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#106 - Conspiracies & Cultural Collisions: Whistleblowing Supermodel Disappears, Ancient Chinese Medicine & Amazon Tribe meets Pornography

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Podcast overview

Dive into the most captivating and controversial topics of our time, blending deep research with a touch of humor and a lot of heart. From bizarre trends and historical horrors to groundbreaking medical theories and conspiracy revelations, we cover it all.

Summary of Major Topics:

  • Influencer Insanity: We delve into the bizarre trend of influencers and celebrities shaving their teeth down to nubs for porcelain implants. Discover the dark side of aesthetic trends and the shocking consequences people face for the sake of beauty and uncover the ancient wisdom of meridian energy.

  • Disappearance Mysteries: Dive into the harrowing tales of individuals who have faced unimaginable horrors, from underground bases to mysterious disappearances, this is the chilling case of Gabriela Rico Jimenez. A mexian supermodel who blew the whistle on a elite trafficking ring and then was never seen again.
  • Historical Horrors: Journey back in time to uncover the gruesome and fascinating stories of historical figures like King Geza, whose reign was marked by brutality and human sacrifices.

  • Cultural Collisions: Witness the rapid cultural erosion experienced by remote Amazon tribes upon gaining internet access, and the profound changes it brings to their traditional way of life.

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Full Transcription

 Adam's Archive. 

  Hello, you beautiful people. And welcome to the Adams archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today. On today's episode, we have a couple of deep dives. We're going to have a couple other things sprinkled in there too, but a couple of deep dives that we're going to discuss starting with the.

Crazy trend that has happened probably over the last, I don't know, five or six years, but even more so recently, the amount of celebrities, the amount of tick tock influencers that are out there getting their teeth shaved down with essentially nail files into nubs, and then getting fake implants of teeth, porcelain implants into their mouth.

Now  there's a specific case that brought this up more recently, and it came from TikTok. So we'll discuss that. But what we're really going to talk about there is the idea behind why this is truly a problem, right? There's, there's this fundamental idea behind traditional Chinese medicine, which talks about the meridian. 

And so that's what we're going to discuss first. After we talk about that and the horrific things people are putting their bodies through, and we'll actually use a case study here of the, with this woman from tick tock that caused this  topic to be discussed because I saw it recently pop up in one of my feeds.

And it's just unbelievable. The amount of people that are doing this without even understanding what the potential side effects could be. So we will talk about that. After we talk about that, we are going to talk about a father in, I believe this was in Mexico, who went on stage at a,  uh, comedian's show and smacked him several times. 

And you would go, that's crazy. You should be able to take a joke, right? But there's a lot more to the story. And I think He might be justified in this. So we'll talk about that. Then we will jump into a remote Amazon tribe left hooked on pornography after finally connecting to the internet. Uh, so this tribe essentially got.

The internet and the very first thing they did was get absolutely unbelievably, horrifically addicted to pornography. So we will talk about that. Then we will move closer and closer into our real deep dive of the day. But before we jump into that for that last deep dive, we will discuss. A royal tomb of an African king that is actually completely made of human blood?

After scientists had recently confirmed.  And then the last thing that we're going to discuss today is the curious case of Gabriela Rico Jimenez, who was a Mexican supermodel who essentially disappeared off the face of the earth.  Going outside of this hotel back in August of 2009,  and she had made these crazy claims.

Something about celebrity, elites, billionaires, cannibalism,  and a lot more. She even calls out a few names, one that you'll be familiar with, and if you're not familiar with it, I'll tell you who they are, and why it's important, and who they're tied to.  Spoiler alert! It's the Clintons.  And so we'll talk about that.

We'll do a deep dive into that situation. We'll watch a couple clips and we will go from.  So all of that and more, but first I need you to hit that subscribe button. I know it's been a few days, few weeks, even two, three weeks since my last podcast episode. And I apologize, but I appreciate that you're here.

I love you. Thank you so much for listening in. I know life comes up for a lot of people on a lot of things and that's what's happened here recently. Anyways, so.  Uh, life comes up, life gets crazy. I have, uh, career, children outside of this, but the goal has always been to consistently put out great content for you guys, and that's what I hope you think about this episode right here.

So again, thank you for being here. I appreciate you. Subscribe. Leave a five star review. And if you haven't heard I have a new side project among those other things that I have, including a career and a family and a wife and a hobbies like jujitsu represent. And, uh, all of the different shit that I do, I decided that I was going to start a completely separate business, which is Ronin.

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com. Go check it out. You'll love it. Love it. And that's what I got. Let's go ahead and jump into it. 


Adams archive. 

That's a jam. Every time I hear that, that's a jam. All right, let's go ahead and jump into it. The very first thing that we're going to discuss today is going to be the disgusting trend of influencers and celebrities out there getting their teeth shaved down with nail files so they can look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings, only to have  porcelain implants.

The teeth implants implanted into their face after they get their teeth shaved down to little disgusting nubs  all in the name of aesthetics,  right? You know, there's like 80 year olds, 85 year olds, 90 year olds out there who need veneers and that makes perfect sense to me, right? If you don't have teeth, you need to eat.

You don't want dentures. You don't want to deal with that. That's okay. Get veneers.  But if you're young and you're healthy,  the hell are you doing? Why in the world would you take something that God gave you, beautiful teeth in your mouth, maybe not so beautiful, but much better than shaving down your teeth  with a file, and then having some dude in Miami shove porcelain into your mouth  like it's not an actual living part of your body. 

Your teeth are so much more important to your body than modern medicine, western medicine wants you to believe. And that's what we're going to talk about today. So the very first article that we're going to take a look at  is going to come from Indy 100. One of my favorite new news articles that sources a ton of different articles from all over the world for you.

And, uh, Pretty good stuff. So there's a video coming out of the New York Post and this TikTok video that this woman had posted, but let me just show you what we're talking about here. Okay, when we talk about them shaving down your teeth,  this is what we're talking about. Okay,  here we go.  If you're looking at my screen right now,  you will see a woman. 

That looks just like Gollum from Lord of the Rings. I have to get this up here for you. There it is. Oh my God. That's terrifying.  How horrific. And to do this to yourself for just aesthetics, like I can get plastic surgery, do your thing, I don't care. It's not my body,  but. Like there was absolutely nothing wrong with this woman's face.

Absolutely nothing wrong with her teeth, but she was convinced by society that she had to whittle down her teeth from what they were to turn them into this horrific Frankenstein science experiment, because that's what celebrities do.  So let's go ahead and watch this video. This woman's talking about her veneers and why she decided to do this and all of the terrible things that happened to her sense  here. 

Here we go. 

I know that I look crazy and it's so embarrassing to come crying on the internet,  but this stuff that I have been dealing with for two years  because of my freaking teeth  is like I don't even know what to do anymore and like the only place I can really go to  is my platforms.  As everybody pretty much knows,  two years ago  I Had, um, dental work done, I smelled Dental Center 32 in Miami and it ruined my life. 

Like literally ruined my life  and I'm still dealing with it to this day and  I just left another doctor, another TMJ doctor. This is the third or fourth one that I've gone to  and  I'm just very overwhelmed. Like,  The medical industry, the dental industry in America is like, they literally do not care about what you are going through.

Like, everything is about money for them.  And like, I understand like, people have to get paid. But it's like,  the fact that like, I can't,  I can't do anything.  Like, I can't use insurance. I can't do anything. I've already spent 80, 000 pretty much on this whole situation in two years. And I go to another TMJ doctor because I have severe TMJ now because of the veneers that Smile Dental Center did.

They, they, they lost my bite. I have severe TMJ. I got my T3 done. It, it didn't fix it.  That was another 30, 000.  It's just like,  I just had an appointment and like, you know, they're telling me like, okay, we could do this, we could do this, and it, you know, it could, it could be a big money pit and, you know, it could be, you know, another 80k and, you know, might not work.

Like,  I spent so much money with so many doctors just praying that something works for me.  And nothing works. Nothing ever works.  I don't know what to do anymore. Like, I can't even sue  the freaking dentist. Every, every time I come on here telling my story about what happened, which is a crazy ass story. 

I'm like, just sue. Why don't you sue? If I could sue, that would be the first thing I'm, I'm doing. But I can't do that. I can't do that. It's, it's not possible. Like,  can't sue for my sensory issues. My sensory issues are unknown. Every time I go to the doctor.  

So let's talk about this real quick. And it's easy to look at this person and say, You're vain.

You shouldn't have done that. Your body was perfectly fine. You know, it's easy to laugh at this person and go, You know, play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Right?  But let's, let's put our empathetic hat on. Let's pretend this is your wife. Let's pretend this is your daughter. Let's pretend this And I don't know what she looked like before before she got this done.

So let's pretend that maybe she had some little bit of messed up teeth. And you're in Miami. And if you ever been to Miami, like literally 10 percent of the people 20 percent of the people that are there, if they have money, they have these fake veneers.  And so  this woman,  With our empathetic cats on your wife, your daughter is convinced that she would be more beautiful, that people would accept her more, that she would have more friends, that she would seem cooler.

Like she would look like, you know, one of those supermodels that she watches on Instagram all day in Miami. And like  to have society convince you  that you need to be anything other than what you were  then to go somewhere that  convinces you that you need to pay them 80, 000 and they'll make you better. 

Then to have all your, your teeth essentially whittled down to nubs, this porcelain shoved into your mouth, which is too big for your mouth. You've ever seen people that, that get these done. It's way too big for their mouth. A lot of times they don't look natural. They don't look normal. A lot of times. And when you get that done that way,  And it's not the natural way that your teeth were supposed to sit that your body had gotten used to for, I don't know, in this woman's case, 25, 30 years, maybe  your jaw alignment, your, your teeth all  are meant to be the way that they were. 

And so  when she's talking about TMJ,  she's talking about the misalignment of her jaw, causing consistent pain.  throughout the day, causing migraines, causing all these things. I've had TMJ in the past and it's, it's a terrible thing to deal with. And it makes your jaw click and you can't open your mouth as wide.

It's, it's not fun at all. And to have it caused by somebody who told you they were going to make you better, that you spent your own money on to have them do it. And then as a result, to have this happen is just, I can't imagine. So keep your empathetic head on while you're watching this and, and maybe.

Yeah, maybe it's,  you could roast her a little bit, but right. It's still, it's a terrible situation to find yourself in. So let's finish this out. 

After they've never heard of it  and you can't prove that they gave you these issues because there's no way to diagnose it specifically. Like it's just a whole thing. 

They offered to give me my money back within the first year. And I told them no, so that I could bring awareness because like,  People are just like, you know, out there getting veneers and whatever the case may be, like, my life is literally ruined because I got my teeth redone. Like, I'm not even joking, like, my, I'm constantly in pain.

I can't even close my mouth properly after a retainer every single day. 24 7 pretty much to even close my mouth comfortably. No bite adjustments can fix it. Nothing. I've done a hundred bite adjustments. I've gone to 10 different dentists, four different TMJ doctors. I've done integrative medicine. I've done acupuncture.

I've done everything you could possible. I've done hypnosis. I've literally done everything you could possibly do to try to fix these issues. I've been called crazy by my primary care doctor at Kaiser. They told me to therapist. Because I'm wondering what I'm going through  At this point like I just don't know what to do.

I'm in severe pain I've gotten freaking acid or Botox twice my fucking face is slim the fuck out Like I look crazy as fuck because I'm in pain 24 7 I Guess my only thing is just don't get fucking veneers and  know that like Something like this can ruin your life like literally and Quite frankly, I'm not giving nobody else 80 fucking bands.

Like no, I'm not doing it. Like the fact that these people are so like,  just everything is so money driven. And then like, I understand, but it's like, this shit is like really medical for me. Like why does nobody care  about people?  

And so that video had 9 million views. Let's see how many it has now.  Not sure  where to see that on the web app. 

But it has 100 or 864, 000 likes.  Let's see what the number one comment is. Veneers and LASIK I'll never do because of the horror stories I have heard.  Somebody said, babe, could it be a trigeminal neuralgia? Basically, the veneers hit the specific nerve.  Interesting.  Veneers are so extreme. I don't know why people have to do it.

Try braces or composites when the tooth was hurting. I wanted to walk off the little planet. Yeah, so that's the terrible thing about this is she hasn't even begun to see the real effects of this.  Hasn't begun to see the real effects because the only thing she's dealing with right now is TMJ.  And she probably gets headaches or migraines as a result of the TMJ or even that trigeminal neuralgia, which is, can cause, you know, essentially what they call like these terrible, horrific, uh, types of migraines.

And so  she's not even beginning to see the effects of this because what we're about to listen to is the fact that your teeth are tied to the nerves in your body and those nerves  have connections. throughout your entire body. And this isn't something that's like mainstream accepted within modern medicine dentistry within the United States of America, but it is in many, many, many other countries.

And so that's what we're about to watch this next clip on, which explains how these types of like each individual one of your  teeth has a specific nerve that it's tied to that affects other parts of your body that causes issues within your body as a whole, whether it's, uh, things like, um,  I don't know, talking about high blood pressure, talking about your, your obesity, talking about all of these different health effects.

And we'll actually pull up the map here in a minute and look at it, but let's go ahead and watch this video. It talks about the meridian, uh, essentially the meridian lines in your body and the connection to your teeth and all of the terrible things that can happen from doing something like what we just talked about.

And this is coming from  the ultimate human podcast.  Here we go. 

Doing the most harm out of any medical profession. It's like, here you go, opiates. What is biologic dentistry? Because it absolutely blew my mind. Each tooth is alive. It's a living organ. Any disease in the mouth can correlate to the rest of the body. You're taking a look at the whole body, not just the oral cavity.

We can help people live a lot longer. How quickly can we help a patient heal? We're getting them off of meds. That's a passion of mine. If you're having symptoms, question it. 

Hey guys, welcome back to the ultimate human podcast. I'm your host, human biologist, Gary.  

Wait, what was I doing? And then you seek out the world's best doctors are knowledgeable in this and it's stuff that's been, it's out there. The literature is out there. The science is out there, but it's, do you believe in it?

Do you want to take that step and actually go that road? And it's very hard to talk to all the dentists and all the colleagues like, Hey, there's something else out there. You know, we can actually be causing harm. It's like, do no harm is our first, the Hippocratic oath, right? It's do no harm. But it's actually, when you look at it, we're actually doing dentistry is doing the most harm out of any.

Medical profession now leading 

dead tissue in the body. Yeah I mean, you just got to wrap your arms around that there's actually dead tissue in the body And it doesn't have a blood supply and what a bacteria like they like dark moist oxygen deprived places anaerobic bacteria That's immune system can't get to and I want to talk specifically about a study that that was just Published in, in July of 2023.

So this is only about three months old. It was published in the  journal of microorganisms, but it was a longitudinal study that investigated the association between periodontal disease. and neuroinflammatory disorders. And neuroinflammatory disorders are Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, dementia, all kinds of conditions in the body that are related to inflammation that eventually begins to affect nerves.

And we don't correlate dental hygiene or, you know, dental pathologies to Parkinson's, to early onset Alzheimer's, or dementia. And even before these conditions exist, we Memory and cognitive decline, um, exhaustion, fatigue, weight gain, water retention. And what I found really fascinating was that out of the 24 studies they examined, 20 of them  showed a positive correlation between periodontal disease and neurodegenerative disorders with the studies focusing on cognitive function.

Demonstrating the most robust effect. 


So these are all the things that are robbing people of their short term recall, their cognitive function, their waking energy, that they may be chalking up to a consequence of aging, that may actually be a consequence of something going on in their jaw from dental work that they've had done that they've left unaddressed.

Correct. And one of those bacteria there, the Treponema  Yes, the Treponema denticola. Yeah, that's me. Sorry, it's one of the five bacterias. Let's just keep it simple. Yeah, one of the five bacterias. That's, that's known for beta amyloid. Producing beta amyloid, which we know is for Alzheimer's. Right. So when it all starts here, if we can actually control it, and it sometimes goes more in depth than doing a, Regular cleaning, sometimes we have to use lasers, sometimes we use ozone gas, sometimes we'll put some medication in the pockets, what we call the periodontal pockets.

Right. But if we can cure that, doesn't mean like every tooth needs to come out, right, but if we can hold on to the teeth and we have ways much better than ever before, much better than when I graduated dental school. When you say 

keep, to keep your 

teeth. Keep the teeth, yeah, we graduated, I graduated in 2009.



teeth. How 


is that? Keep your teeth, right? And so we'll look at this, this, uh, article. We'll pull it up here. This is  Dr. Rose. com R O Z E and talks about the Chinese Meridian Theory. And so let's talk about that. I was hoping to find it within that video, but I think that was a good point enough is that the health of your body, your cognitive decline, your obesity.

High blood pressure, arthritis, all of these things could very well be tied to the dental work that you're getting done by modern dentistry.  Because when you're pulling teeth, or even worse, whittling them down to nothing, only to be replacing them with exterior material that isn't meant to be implanted in your body,  something's going to go wrong. 

And so here's a clip about Meridian.  Dentistry or meridian belief system or theory, and let's watch that. Each 

tooth is a key. The key is press, and it causes a motion to strike a note, which creates a vibration and a sound. Each key produces a different sound, just like the relationship between the keys and the notes.

Our tifa connected by nerves to our brain. These nerves and nerve impulses send messages to specific parts of the body. What does this all mean to you? Well, if you have a bad tooth, the energy flows through the meridian belonging to that tooth, and this flow can affect the health of all the organs on that meridian.

For example, tooth number 14, the first molar, is on the same meridian with the kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach and breast. So if this tooth has a problem, it may affect the energy flow through the meridian, and the health of those organs may be affected as well. Your mouth is connected to specific organs in the body.

This is something that practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have known for thousands of years.  The human body is really quite amazing when we listen to its messages.  Sir William Osler, a founding father of modern medicine, said the mouth is the mirror to the body. A vital relationship exists between your teeth and your organs. 

Use our bio dental chart available from dr rose. com to see the relationship of your teeth and the rest of your body. 

Right, so that's the idea. And when you think about that, and you go, Oh, you know, you hear about traditional Chinese medicine, meridian lines have been a debated topic in modern medicine up until about I think is about two one, one or two years ago, where they actually found the interconnection within the body of these like nerves that are all connected.

And so When you look at the traditional Chinese medicine, think of acupuncture, acupuncture utilizes the meridian lines in your body to help, uh, you know, unblock the, the energy flow, the, the nerves connections and the firing of your nerves within your body that, that all speak to each other.  And so  this is, this is how it explains it says in traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are channels that form a network in the body through.

Which qi, or qi, I assume, uh, vital energy flows. A blocky Causes pain and illness the flow is restored by using pressure needles suction or heat at hundreds of specific points along The meridians, right? You talk about acupuncture The meridian tooth chart is based on acupuncture meridians pathways of energy that span across interrelated body parts glands and tissues and you have to remember What did she?

Say what are the comments say they're like when you have people having terrible horrific what they call like Suicide migraines or that trigeminal neuralgia that she talked about  Acupuncture is one of the only things  My wife actually dealt with that during one of her pregnancies, where she had what we thought was either trigeminal neuralgia, some sort of horrific like, um,  um, like clot in her brain or something.

It was horrific, horrific headaches, unlike you could ever imagine in your whole life. And the only thing that helped my wife, The only thing that subsided the pain. We went to the hospital over it multiple times. They literally did nothing for us. Kicked us out with an 8, 000 bill.  The only thing that helped her. 

And up until very recently, and even today, right now, the traditional acupuncture is not an accepted form of, of Western medicine. They don't, they don't agree that it's, it's works, but it works. People all over the country get acupuncture done. It's literally the Only thing that she did that helped her with her migraines.

Why? Because it has to do with the nerves. It has to do with the meridian lines. It has to do with that flow of that, that firing of, of the nerves, that flow of energy throughout your body. We are electrical beings, your thoughts, your movements, everything that's happening inside of your body is an electrical pulse within these, the, the firing of these nerve endings.

And so it makes sense that if you.  use the body to its advantage and understand that rather than trying to impose your will upon it with metal,  uh, you know, types of tools and  medications and pharmaceutical drugs and injections and all of these things that the modern Western medicine tries to impose its will upon the body rather than trying to allow the body to do what it needs to do to correct itself.

That is the huge difference between modern medicine. medicine in traditional medicine, holistic medicine.  So it goes on to say the meridian tooth chart is based on acupuncture meridians, pathways of energy that span across interrelated body parts, glands and tissues. Each tooth is associated with a particular meridian through which energy flows. 

And so  when you look at this chart here, make sure you're, 

 So when you look at this chart here and you zoom in on it and  take a look and if this is a chart that you want, I can send you over the link, just go to my Instagram. I'll have a post about this and you can just comment, uh, and I'll DM you it, but it basically outlines all of the teeth and, and what their attachment is to which part of your body and what can result from not Dealing with those issues correctly for that specific tooth.

And so it goes through a whole long list of things from migraines and epilepsy from the, so if, so first, I guess it shows the tooth or teeth that are associated with it, then the part of the body. So things like your stomach and spleen, your lungs, your liver, your gallbladder, your bladder, your  lungs and large intestines, stomach, heart, small intestines, um, all of these different parts of your body. 

are associated with a different tooth or a different meridian line.  Again, same thing that they deal with with acupuncture. And so the things that this can result from is migraines and epilepsy, rheumatism, migraines, focus issues, sterility and impotence. So even your, even your  Fertility can be affected by your teeth,  um, focus, right?

And so each one of these different zones of your mouth can have different negative effects on your body. It says if a weakness of in a particular system or organ exists, the condition of the tooth associated with that area could exacerbate the problem working with our Meridian tooth chart makes us able to assess patients, general state of health and wellness, simply through a review of the oral environment.

Each tooth is associated with a particular Meridian through which energy. Flows.  Very interesting. It says the mouth is the mirror to your body. Energy flows through the body along lines known as meridians. These lines associated with specific tissues, organs, and teeth. Health problems manifesting in the tooth may be related to conditions of the associated meridian. 

Interesting because this is a specific doctor that kind of specializes in this stuff. And again, it's D R R O Z E dot.  Now, the funny thing about this is I found this article today,  which says there is now a drug to regrow teeth, which has been approved for human trials.  So, on the back of that, maybe you don't need to get all of your teeth pulled and get veneers.

Maybe you just need this other pharmaceutical drug and that will solve all your issues, of course. And there'll be no side effects, just like everything else. Um, so it says, scientists are gearing up for human tricks.  Not tricks, trials. Human trials, which makes way more sense than tricks. Human tricks. For a groundbreaking, truth growing science.

A tooth growing drug with hopes to offer those suffering from tooth loss a revolutionary alternative. Molecular biologist and dentist Katsu, uh, Takashi  developed the first of its kind drug by deactivating the uterine sensation associated gene, the UTI. One, protein, which is known to stop tooth growth. He has been working on tooth regeneration for almost 20 years.

We want to do something to help those who are suffering from tooth loss or absence.  While there has been no treatment to date providing a permanent cure, we feel that people's expectations for tooth growth are high.  By stopping USAG 1 from interacting with other proteins, the drug prompts bone morphogenetic protein, BMP, signaling and encourages the growth of new bone and teeth.

The researchers noted  that mice and ferrets share the same USAG 1 properties as humans. The animals happen to grow new teeth from the drug. So my concern would be that if you're growing new teeth and growing new bones, how does your body know which  to grow when and how long? Right, like if you hope to grow one tooth back, are you going to, you know, make yourself taller? 

Like, are you going to make your fingers grow long, too long, and you're going to look like Edward Scissorfingers? Um, the USAG 1 protein has a high amino acid homology of 97 percent between different animal species, including humans, mice, and eagles? Wow, that's very specific.  Beagles.  Um, is that what they're doing the studies on?

Oh, that's horrible. If you go back and listen. Remember what Fauci was doing to dogs? That nobody's bringing up again? Like, the horrific trials that Fauci was involved with? And I'm pretty sure it was all specifically beagles. Where they would  essentially put them in a cage where they couldn't escape and then put thousands of bugs in there that would essentially eat them alive? 

And meanwhile, I'm sure he's just living it up on a yacht somewhere after getting roasted by the Senate this week.  Anyways, just a side tangent, human trials are set to start in September 2024 at Kyoto University Hospital in Japan, using 30 male participants between the ages of 30 and 64 who are missing at least one molar.

The next phase will look at children who suffer from congenital tooth deficiency.  Then, researchers will explore other  Generations who have lost a tooth due to environmental factors have proven successful the drug could become widely available as soon as 2030. The promising development in dentistry has the potential to revolutionize the way the treatment of tooth loss and provide solutions for people across the globe.

So, if this lady, this girl, this woman, maybe just waited a few years,  I don't think that was her problem. The problem was vanity and living in Miami around a bunch of vain people.  People, but anyways, interesting, very interesting.  Now, the next thing we're going to talk about here, which I found to be a pretty wild scenario is that there was a dad.

Dad went on stage and punched a comedian  over his sexualized joke about his baby son. Now, from what I saw, this wasn't onstage joke. This was like on Twitter,  uh,  prior to this. But let me read 'cause maybe I'm wrong, I didn't read this article yet. It says, footage of a dad punching a comedian's mid, uh, comedian Midat after he allegedly made a sexualized joke about his three-year-old son has gone viral.

Spanish comedian Jamie. Caravaca was performing a standup comedy show in Madrid on Monday evening when a man unexpectedly gets on stage. Dad, Alberto Pugalito, punched Caravaca  in the head while shouting in Spanish. This is for the pedophile comment he made about my son. Will you repeat now what you said about my son?

Pugalito continued while calling the comedian a piece of shit.  Say it. Say it again to my face, he said, enraged. Here, now, say it to my face. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this happened, like, on Twitter, and then he went to his show and started, and, like, punched him on stage and then smacked him in the face. It says, 

Three month old son. The dad hit Caravaca one more time before leaving the stage.  Says comedian makes jokes at art. So here's the video. Let's go ahead and watch it. It's in Spanish. So I'll, I'll translate for you. In which case, don't listen to me translating and listen to the Spanish. 

It says, who are you? 

What's up? It 

says, this is for, this is for my Alright, let's just start the whole thing with this. So loud. He 

said, who are you? Huh? Oh shit.  What's up, huh? He smacks him. What have you said? 

This is  for the pedophile account. Huh? Huh? Will you repeat now what you said about my son? 


Piece of shit. Now what? 

What were you saying about a black cock in my son's second cock at 

three months 

old? Huh? Piece of shit? 

Huh? Now what? Say it. Say it again to my 

face. Here. Now. Say it to my face. 

He said, I'm sorry. He turns around. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm asking you all for forgiveness.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm just a dad that defends his kids. He has made sectionalizing comments about my three month old son. And that has it's consequences. He says, can we talk to you? He says, no, you can go. He calls him a clown. He's a weird 

dad. I don't believe in that so much. And this next bit is how I would crack your fucking skull.

And then he says, let's leave.  Good.  Finally, justice is served for somebody who's talking shit online, who in no way shape or form would ever back it up or say the same thing in person. So this man, this father gets his, in a Twitter argument with some comedian online.  The comedian then tells him something about his son sucking black cock.

Excuse my vulgarity.  And his son's three months old. So this man drives to his comedy show, goes up on stage, punches him, and then smacks him in the face while ridiculing him in front of his entire crowd. 

That deserves a standing ovation, and I'm sure it was much more entertaining than whatever bullshit comedy this clown, as he would describe it, was going to actually do during his show.  Alright, so, good. Good. More people getting to get smacked. Hundred percent. More people getting to get smacked for the stuff they say online.

Good. For sure. 100%.  If you are willing to say something to somebody online, you should understand that that is a real person, potentially, depending on if they're a bot or not, but majority of the time, they're a real person  who  you could see out there and you would never repeat yourself to them in public.

Right, just the same way that when you're driving a car, you would never treat people the same way as you treat them when you're driving. Because it's like removed, you remove yourself from the human aspect. It's not a situation we were supposed to find ourselves in biologically. Is that you're going 85 miles an hour with a metal, you know, 3, 5, 8, 000 pound  vehicle representing you. 

Not supposed to be that way. Just the same way. It's not supposed to be you're on a  looking, staring at a piece of glass, somehow  communicating with some person across the globe, or maybe even five minutes down the road, but you don't know it in that part, you would say some crazy stuff to that person, but in this situation,  he got what he deserved. 

So  let's see if there was any updates on this. Nope.  Clarified the transcription. Cool. So just wanted to point it out. I think this, that's a real dad right there. That's a real man who shows up there, says, say it to my face, say it to my face, smacks him just like he deserved and then leaves. Respectfully looks at the audience, apologizes and says, but I needed to do this for my son. 

And I don't disagree.  All right.  Now onto some more serious matters. Okay. Which is the fact that a remote Amazon tribe was given Starlink and given access to the internet and the very Very first thing that they did the very first thing that they did was got addicted to porn.  I Mean to be fair. I don't blame them, right?

If you had never if the only thing you've seen is like the seven Ten twenty hundred women that are around you all the time and in your remote tribe You  And all of a sudden you have access to all of these  supermodels from around the world, shaking their ass in your face on a piece of glass in front of you.

And you've never had the opportunity of that before.  I get like, I get it.  It really does show you the power of, of like human human biology,  that the very first thing that they did was get addicted to porn, not gambling, not cryptocurrencies,  not NFTs. They got addicted to porn. Almost immediately. Thank you, Elon Musk. 

And I believe there's a video here. Let's watch this video. I'm  not sure if there's audio to it.  Let's see.  Let's refresh.  Here we go. 

You're just watching this guy in this forest with his knife next to a tree.  It's like indigenous tribe member. 

And they're like behind this leaf with the camera. I'm not sure what this has to do with this article at all.  Maybe he's sneaking off with his new iPhone to go  watch Pornhub. Why is this on this page? 

Okay, maybe it was like some random,  maybe we'll have context here.  Rare footage of uncontacted tribe in the Amazon. Okay. So it says what started as a moment of optimism and excitement was swiftly transformed into something worrying and sinister. After a remote tribe in the Amazon rainforest was finally hooked up to the Internet. 

The Marubo people had resisted modernity.  Moderninity? Modernity? Moderninity? What the fuck? What? And preserved their indigenous way of life in one of the most isolated stretches of the planet for centuries. But then, in September, they found themselves equipped with high speed internet thanks to Elon Musk.

The tribe is one of hundreds across Brazil that have been given access to the web through Starlink, the SpaceX subsidiary which provides satellite internet coverage in almost a hundred countries.  But rather than feel beautifully connected to the world, the installation has left the 2, 000 member Marubos feeling bitterly divided as pornography and social media poison its youngsters.

When it arrived, everyone was happy. 

SonomamaMarubo73 told the New York Times, whose reporters traveled to the tribe's remote villages.  But now, things have gotten worse.  Says, uh, they explained that the internet has brought a number of undeniable benefits, such as the ability to video chat with faraway loved ones, or call for help in emergencies.

However, she said, the youth has grown increasingly disinterested in more traditional activities, such as making dyes and jewelry from berries and shells. Yeah,  young people have gotten lazy because of the Internet.  She lamented, they're learning the ways of the white people. 


Pretty sure it's not just white people that have access to the internet.

After just nine months with Starlink, the Marubo.  Already found themselves faced with the same issues that plague Western families. That's really interesting though, to like kind of accelerate this technological advancement and see as like a Petri dish, how quickly their lifestyle could be tainted.  Um, it says that. 

The same issues that plague Western families, addictive social networks, misinformation, wow I'm sure they're so concerned about misinformation, scams, violent video games, and minors watching adult content. Alfredo Marubo, leader of the Marubo Association of Villages, has become the tribe's most vocal critic of the internet. 

He told the New York Times that he worried that his culture's oral history and customs will be lost now.  Because everyone is so connected that sometimes they don't even want to talk to their own family. He admitted that he felt most concerned by the newfound interest in pornography, particularly given that Marubo culture frowns upon mere kissing in public.

We're worried young people are going to want to try it, he said.  He said of the graphic sex depicted in videos which young men now send each other in group chats. That's a little gay. Alfredo, Alfredo added that some leaders have already noticed more aggressive sexual behavior among their youngsters. 

Meanwhile, a father of three said that while he was happy the internet was helping to educate his children, he also felt concerned about the first person shooter video games.  I'm worried they're suddenly going to want to mimic them. I don't think you guys have, you know, the right equipment out there. Uh, yet many tribe members continue to extol  the internet's positive power and potential. 

Uh, he pointed out that a venomous snake bite can require swift rescue by helicopter, but before the internet, the Marubo relied on amateur radio to relay urgent messages through several villages in order to reach the authorities. Now such calls are instantaneous, and it could, it's already saved lives. 

Very interesting. This is in the village, you don't hunt, fish, or plant, you don't eat. Well. Now they can just order DoorDash, right? Maybe not, but you get the point. Meanwhile, Thomas A. Marubo, 42, the tribe's first woman leader, stressed that while some young people just want to spend the whole afternoon on their phones. 

Yeah, I'm sure that's actually quite difficult. Like I have, you know, I have children. I have children that are the age enough to have technology and deal with the woes of an iPad in your house. And you, it took a long time. Like when I was growing up.  Our parents saw the, the, the advances and still gave like some timelines, but there's a lot of children today that just have absolute free reign of their technology, and it baffles me because you have to set those guidelines.

The, the, the iPads, the social media, the whatever it is, pornography, whatever it is, is absolutely 100% designed so that you, it hijacks behaviorally the, the biology inside of you to make you want to stay there and give them your money and your attention. Right, because tension is just a currency.  Uh, he explained that decades ago, the most respected Marubo shaman had visions of a handheld device that could connect the entire world.

Oh, did he?  You mean he somehow saw a phone? Um, it would be good for the people, he said, but in the end, it wouldn't be. Wow, they foresaw this. In the end, it would be war. Nevertheless, his son, Inoki,  insisted,  I see, I think the internet will bring us much more benefit than harm, at least for now. And regardless, there's no going back.

The leaders have been clear, he said. We can't live without the internet.  So interesting. So many conversations that you could have about that regarding that, that, that, like, incubator, right? That, that Petri dish of just it completely accelerating from hunter gatherer societies immediately being Thrusted into, for lack of a better word.

thrusted into our modern society of technology and all of the negative side effects that that would have on the not just the youth but the I guarantee you the adults are watching just as much porn as the kids right or playing the first person shooters or you know there's so many things that that are actual negative effects on society  so speaking of like faraway tribes and I'm not going to touch on this long because I have to get to the bigger deep dive but there was this african tomb  and  The king, the tomb of this king was made of completely human blood.

Is that what I'm reading? Right? So scientists have uncovered a grisly secret at the tomb of an infamously bloodthirsty ruler. King Geza ruled the West African kingdom of Dahami from 1818 to 1858 before it fell to the French colonization at the end of the 19th century. And yet he carried his violent tyranny to the literally, as a news study published in the journal of  Prodemic  says, Over the course of his four decade reign, King Geza was known both for his military power and his brutality towards his enemies.

Uh, he was so vicious that the ally, uh, leading to his hut was paved with the skulls. The alley leading to his hut was paved with the skulls and jawbones of defeated enemies,  while his throne rested on the skulls of four defeated enemy leaders. 

Gangster. Ironically, according to the official records, Gezzo died peacefully in his home, but he couldn't resist bringing a bit of savagery down to the underworld with him. Before his death, he ordered the construction of two adjoined funer Funerary huts to be built in honor of his father,  who wrote from 1797 to 1818.

For decades, rumors swirled around his tomb, suggesting that it was built using the blood of 41 human sacrifice victims. Now a team of researchers have confirmed that this is indeed true.  True.  Whoa.  According to the team of medical and archaeological specialists, the victims would likely have been prisoners of war or enslaved people.

And because 41 is a sacred number in voodoos, they would likely have been sacrificed in a ceremony conducted to protect the late king's remains. Geez. The study's authors explained the kings of Aberney were god kings,  whose culture and religion centered on voodoo beliefs.  In this chronocultural context, death is only a change of state, not a total disappearance.

Importantly, which I completely agree with. Importantly, a barrier between the human world and the place where the body is laid can be magically delineated. The separator is part of a supernatural border, since metaphysical elements are incorporated into the physical world.  Prayer, sacred water, and the blood of enemies were among the elements considered key to consecrating buildings such as these.

When combined,  so prayers, water, and blood.  When combined, their mystical force was believed to symbolically protect what remains of the subtle essence of the deceased king. Geez, 

uh, to determine the truth behind the legend, the scientists use a technique called high resolution, tandem, uh, tandem mass spectra spectrometry, spectrometry to analyze the mortar, uh, used to build the funeral Hutt's wall. Specifically, they examine the proteins present rather than the genes  as DNA degrades easily over time, depending on the storage conditions and most importantly, for this study, it cannot provide information on the source tissue. 

Unlike proteins, which can serve as biological archive, the testing identified hemoglobin and. Uh, immunoglobins.  from both human and chickens present.  Very interesting. This involved a sacrifice of as many as 500 victims. So it's possible the blood in the mortar may have come from one such ceremony.  It's a ceremony called the great customs. 

Now the researchers hope that future DNA analysis might help pinpoint the exact number of individuals in the tomb. As far as we're concerned, even one is too many. Yeah. Thank you for your insight. Yeah. Don't kill people and scrub them on the walls. Well, after you die to protect you  don't do that.  All right.

Now we have our deep dive, my friends,  which is going to be about Gabriela Rico Jimenez.  But first,  make sure you hit that subscribe button.  Make sure you leave a five star review and make sure you should you support your boy. Go to Ronan basics. com. Check out the new website. Some of the products are a backorder right now, and you can actually pay and order them.

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And.  Manufacturing suppliers and getting the product to be perfect is one of them.  So go check it out. Ronan basics. com.  Some of the products are up there already with pictures like the wallets. We will have the actual legitimate product pictures very shortly for the hats, beanies, backpacks, all of it. So you can actually see what you're getting, but I promise you you'll love it.

All right. So.  That's what I got. Let's go ahead and talk about this right here, which is Gabriela Rico Jimenez, the very, very dark and curiously interesting story about the disappearance of Of a Mexican supermodel.  So let's go ahead and read this together. There's several, several articles about this one from the daily mail.

One from, uh, this right here is from the daily mail, which outlines all of this as well. But the most  intricate of these I found from this Reddit post, which has all of it.  So, here we go.  Let's watch this video first. This is the video  of this supermodel, Gabriela Jimenez, where she is freaking out outside of this hotel. 

And I will tell you what she's saying again. We have a lot of Spanish translations today, interestingly enough.  Uh, so, let's go ahead and watch this video and I'll tell you what she's saying. Translate for you. Right?  All right. It says, let's hear what the young girl was shouting on the street. This is from a news company  She's saying I wanted my freedom  and you can hear the pain in her voice 

Since Monterey freed me, but it cost me a lot of work.  I was in Mexico City for a year and four months She's crying  all of this began in mid 2001  I barely remember. They were young and powerful, and they killed them.  I'd been knocking on doors. What I wanted was my freedom. I want my freedom.  She was claiming to have been abducted or essentially being, kind of, uh, being trafficked in a trafficking situation. 

Um, Carlos Slim. Dominique knew about this. I want my freedom. Now that name becomes very, very important. Carlos Slim. You may be familiar with it. One of the richest men in the world, and is the richest man in Mexico today. It hurts my soul, she said, that they took him away. Leave me alone. They have already taken me to the police station, and they have told me that they know nothing. 

She's screaming at these police officers right now.  They took me to the general hospital.  You, you were there. Go get the, you killed Murino.  And we'll talk about who that is in a minute, it's a politician. They told me, who did they kill? The  Queen of England? The Queen of Germany? Did they kill the princesses?

And Mickey Mouse?  It was also him, she said. 

What? Nothing is gonna come here. The people where you come from, they are crazy.  They killed a lot of people, she's screaming at this man, telling him. Death to that kind of human. Go away.  Saying that he was a part of it.  They ate humans. Disgusting, she said. 

They ate humans.  I wasn't aware of anything. Of the murders. Yes. But they ate humans. Humans. They smell like human flesh. 

Now this female police officer is walking up to her. You are not going to take me until this is clarified. You already took me there. Let me go.  As this female police officer grabs her, 

she says, let me go. 

It says, this is the sad 

reality of the young Gabriela Rico Jimenez that you saw a moment ago tried to attack the police officer who managed to take her, no, the police officer grabbed her and she pushed back. She wasn't attacking the police officer. That's 

so silly. There's 

the video for you and the translation thereof. Let's go ahead and read this article and talk about it.  So, this says the event took place in August of 2009  in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, in front of a hotel located on Ocampo Street, in between the avenue of Pino Suarez and not going to try and pronounce that.

The news broadcast features a young woman named Gabriela Rico Jimenez screaming in front of a luxury hotel. She repeatedly pleads for her freedom and claims she was held against her will. She makes claims of murder and cannibalism and drops some very big names in her accusations. Most public outbursts such as this could be attributed to mental illness or substance abuse, but Gabriela's claims are consistent and somewhat coherent and she speaks with such horror and conviction.

I feel compelled to further consider her credibility.  Then they show the news clip.  There's the transcription, I already read it for you. It said, What happened to Gabriela Rico Jimenez? So, you saw this woman, out in front of this hotel, screaming at this man, screaming at this man, saying, You knew about this.

You were a part of it. You were there. They took me to the hospital because of it. And they said, who, who did the, who did they kill? Who did they kill? Did they kill the princesses? Did they kill the Queen of England? Did they kill Mickey Mouse making fun of her?  And she said, no, they killed Marino. And Marino  was a politician. 

She even mentions the name Carlos Slim. Now, Carlos Slim, as I was telling you, was one of the most powerful people and the richest man in Mexico.  Carlos Slim is a huge contributor and donor to the Clinton Foundation.  The Clinton family  funds all of these politicians, Democratic politicians. And guess what else he funded? 

The movie, The Sound of Freedom.  Hmm. So the same man being accused by this woman who disappeared and was never saw again  funded the Clinton campaign  was,  she claims,  was trafficking people,  cannibalizing them, and set up the murder of a politician.  That same man funded the movie, The Sound of Freedom,  which is just so happens to be about trafficking children. 

That's interesting.  Very interesting, especially when you understand the controversy surrounding The Sound of Freedom, and the man who did the documentary, and the accusations against him. 

Now it says a witness speaks, and this is, let's see.  Here it is. Here's where it talks about Carlos Slim.  It says what happened to her. Finally, Gabriela Rico Jimenez, the woman who was arrested outside of a hotel in Monterey, was helped by DIF police on Monterey. And after she was detained in jail by the regional police, she was, she was sent to a psychiatric center in Buenos Aires.

colony where she will stay indefinitely while she receives help and can be well cared for.  Gabriela mentions the name Carlo Slim, and who was a Mexican business magnet of Lebanese descent. He is the richest man in Mexico and was the richest man in the world from 2010 to 2013.  He has a son Carlos Slim,  who serves as chairman of the board of his father's conglomerate company.

The Merino,  Gabriela claims was murdered is Juan Camilo Mourinho Torre Torrezo,  who is a Mexican politician affiliated with the National Action Party, and the Secretary of the Interior of the Cabinet of President Felipe Calderón. He died in November of 2008.  During a Mexican city Learjet crash, the government plane was seen traveling and crashed into rush hour traffic under mysterious circumstances.

There were 16 fatalities, all 9 people on board and 7 people on the ground died.  Juan Camilo Mourinho was 37. As President Felipe Calderon's strongman, he had been leading a government campaign against Mexico's powerful and violent drug gangs. Illuminati conspiracy theories frequently mention the British monarch, among others, as well as Disney symbolism.

There is also a rumor that the Prince Philip, the Queen's husband, once said that cannibalism is a radical, but realistic solution to the problem of overpopulation?  Whoa, let's see if we can verify that in a minute. Um, there is a testimony of the alleged witness to Gabriella's breakdown on a Spanish language blog called the black Manic  a law student claims to have spoken with Gabriella and gives the following account of their interaction. 

Um, it says a witness speaks after a long time. I will not reveal his name for obvious reasons. So what he says is basically that he was in the detention center at the time he was working as a law student and was in this detention center doing some work. And he said that he saw her there. He said, I still remember her face full of despair, fear, anguish.

She felt very weary of the environment and a strange feeling. I approached her and asked her some questions.  Um, if I name, if I knew where she lived, she told me that she, they were all, that we were all dead. And that we were all dead, that we were all, we were among them, among other things. That simply left me paralyzed after 20 minutes of being with her some tall well dressed people arrived They practically pulled me out of there I asked them why they did this if this was just a poor girl with a mental disorder  Asked where that where they were taking her.

They told me that was not my business to for me to retire When they left me they stopped me and asked me what she told me  I answered them insane and I ran away. The next day I went to the senior officers of the ministry and told them about the issue and wanted information because the girl's family requested it.

They just laughed and said, really? If she does not exist, she never existed. And you do not work here.  I got a shiver and left. I left everything and left Monterey. I had a feeling that what had happened those days and what that girl said were true as I could. I left everything and got out of there. She told me that in Monterey there was some kind of underground base where they lived and regularly stole children as food and other things. 

By my profession, I dare not reveal my encounter. I have family and children who depend on me. And for logical and reputation reasons, I cannot. I would like to go out and spread it to the four winds, but society would call me crazy. Although I have the marks of the attack,  is a little bad back, there are nights I just cannot sleep. 

That's a weird translation. I have the same feeling, the same feeling that when I saw them the first time, it was like a, uh, presentiment is appreciated that they do not judge me as crazy for telling me that. Only me and for those who were with me at the time know what happened. Those are monsters. At least the one who attacked me was a monster.

If he found me, he would only have died since a drawing came into my hands. 


Interesting.  Hmm.  So  that's what happened to this woman. She's never been seen since nobody knows where she's at and the internet was essentially scrubbed of her modeling history. Like she was a pretty prominent supermodel.

She had brushed arms with all of these oligarch types like Carlos Slim and she Essentially after this happened, you look up her name now and you can't find anything about her as a person or her modeling career besides just these articles about this situation calling her crazy. But she's never been seen again.

And she was 21 at the time. So she would be what this was 15 years ago, she'd be 3536 right now. And some people believe she's just still in that same mental institution. And she may very well have been a part of some like MK ultra type mind programming. And so  crazy shit. Transcribed  And there's video of it and the only reason that they showed this video on the news was because she was a prominent model. 

And so when you look at who is Carlos Slim, who is the person that she is claiming was a part of this, who is at the head of this, and actually if you understand that the most powerful people in Mexico, who have the most money,  I mean, this is conjecture,  um, but,  Very likely have ties like you don't you don't get to flaunt your money or be in a position of very high power in Mexico I assume without having some way shape or form brushed arms with the cartels. 

So who is Carlos Slim?  Well, let's watch this video of Trump  First and see what he has to say about Carlos Slim  

Times is Carlos Slim now Carlos Slim as you know comes from Mexico He's given many millions of dollars to the Clintons and their initiatives. So Carlos Slim, largest owner of the paper from Mexico, reporters at the New York times, they're not journalists, they're corporate  

lobbyists for Carlos Slim and Hillary Clinton.

He is the majority holder of the New York times.  So why did Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton's Mexican cartel partner, Carlos Slim fund the sound of freedom?  That's interesting. And here's a picture with Joe Biden, Carlos Slim, and Hunter Biden all together, says the sound of freedom brings to light the horror of human trafficking.

However, there's one major question about the film. Why did Carlos Slim, a man with connections to Mexican cartels, Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden fund the film?  In 2016, Donald Trump warned America about Carlos Slim and his connections with the New York times. And Hillary Clinton saying now Carlos Slim, as you know, is a Comes from Mexico.

He has given many millions of dollars to the Clintons in those organizations.  WikiLeaks emails revealed that Slim had connections to with drug, Mexican drug cartels. Even the Guardian published the article titled, who is more dangerous? El Chapo or Carlos Slim?  Hunter Biden's laptop revealed that Slim was also a top customer of the Bidens. 

There are even pictures of Hunter and Joe doing business with Mr. Slim. Now here comes the tricky question. Why did Mr. Slim fund the Sound of Freedom when he has direct ties to cartels that are guilty of smuggling?  The Deep State's most effective tool against Trump was the QAnon conspiracy theory. Q is effective because the Deep State  used the theory and its associated accounts to leak just enough information to be credible, but at the same time, nothing being leaked could ever  tie anyone directly, hence why dark to light never happened.


What is this company? National  The national file. com. Okay. So maybe take this with a grain of salt because I don't know, but I mean, it's legit. Everything he's saying is legit. Or she, um, Q also gave the false pretense that to MAGA supporters that they did not need to be involved with their local GOP through the trust plan line.

Okay.  Um,  Hmm. 

Interesting. Uh, re energizing the Q PSY op may have been Slim's reason for funding the sound of freedom.  The solution to the human trafficking problem is the same as election integrity. America's first patriots get involved with their local GOP to ensure MAGA, congressional and presidential candidates,  are on the ballot and win free and fair elections.

Hmm. Okay.  Uh, so take that all with a grain of salt, but nothing he said that was factually incorrect. Carlos Slim is tied to  drug cartels. Carlos Slim is tied to the Biden family. Carlos Slim is tied to the Clinton family. And he also funded a movie while also being a part of, you know, tied to the cartels, which do the trafficking,  funded the movie about trafficking. 

Kind of suspicious.  So that is what I'll leave you guys with today. Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. I love you. Have a great day, and I'll see you next time on  The Items Archive. Thank you.  


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