they're gonna make an example on me that because I say Jesus so much, they're gonna pit me on the cross and they're gonna crucify me in the whole world and say, yep, this is what we do.

This is what we do.  Hmm. So please help me out. I don't, I mean, if it's that, if that's what's supposed to happen, let God's will be done, not mine. I'm okay with that. And this is the truth. Have I lied about anything else? Nothing. So why would I lie about that?  Ryan,  I'm a father of two kids. Yes. I'm saying this because I'm worried about my children.

Okay. Okay. Keep doing what you're doing. Keep clear. Ryan, listen to me. Listen to me. You know me. I've talked to you about mental health.  Don't worry, brother. Nothing's going to happen to me. Here, Patriot speaker. Yes. As I'm going to just add,  it's 25 minutes. You can go listen to the full thing. I was like, yeah, I'm serious.

Why? So I'm going to commit and I'm going to do it. And I just did it. I was just like, God gave me the authority and the power to do it. And I seized it through amongst all the, the locks and all the people trying to confuse me, throw me off, say, what you're doing is a little this and that. I'm like, who cares?

Watch what happens. And look at everything's and Ryan, if they think you, if they think you lying, bro. I just want to drop this on people real quick cause they don't, they don't, you know, I want to put this out there real quick cause I talk about this shit a lot.  You got an executive order right now, one three eight one eight.

I'll say it again. One three eight one eight that addresses human rights abuse and human trafficking that was done in 2017 and that's why all these motherfucking people coming out the woodworks and shit. And a lot of CEOs and shit stepping down and all this shit. I got the FC names,  if you want me to start dropping them.

Exactly. Oprah.  What? Who cares? I do. What do you mean?  That's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. And this is, this is all.  Alright, so I'll leave that to you. You can listen through that yourself. I don't want to bore you with a 25 minute Twitter space with  Some, like I said, less than articulate people discussing these things.

But, but I do think that it's worth a listen. There's some value in what he's saying. Again, the delivery is not very well done. And I think that's what Andrew Tate did a good job trying to hone him in a little bit and go tell us your evidence. Tell us why we should believe you. And here's the thing too.

Let's say Ryan Garcia is lying. How many celebrities with millions of followers are going out there and even driving awareness to this? So like let's say he wasn't tied down in a forest in Bohemian Grove And maybe he has some mental health issues and maybe those mental health issues are Exacerbated by getting into these rabbit holes that are very very real of very real things happening right now around the world That we know about  right we find out more about it with with P Diddy,  right?

But maybe let's just say he's lying  Even if he's lying, even if he's having a mental breakdown, even if he's gone way too far down the rabbit hole and he can't handle the truth of the reality of what these people do to children.  Which is a horrific thing and it's put me into terrible, you know, like a depressive state having to do all this research on these things and having to deal with the, the, the reality that these things are real and there's very, you know, horrific things happening right now around the world.

I remember when I found out about Operation Underground  Railroad  and which is the, the movie is written about and this was before the movie came out, there was documentary about Operation Underground Railroad and the things that they were doing. Now, I'm not going to get into a whole thing about the, the situation with  the owner and the guy who's depicted in the movie and all of that stuff, because there's a whole candy worms to open up their too.

But I watched the documentary before I heard about it from anybody. I knew some people that were involved in these types of these types of task force and had tremendous respect for them and wanted to learn more about it. And as soon as I got done watching that,  I was so  deep in the hole.  That I would have quit everything just to go save and rescue children that I would have joined a task force I actually put it in an application with them to be a part of their their team that goes and does that It's probably still sitting there somewhere where right now and they never got back to me, which is okay, I guess  But I was ready to drop everything and I was ready to do something about it What is a more noble task than to save these children going through these things?

There is very real situations There's warehouses around the world that that are Have children without social security numbers that are being literally bred for this type of situation. And it's, it's horrible, and I'm not going to take you there right now.  But, I will say that it can take you down a very dark, dark path.

And you have to be emotionally and mentally stable and capable of handling the knowledge. Because once you learn that, it's very difficult to navigate the everyday world knowing that this is happening underneath the surface.  And so again, even if he's lying, even if he, this didn't happen to him, even if, let's say he's a celebrity with a lot of head trauma who's going into a mental breakdown. 

I'm still glad that he's raising awareness because everything that he's talking about is very real. Even if it didn't happen to him, I don't give a fuck whether it happened to Ryan Garcia, but I do know that this happened to someone, somewhere, someone's child right now in this world at this very moment. 

Who cares if Ryan Garcia is telling the truth? What I care about is that there's being awareness given to the situation, that maybe he is telling the truth. But regardless of whether he is or he isn't,  I'm glad that he's bringing awareness to this because this is a topic that should be discussed by every celebrity with every connection everywhere across the country, across the globe,  at all times, until it's rectified.

And the light has been shined on the darkness enough to where it is. escapes into a deep dark hole and never presents itself again.  That is what I would want. And I'm happy that he is, he is causing this  potential for this to, to, to occur because there's very, very few celebrities, but we're actually seeing a lot more, which is becoming a theme in this situation. 

There was more recently a video that came out talking about how Matt Reif and another comedian were being forced to enter the  being forced by two executives saying that they'll make them famous and all they have to do is perform a sex act on them.  That's a wild claim too. But we know Harvey Weinstein existed.

We know that there's these gatekeepers in Hollywood and the music industry, P. Diddy being one of them, as we will see a little bit later. This is a very real thing, even if for adults, even if for people who want to be famous. They have to have blackmail on you. You have to become a part of their little scheme.

You have to have, you know, some questionable sexuality,  and that's just the reality of the Hollywood and the music executives and the world that we live in, the high level politics, like even Madison Cawthorn talks about the orgies that were happening in Washington DC, right? We know these honeypot schemes are happening all around the world.

We know that, right? This is all true shit, guys. Like this is, yeah, again, Maybe the not most, maybe not the most articulate way of putting it. But everything he's saying is true, whether it's, it happened to him or not. And so, hundreds of, hundreds of thousands of people watched this one video. 700, 000 people now have more awareness about what's going on in the world. 

And again, some of those people might not be able to handle that truth. But as long as it's being talked about and discussed, they have to hide it. They have to, they have to go into some  far corner of the reality that we live in to do these things. They have to get out of the public light, the Epstein's will no longer be able to navigate the social circles that they, he did.

Jeez, can't talk.  Because it's so in the public space. I write everybody knows that about Hollywood. Everybody knows that about the music industry. Now, everybody knows that about high level politics and the elites and the Virgin Islands, like the Brussels or the, you know, the Branson's and the Epstein's that like, everybody knows those things now. 

And good, keep talking about it until something's done, and they go away, or they're all killed off, or they're all in jail. That's all I want, right? And so good, if you do that to children, you should have the worst things happen to you. Right. If you're a part of that, that world. Okay. So that's the situation with Ryan Garcia.

There's, there's more to come. He says he's not talking about it. I'll give you one segue out of this, which is the fact that,  Well, let's go ahead and let's listen to this clip first. Then I'll segue between Ryan Garcia and P Diddy.  Cause PD is really the deep dive for today. And I'm not sure how, how long we'll be able to discuss that, but I do have a full 30 or 73 page legal documents highlighted outlines for us to discuss today about these very things.

Okay. But first,  let me tell you why I started Ronin. So after learning about EMF radiation, doing the deep dive into 5g, right. Here's my, my quick little pitch for you.  The reason I started Ronin is because I looked for these Faraday products myself. Okay, I went online, I found there's, there's three or four of them that are out there.

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Go to the, the website. Go to the show notes here right under where you're listening to the podcast and you'll see that it'll be the very very first link will be the pre launch sale of Ronin and I'll be tracking seeing how well you guys respond to this because again, I know my podcast listeners. I know you guys.

I love you guys. I've been talking to you and for, you know, over a hundreds of hours now.  So I know you guys will love this too. And I know you'll support me. So thank you so much in advance. All right. Segway back to creepy Hollywood and music executives. Here's the video about Matt Reif. Here we go. 

Comedy Kat Williams  The dark side of hollywood is finally being exposed  Thanks to one of the true kings of comedy kat williams  You know before I became wealthy in business. I actually had a somewhat successful career in stand up comedy  I was on the way up  I was invited to a meeting With some Hollywood executives along with some now famous comedian and we were offered the chance for a deal at online stardom. 

But the only way to receive the contract was by sucking both of the execs off.  I immediately got up and walked to the door.  But before I could even exit, the other comedian was sucking. Both of their d k simultaneously.  That guy's name was Matt Reif.  And that's Alpha King rule number 799.  Just because someone is more famous than you,  it doesn't mean they're better. 

They might just be gayer. 

It doesn't mean they're better, they just might be gayer.  No, I don't think I believe this guy.  But if this is marketing, this is great marketing because I've never seen this guy's face before, but his delivery is honestly too good. It's too practiced. It's it, there's very little emotion in it. It's, it seems to me like this is, this guy's full of shit, but a pretty good comedy bit if he is nonetheless. 

But.  I didn't hear that whole video all the way through. So that's, that's pretty funny.  Tom Segura and I think Duncan Trestle did a video.  Making fun of this. Like I thought everybody knew you had to suck a dick to get into comedy. Like that's just the rule. And I think Matt Reif went and like blocked the guy who posted this Dom Lucre and all of this stuff and drama.

I like Matt Reif. I think he's pretty damn funny. His crowd works amazing. I have nothing against the guy. I think this is pretty funny. And Hey, if you had to suck a dick. for hundreds of millions of dollars or whatever that dude's making and you're happy to do it. I got nothing against your man.  Do  you, my friend? 

It might not be more, better comedy. You just might be gayer.  Oh, that's so funny.  But if Reif is, he's a comedian,  Again, a younger guy probably in his early 20s, mid 20s at this point sweeping the world on Tik Tok and all this stuff and got promoted a ton, like. Went into stardom like there's only a couple people who have really gotten super famous out of nowhere in the last couple of years It's like that out.

What's her name?  the podcaster Shit, why am I blanking on her name right now? The really good podcast whatever her name is, you know who she is on Instagram  She just basically interviewed every largest celebrity ever Mark Cuban Drake, oh god, why can't I think of her name right now?  Anyways, Bobby, that's what it is.

Bobby Althoff and then Matt Reif. Like those two people got famous, like overnight. Seemingly no reason I met rice, talented Bobby is somewhat funny but not really enough to, to become that famous. So definitely some questions to be had there.  But he did mention another thing, which is that there's a bunch of high level celebrities, like very, very well known people starting to have these conversations now.

Ryan Garcia, Cat Williams you know, the P. Diddy situation is coming up.  Ice Cube was just talking about it.  Like all of these people are starting to have these conversations about the underworld that is Hollywood and fame.  Now again, I don't think I believe this guy. This guy seems to be, you know, before I was a super wealthy business executive, I tried my hand at comedy and just didn't suck enough dicks to be successful.

Like, eh, you're probably not that funny, buddy.  But it's good marketing nonetheless.  If you're into that kind of marketing. Okay. That has 25 million views, by the way.  Pretty crazy. All right, so that brings me to the next point, which is that Ryan Garcia posted something about P. Diddy just Minutes ago, like literally an hour ago as I was doing my last second research on all of this  And he posted this  I heard Devil Haney is bringing P.

Diddy to training camp to spar  First one to tap out wins doghouse rules. Now that starts to gain some context as we start to talk about this. Now Ryan Garcia did he's say he's only going to talk about boxing, but the fact that he's bringing up P Diddy right now in the midst of this legal lawsuit about sex trafficking and the manipulation of minors and like all the stuff we're about to go into. 

It's pretty, pretty good on Ryan Garcia's part that he put those two together.  Still talking about just boxing, by the way. So an impressive  you know, sub, sub tweet there by Ryan Garcia. I'm not sure sub tweets still a thing. I remember it was like in 2011 when I used to actually use Twitter.

Speaking of, if you do have a Twitter, you should follow me, the Austin J Adams. I just got one, like. Never really used Twitter at all, but I'm using it consistently now, so all my content's there. So, the Austin J. Adams on Twitter. Anyways so there's a picture of P. Diddy,  and I'll show you right here briefly if you're on YouTube. 

You'll be able to see it, but and he tweeted out again, I heard Devil Haney is bringing P. Diddy to training camp.  Basically saying that, you know, cause P. Diddy is, Gay. He talks about having sex with Meek Mill and Usher, allegedly, within these court documents, all this stuff. So,  yeah. Alright, so let's go ahead and segue into the Usher situation.

So, or I'm sorry, well, is kind of Usher's situation too, but P. Diddy's situation.  So P. Diddy  has a lawsuit against him by Lil Rod. Lil Rod,  being the producer for P. Diddy during some of his movies. Recent work.  And so the allegations against him are pretty wild, but this isn't something new. P Diddy had a lawsuit against him by his former girlfriend Cassie for very, very similar things, almost exactly the same things that he's talking about here.

And so no, nothing really new coming out, but it is some, some, there is some new information here. That's definitely more alarming. And Epstein's name is mentioned like four times in P Diddy's legal documents.  So let, let's start it like this.  P Diddy has a lawsuit against him.  For being the Epstein of the music industry.

Essentially setting up and wiring his whole home. His entire house, every single room with cameras so that he could spy on politicians, musicians, celebrities that come to all of his crazy house parties that he would recruit sex workers and underage minors to drug them and then have them go do whatever they're going to do in these bedrooms and record it.

So he has blackmail on everybody in the house. The industry, all the celebrities, all the politicians, everybody who came through, everybody who he drugged essentially, and then would hire these prostitutes to come into these parties and go off with these celebrities, go off with these politicians into these rooms that were wired with cameras so that he could then have blackmail.

And this is corroborated. There's proof of this and evidence of this in the hearing and in the legal documentation that I'm about to show you.  And so we can take a look at that.  And start to walk through it together because it's, it's unbelievable. Some of the stuff that's in here and we'll start it from the beginning.

All right. There's, there's video evidence, there's photos, there's screenshots that show that he used blackmail and, and video recorded everybody in his house doing these sex acts  and would manipulate maybe manipulate. It's not the right word, but would coerce. These music artists and celebrities into,  doing like  gay acts  for power and  like all of this stuff.

So let me go ahead and pull it up for you here. And we'll look at these documents together.  Here we go. Let's see if I can get this into a full view for you.  Full screen mode.  Maybe not.  Alright. Read mode.  Maybe not. 

Alright. So anyways, let's start at the very beginning of this.  The allegations against P. Diddy are, are, are wild. But if you know about P. Diddy's history, again, it's, it's not that staggering. Because it, it all seems very, very believable.  Because there's some of these things that have been allegations against him before. 

Alright, so starting at the very beginning. This is  Sean P. Diddy Combs  V. Rodney Jones. Okay. The other people listed, this is case number 24, 1457. And I will include these documents in the show notes for you. It's 73 pages long. I'll include my highlights. You can check it all out there. Okay. So here we go. 

says trigger warning. Yeah, for sure.  There's some pretty crazy stuff in here that will definitely be triggering to, to some people if you've dealt with things like this before. So  you've been warned.

All right, so here it is Rodney Jones verse Sean Combs, otherwise known as P Diddy.  All right, and I'll walk you through all of this.  with me here on the documentation. If you want this documentation, it's 73 page legal documents that I had to pay to get,  but I'll, I'll upload my version of it with all of my highlights in the show notes for you.

So you can go check it out as well.  Alright, so, we'll skip through some of this. This shows the defendant is Justin Dior Combs, is the son of Mr. Combs, and Ms. J. Combs was born on December 1993. Okay, anyways  defendant Sean Combs is a rapper, right? We know that. P. Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy, Brother Love.

Anyways, we know who we're talking about here. Okay.  Now the other people listed in here is the former CEO of defend of defendant Motown Records, and his name is defendant Ethiopia. Hab to Miriam is the former CEO and this is talking about Lucy and Charles Grange, who is a  CEO of defendant of Universal Music Group is listed in this as helping cover up aid in the bad, the sex trafficking acts.

The next person is the Ethiopian Hab to Miriam. which is the chief of staff who would basically supply him with drugs, all of that stuff.  Then his chief of staff, all these people are listed within here, universal records, love records,  so on and so forth. Okay.  So  here's the summary. It says from September 2022 to November 2023, Mr.

Jones produced nine songs on Mr. Combs love album. Mr. Jones lived with Mr. Combs for months at a time, spending holidays, birthdays, and missing major family events. Mr. Jones resided at Mr. Combs residence located in Los Angeles, California, New York, and Miami, Florida. Mr. Jones also spent several weeks on the yacht rented by Mr.

Combs in the U S of Virgin islands throughout his time. As we mentioned those islands, huh? Interesting.  Throughout his time, Mr. Combs, Mr. Jones Mr. Jones witnessed, experienced, and endured many things that went far beyond his role as a producer of the Love Album. The claims raised in this complaint have been corroborated through witness statements, video, audio recordings, and images that Mr.

Jones has in his possession. Mr. Combs required Mr. Jones to record him constantly. On several occasions, Mr. Combs took Mr. Jones's cell phone and began recording himself. As a result, Mr. Jones has secured hundreds of hours of footage and audio recordings of Mr. Combs, his staff, and his guests engaging in serious illegal activities. 

Mr. Jones secured irrefutable evidence of the acquisition, use, and distribution of drugs, ecstasy, cocaine, GHB, ketamine, marijuana, and mushrooms, displaying and distribution of unregistered firearms. Mr. Combs provided laced alcoholic beverages to minors and sex workers at his homes in California, New York, and the U.

S. Virgin Islands and Florida.  Mr. Combs chief of staff, Christina Corriman, instructing her staff to retrieve drugs so she can provide it to Mr. Combs. Christian Combs  drugging and sexually assaulting a woman, Mr. Combs detailing how he planned to leverage his relationship with Bishop T. D. Jakes to soften the impact on his public image of Cassie Ventura's lawsuit, Young Miami's cousin or assistant sexually assaulting Mr.

Jones, actor Cuba Gooding Jr., a sexually harassing and assaulting Mr. Jones is listed in the P. Diddy case.  Rapper Redacted I'm Mr. Combs yacht consorting with underage girls, sex workers and r and b singer, redacted in Mr. Combs Los Angeles home consorting with underage girls and sex workers,  chalice rec recording studio shootings. 

So this talks about a situation essentially, where in 2022 p Diddy was at a writers and producers camp,  and it was his son and Justin's friend. named G. Mr. G is a 30 year old 30 year old tall African American male.  In addition, there was other musicians present at the camp.  The writer had spoken to several musicians who attended the camp.

Mr. Jones was approximately two feet away. It says one evening during the camp, Mr. Jones, Jay Combs, his son and G were in a heated conversation. That conversation was moved out of the studio and into a restroom adjacent to where Mr. Jones was sitting. Mr. Jones was approximately two feet away from the bathroom when gunshots rang out.

Mr. Jones recalls hearing multiple gunshots.  Mr. Jones immediately went into a state of shock and feared that he would be shot next. Mr. Jones genuinely believed that he would be shot through the door due to how close he was.  After the shooting ended, the crowd gathered around the restroom. When the door finally opened, Mr.

Combs and Jay Combs exited. Jay was lying on the restroom floor in a fetal position, holding his stomach and bleeding out of his hip and leg area. Everyone stood around, looking up.  At G, Mercer stood around looking upon G. Frustrated by the lack of aid, Mr. Jones dropped everything and began to place pressure on his gunshot wound.

As he was applying pressure to his stomach, Mr. Jones realized that G was gushing blood from an area near his hip and leg, and he decided to lift him up and place him on the toilet. He also forced Mr. Jones, so it says that Mr. Jones lifted him and brought the ambulance to the front of the studio. At the time, Mr.

Combs and Justin disappeared to another part of the studio. Mr. Combs gave strict instructions to inform the police that he had done not, had nothing to do with the shooting. He also forced Mr. Jones to lie to the police by telling them that Gee was shot standing outside the studio by a drive by assailant. 

Now from this, and they actually post all of the articles,  that the  all of the witnesses who spoke with the,  with this writer anonymously due to fear of retaliation from Mr. Combs. They agreed to speak publicly when subpoenaed.  Hmm.  Mr. Jones says he has clothing that actually show it. They show the photos of the shooting and where it was taking place  saying that he was not shot outside that it was not a drive by and it was done by P Diddy or his son. 

Then it goes on to talk about how he was sexually harassed and assaulted by P. Diddy.  Said that they took a place in LA, New York, Florida, and in the Virgin Islands.  That he was around him while he was naked, that he would be groped by him in his,  groin and  butt area.  He attempted to groom Mr.

Jones into engaging in gay sex.  So what it says next, it says throughout the 1990s  he basically said that he looked up to Stevie J, was the guy who is  named in the lawsuit, the Mr. Jones  and as a result of finding out, P. Diddy basically said that he went as far as to share a video of Stevie J penetrating a Caucasian male without a condom.

This was done to ease Mr. Jones anxiety concerning homosexuality. According to Mr. Combs, this is a normal practice in the music industry. Look, even Stevie J is doing it, P Diddy said, to  Lil Rod about having gay sex.  This is a normal practice in the music industry, he says. Now this is something we've heard whispers of in a while, right?

And even in this situation, there's a listing of names that were redacted,  essentially that say that, you know, people are speculating that P Diddy had sex with Meek Mill and Usher.  That he has on camera as well. And then Meek Mill went on this like weird tirade on Twitter as well saying that he, you know, I'm not gay.

I love vagina. Like this whole weird thing.  

So this is where it starts to get interesting and insert where some of the sex trafficking situations come up, the underage minors, all of that stuff that we talked about. So essentially what would happen is he would recruit this guy to go and have conversations with sex workers and have them, you know, he basically had a, a, a sign.

So even when he was in the,  booby trap on the river, wherever the hell that is, he would, he would tell him to go to this. Strip club and where his bad boys baseball hat and that would be a signal to the prostitutes that he's trying to recruit them essentially to go to his parties.  Now what they would do at these parties is  interesting  and that's where the sex trafficking comes into play here. 

So essentially what they would do is they would go recruit these minors. They would go recruit these prostitutes to come over to his parties, his house parties and his, what do they call them? Freak parties, which was essentially like a big Gangbang orgy  and then he would drug the politicians, drug the artists, the musicians, the  the celebrities that would come over to his house, and he would have cameras wired everywhere.

So if we skip ahead a little bit, these pictures are two women that he allegedly was coerced and forced into having sex with. And if you look at these photos, maybe it wasn't as forced as he's saying here. But as we kind of scroll through here, it gets a little bit darker when you find out that he was essentially. 

Saying that he would, he promised him ownership of his 20 million property. This is basically if he just went along with being groomed and, and got, you know  peddled into this, this world of, of celebrities and utilized as his own kind of sex slave in this weird scheme. As we find out later with a name like Cuba Gooding Jr. 

coming up. As we find out, he almost got trafficked too.  But he basically was promised all these, all these, all these things. Amazing things would happen if you just go along with this, this scheme. Right, go find the prostitutes, go coerce these underage girls to come over and party with us. And then we're gonna get all these celebrities to come over and then we're gonna drug the celebrities.

They're gonna hook up with these prostitutes and these underage minors. They're gonna go to the rooms that I have wired with cameras. As we'll find out on page 33 of this,  and then we have blackmail on everybody and everybody, anybody that we would want, and that gives us power, right? Blackmail is power, right?

So it says he promised him ownership of his 20 million property. He promised him access to record label executives.  And then he would often switch up his approach, and this is where it gets crazy. He would go from promising him the world to threatening him with physical harm. Mr. Combs threatened to eat his face  and said, I'm willing to kill my own mother.

What would stop me from killing you? Literally says that verbatim in this legal documentation, Mr. Combs threatened to eat Mr. Jones's face and informed Mr. Jones that he's willing to kill his own mom, Janice Combs, if he must, in order to get what he wants, so he wouldn't think twice to harm Mr. Jones.  So let me get this straight. 

P Diddy threatened, in a legal document, as we see here, listed, under oath,  P Diddy threatened to eat this guy's face. Literally. And said he would kill his own mom. So what would stop me from killing you? That's a crazy thing to say. Absolutely wild, crazy. Crazy thing to say.  Wild.  Now it goes on to say that in addition to so, I don't even want to glance over that cause that's just like the most wild and crazy thing you could ever say to somebody is that you would eat their face. 

That's a whole other rabbit hole, but we're not going to go down that one. It says in addition to sex workers, there was that, so it talks about, this is the next column, which talks about the drugs and illicit acts with minors and sex workers.  So it says this was on July 2nd of 2023, so only like seven months ago.

Mr. Combs had a listening party at his home.  He said that present at the party was an R& B artist, Jay Combs, sex workers, and underage girls. Mr. Combs requested female sex workers and required Mr. Jones to solicit them. An hour later, several sex workers appeared. In addition to sex workers, there were these five women in the crowd that were under the age of 16. 

And then they have photo evidence of him.  After being forced to drink a De Leon shots, Mr. Jones began feeling lightheaded. And recalls passing out and waking up at 4 a. m. the following morning naked with a sex worker sleeping next to him  Screenshots of a video from that night are embedded below and here are the screenshots  wild  Okay Now it said mr.

Jones believes that mr. Combs was grooming him to pass him off to his friends This fear became a reality when p diddy introduced mr. Jones to cuba gooding jr  While they were on Mr. Combs yacht, and there's photos of this in the legal documentation of him grooming and peddling him off to Cuba Gooding Jr. 

You know, the fucking Nickelodeon star, the one from all the kids movies, the Iditarod guy, like, It says, During the introduction, Mr. Combs suggested that Cuba get to know Mr. Jones better. He then left him alone in the makeshift studio on the yacht. In evidenced by the video, of which screenshots are embedded below, Cuba Gooding Jr.

began touching, groping, and fondling Mr. Jones legs, his upper inner thighs near his groin, and small of his back near his buttocks and his shoulders.  Mr. Jones was extremely uncomfortable and proceeded to lean away from Cuba Gooding Jr. He rejected his advances and Mr. Gooding Jr. did not stop until Mr.

Jones forcibly pushed him away. 

It says that throughout his time with Mr. Combs,  That he was  Mr. Jones was under an implied work for hire agreement. Talks about all of the, you know, money he wasn't paid, essentially. But there was a portion in there that talks about how this is just what you do in the music industry. Everybody's gay, right?

He had sex with Meek Mill and Usher, allegedly. Like, everybody does it. It's just what we do, right? It's not gay. It's  It's Hollywood, right? Like, I think that's gay.  And so it goes on to talk about how Mr. Combs, we talked about eating his face crazy. But let's keep moving along here. It goes on to say that,  there was another situation of a shooting that occurred a little bit before this, where, when he was dating JLo, where JLo essentially carried a gun into a club for him, passed him the gun after he got into an altercation with somebody, there is a shooting. 

Where P. Diddy was arrested, so was J. Lo, after a New York shooting.  And this was in, what, 1999.  And then,  he made it clear that he had immense power in the music industry and with law enforcement. He said Mr. Combs made it clear that his head of security, Fahim Mohammed, had the power to make people and problems disappear.

Now, this is where it gets really interesting, is once you find out about Fahim Muhammad. Fahim Muhammad is his bodyguard. Now, this bodyguard was the one that he said to all of his staff that if you ever get pulled over in L. A. or Miami, you need to just call my bodyguard, and he's got you. He'll get you off no matter what's going on. 

This is also the guy that allegedly cleaned up after him after the shootings, after all of his, like, crazy and wild situations, escapades,  And this is where it gets weird. So as you realize that. P Diddy was only 24 when he founded Bad Boy Records, one of the most famous and successful record labels of all time, right?

They brought on B. I. G., Notorious B. I. G. and Biggie. They brought, they like had the big, huge feud with Tupac, and we all know how that ended. And a lot of people think that it might've been P Diddy that did that, or at least called the shots to have that done.  But at 24, you don't know shit about business.

How are you going to create the largest record label, especially while you're doing all this shit on the side, partying like crazy? But essentially what it was,  is that he had a weird relationship with this music executive,  who essentially groomed him and helped him to create this,  record label.  Now the guy that groomed him into creating this record label that was fond of P.

Diddy at just the age of 24 to help him create the world's one of the world's most successful rap labels ever  also seemed to have some interesting ties to three letter government agencies. Now that starts to become weird when you find out that all of the rooms were rigged with video cameras and that he was Potentially dealing in a honeypot scheme to get blackmail on celebrities on music artists,  right?

On politicians that he had over to these house parties  that he just so frivolously threw in his face just to try to get him to have sex with him,  right? Now, Fahim Mohammed is Fahim Mohammed has his own interesting ties to law enforcement and three other agencies.  Fahim Mohammed has no real background in security, right?

There's no reason that he should have this job. But what he does have is an interesting tie to the Wharton school of business that he spoke at several times in the Wharton school of business, much like Yale  has some very serious history in as being a recruitment area for the CIA. So when you look at  You know, Ghislaine Maxwell's tied ties with the Mossad.

You look at P. Diddy's ties with potentially these high level record executives in this bodyguard who has ties with the CIA.  It all starts to become a little bit clearer as we move from page 27 to page 33.  We'll see if there's anything between now and then, but it is most interesting once you start to learn. 

Oh, and here right in the P. Diddy.  Paperwork right in the lawsuit paperwork against P Diddy. There is a side by side comparison photo of P Diddy and his  girlfriend slash, you know, handler, Christina Karam and Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, right? Jeffrey Epstein being, you know, handled by Ghislaine Maxwell associated with the Mossad and P Diddy sitting here in this picture with Christina Karam. 

Now, Christina.  In this, actually, Christina was basically responsible for making sure that every one of his employees from the butlers to the chef, the housekeepers all walked around with a pouch or a fanny pack filled with drugs, cocaine, GHB, ecstasy, marijuana, gummies, Tucci, which is a combination of ecstasy and cocaine. 

It said that,  here's the, here's the comparison. It says, according to Mr. Jones, during the 13 months he lived and traveled with Mr. Combs, he witnessed Mr. Combs display and distribute guns from his bedroom closet in Miami, Florida,  Los Angeles, California, the questionable individuals dressed in all black.

Hmm, that's interesting.  And the title of this situation that says defendant Christina Karam is the Ghislaine Maxwell to Sean Combs Jeffrey Epstein, which is a interesting, like subtle hint at the association of circumstances, right? The Epstein style situation, the recordings, the blackmail scheme, all of it. 

Very, very interesting that there's that side by side comparison. There's a point in this that they actually call it out a second time talking about how it could be even worse than what Jeffrey Epstein was doing. According to these legal documents, it says while living and traveling with Mr. Combs, Mr.

Jones discovered that P. Diddy had hidden cameras in every room of his homes. Every room of every home P. Diddy owned was rigged with video cameras.  It says that P Diddy possesses compromising footage of every person that has attended his freak off parties and his house parties. Upon information and belief due to this treasure trove of evidence that he has in his possession, P Diddy believes that he is above the law and is  untouchable because of the amount of blackmail that this man has.

It says that Jose Cruz is his IT director and is the gatekeeper to all of his recordings.  It says that he stays out of the camera and from social media and the internet due to all of the incriminating acts he is required to record  for P. Diddy.  Wow.  Now,  As we move into the latter of the situation, You can start to put this together a little bit.

So P Diddy would have these huge, massive house parties and freak off parties where he would invite celebrities, politicians, music artists, all of those people to his home. He would then drug them and bring in prostitutes and underage individuals, minors to his home to then go off with these celebrities, with these politicians, with these musicians.

And then he would have blackmail on all of them. Meanwhile, with his. Super weird and nefarious associations with individuals who seem to have ties with three letter agencies.  Doesn't seem like he's doing all of this just for his own right. Even if so, you could probably very easily have a, a trove of blackmail information, which is what literally it says here. 

And sell it off to the highest bidder when needed, right? Crazy, crazy situation here.  It said that she, let's see, I want to find the situation here where it talks about how it compares the again, one more time to  Jeffrey Epstein.  Because in the legal documentation here, it says that what Jeffrey Epstein P Diddy is doing is even worse, even worse than what Jeffrey Epstein was doing.

And I don't know how that is even potentially possible, but that's what it's saying here. So let's see if I can find that highlighted portion. And then we'll close it out pretty close to there.  Let's see. Maybe I can control F this 

Epstein. Let's look for that.  Okay, so page 57.  Hmm.  Okay.  Well, guess not.  So, but I do know that it's in here somewhere. I'm not going to sift through these 73 pages for you. But I do have it highlighted in this documentation that shows that the legal representation for this man who's suing is P Diddy says that what P Diddy is doing with underage minors and his sex trafficking is worse than what Jeffrey Epstein is doing.


 Here's your quick synopsis. P Diddy was running a sex trafficking honeypot scheme for celebrities, politicians, and music artists. He shot multiple people, one of them in the face in 1999 after being given a gun by J Lo, another one recently in 2023, just like seven months ago in his studio,  got off all, all times.

Every single time he got off. Well, why? Why? Well, it seems like he got off because he has blackmail on all these politicians, on judges, on law enforcement agents, on, you know, all of these individuals, all of these celebrities, all of these politicians. He has blackmail on everybody in L. A.  He runs L. A. with all this blackmail.

He is the, P. Diddy is the Epstein of Hollywood.  Right. Epstein would do it with scientists and politicians and high level elites and all of those people with big money, right? He's the big money player. P Diddy is doing it to all the rappers, all of the musicians, all the artists. He has all these ties with the same people that Justin Bieber was caught up with, and you've seen them, what, what Justin Bieber's talked about in the past, like  all of that, not only that, but he said he was going to eat this dude's face.

And then he tried to traffic him to Cuba Gooding Jr.  What the fuck kind of world do we live in? Like, this is the deep dark shit that we're talking about, and this didn't even get into the serious details of the sex trafficking of minors. Right, but this is absolutely a honeypot scheme to create blackmail against famous celebrities, politicians, and music artists in LA, in Miami, and on some weird island in the Virgin Islands, like Epstein 2.

0, only worse, according to the legitimate legal document that states just that.  Crazy, crazy situation.  And with that.  That's all I got. Thank you guys for listening. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. I will keep you updated on all of these wild situations. Head down to the show notes right now.

Click the presale for Ronin. Support me. I appreciate you. I love you from the bottom of my heart. Go check it out. Get yours right now. Backpack. If you get all three, there's a 10 percent lifetime discount code that I'll send to you directly. Okay, so  I appreciate you. I love you. Go ahead. Go there right now, hit that button right in the show notes and join the presale. 

And I hope you have a wonderful day.  

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