Thursday May 09, 2024

#104 - Eric Moutsos: Good vs Evil

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In this week's episode of the Adams Archive, I have a discussion with Eric Moutsos. Eric is the host of the American Moutsos Show, the founder and CEO of the health and wellness company Freedomblends, and a former police officer who has been at the center of political activism in several different high-profile situations.

Eric is the author of the book Dispatched, recounting his fight against leadership during his time as a police officer, and the lead in a recent documentary called “Non-Essential” which follows him through his journey of fighting back against the government during Covid lockdowns.

We discuss the controversies he has found himself at the center of, the Israel-Palestine war, selling out conservatives, good vs. evil, and more. 

You can find Erics social media profiles, podcast, book and more by clicking here

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Full transcription

 Adams archive.   Hello, you beautiful people. And welcome to the Adams archive. My name is Austin Adams, and thank you so much for listening today on today's episode. I am going to be talking with Eric Mutzos. Now, Eric is a political commentator and podcast host of the Eric Mutzos show. He is also a CEO of the Freedom Blends supplement company.

And Eric has been at the center of several. controversial events, one of those being almost 10 years ago, when Eric was a police officer for almost seven years, he actually had to fight back against the police department that he worked for, who was forcing him mandating him to basically be a part of a gay pride parade. 

Pretty wild stuff. Fast forward a few years later, during COVID times, Eric was also at the center of some controversy, as he basically organized and gathered several rallies to help small business owners during the time of COVID lockdowns, as well as through an entire concert during the same time, where he had to get shut down by the state, fought back against that, and eventually lost his job.

One out. So Eric is an author. He was also a part of the recent documentary, which outlined that organization of those situations during COVID lockdowns. So without further ado, we have a great discussion today about good versus evil current events, the Israel and Palestinian conflict, the college campus protests that are going on, we get into some conspiracy theories, of course.

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Alright, so thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart, leave a five star review, hit the subscribe button. And let's jump into it. 

The Adams archive. 

 My dream is to one day have a little homestead  I've got 20 chickens now, but my dream is to have a homestead.  living off the land the way that God wanted us to.

  Amen. That's awesome, man. Yeah that's something I think a lot of people it's so interesting how many people got chickens after like post COVID. I think there's something primal that when everything goes to hell a little bit I don't know what it was, but it seems like  I fell into that too.

We have a chicken coop out back. We had nine chickens that, that we had we even had ducks for a little bit, but it was funny because it's so many people that you saw.  Just chickens were like the first step that people took in their journey to like becoming a little bit, well, I almost think that's more of a realization about  the government, not actually being the father figure that was going to.

take care of you that everybody thought it was.

And it chickens for some reason was like the gateway drug into homesteading for everybody. Even if you live in a small city. I live in a, I live in a city area and  it was pretty easy to get to the proof through the city and everything. They just got to come out and check out the coop and things.

But yeah, it was really, it's funny how many people I think ended up getting chickens as a result of COVID, which is such a weird correlation but Yeah. It's funny. So, and when you talk about homesteading  I think that was something that went.  That came out of COVID too, was the amount of people that realized that our governmental structure and the  protective layer that we thought our government gave us between us and the food supply chains, water all of those things essentially crumbled that when we looked at what happened through the grocery stores, right, I remember going to the grocery stores and all of the meat being gone.

All of the eggs being gone, all of the milk being gone, and people started to wake up to that idea  this isn't a a movie, right? It's not every, it's not a things can go south pretty quick, and I think we saw that with, COVID,

  Yeah. Well, and it's going to, but people don't understand. That was just the first wave,  of what I believe is coming, but it's you have to understand that this is all, it's all biblical. Everything that's happening right now, it's all this. God, knows the beginning to the end and he's already seen the whole thing out.

And now, We you and I and listeners, viewers, we're now here as the test to see where we stand. Like I'm convinced this whole sucker goes down probably within the next 10 years. I don't mean to scare anybody, but it's evident that I believe God is preparing his people with like ideas of,  chickens and things like that.

He's getting his people ready to leave Babylon entirely because as soon as they bring in this beast system, which I believe they will, as soon as  the, dollar dies.  That the, dollar dying is going to be very, intentional.  It's, not going to be, Oh, all of a sudden they know exactly what they're doing. 

Just like COVID,  COVID, was the left and then the overhand right was the Vax.  

And so then, so now  with the financial system that's going to go and it's not going to be, in my opinion, it's not going to be a recession or a depression. I believe it's going to be a collapse and that's why we got to be ready for what's coming because you're either going to have to,  where are you at on, do you, when I talk about this Christian stuff or you, do you believe in God, Austin?

 Absolutely. Yeah, 

 Okay. Sorry. I just don't know. Sometimes when I'm talking to people I don't know.  But I believe that the devil duplicates everything that God does, everything beautiful he does. He's got to have a counterfeit to it, right?  And so this new world order is just the counterfeit of what God has always been trying to get his people to do, which has become one heart and one mind.

Because if everybody did that,  it would be, everybody would share with everybody. There would be no poor among us. Everybody would, you'd grow what you need and you give the rest away. And that's the environment that,  consider the lilies, right? Jesus taught it. Consider the lilies, the  birds of the birds of the sky.

You don't think I can feed you. That's the whole point. That's what, well, the city of Enoch was taken up, but  I'm, trying to get prepared for that. And even if that doesn't happen, which I hope I'm crazy, I hope that in 10 years, 

  you  know what I mean? 

 to be fair. 

  Yeah I really do like just get, okay, that's great.

I'll put me in the ward house but, I don't think I am crazy. I don't think that  I believe that what's crazy are all of these people that have their heads in the sand that don't even realize what's happening. Our state of Utah, let me just read this to you. The state of Utah, we just won the best state, right? We just won the very best state of Utah.  And we're, talking about of what?  The best state of what? 


  We're about my our state is about to flip over to blue. We're 

purple right now because we have a governor of the state of Utah that uses pronouns to little kids on zoom calls, bro. 

It's actually, it's.  That's fairly surprising, too, especially Utah. Obviously a very big religious  sects within Utah itself. And I guess that's an interesting thought, too. When you talk about the dollar collapsing, right, you can speak about that from, like you did a biblical perspective.

sense, but you can also look at.

that from what's happening,  socioeconomically across the world, right? Geopolitically right now between the brick, right? If you look at the way that India and Iran and China and Russia are all teaming up right now, have all already moved away from the dollar. And when we look at India and you look at China, those are the two biggest world powers when it comes to industry today, right? It's not like United, the United States of America is manufacturing things in an extremely high level. When we're outsourcing our talent, our menu, when we're outsourcing.  I, have a business background. I run a business and several. And so when we're outsourcing talent to do  most of the jobs, we're outsourcing it to India and when we're outsourcing manufacturing, we're outsourcing it to China.

And so when you have those, organizations, those countries that are now moving away from utilizing the USD,  the dollar.  In their everyday trades and I ran when it comes to oil, right? We're, messing with some very dangerous territory politically in getting into this potential escalation with Iran, with which and Putin's already talked about his response.

What it would be if, situations escalated with Iran, we're already seeing tensions rise with Taiwan and for China, right? We are literally being put in a position where. If nothing else, our leadership is putting us in a place where our economic system could very well collapse just from the decisions being made by our leaders. 

  Yeah, that's right. Well, and it is going to happen. And so You know, the more money we give to Ukraine, it's going to start happening to the deep state part of Israel. I have to be careful saying this because people think if you're, you question what's happening with Israel or some kind of like anti semi, it's  no, the deep state has infiltrated every single government across the world.

And so if you don't think that,  so look at Israel, I look at Israel a lot like America, the majority of people in America are good people, right?  But guess what? Those of us are questioning our government that's happening in Israel too, just FYI. And so just big, make sure before you start throwing your flags all over your bios, that this whole thing  is a  big, operation.

And it's,  Even me saying this right now, I can't even believe I'm saying this from where I used to be even like four years ago, when you start to wake up to this stuff,  it's so, unbelievably overwhelming, but at the same time, when you see the big picture of it, this is all supposed to go down just like this. 

  Yeah, And I think that's there's been like a, almost a lot of weaponization of spirituality when it comes to the Israel Palestinian conflict, right? I think it's been really interesting to see the way that the right, like conservative right, has all almost simultaneously, in lockstep, decided that they're without question, right?

And there's definitely things to question there, right? I've been somebody who's been looking at the situation and I, don't, like to wholeheartedly buy blue or red, right? I generally consider myself to be a more of a libertarian. I would say in a sense where I think less lesser government in most situations is generally a positive thing. 

And so I don't really feel like I have skin in the game. Right. So, so when I look at the Palestinian and Israeli conflict, you see the big money and conserve like the conservative industry pushing and backing all of the influencers, all of the you see the daily wire, PragerU.  You see these large organizations  sending the biggest influencers over to Israel with a, almost a documentarian style videographer behind them.

They pay for them to go over there. They pay for them to speak about these things.  And they almost have blinders on and I'm not ignorant to either side. I look at what's going on in Palestine, and I look at what's going on in Israel, and what happened on October 7th is, it's a tragedy. It's horrible.

It shouldn't happen, right? Terrorism in any sense is absolutely atrocious. 

 but don't you think that it's possible that October 7th was a deep state operation within itself? 

 Absolutely. So when you look at 

The amount of information that the, IDF had, Leading up to that  It's, staggering. It's almost very,  like almost gives you the idea of Pearl Harbor back in the day, right? You see the, amount of signals that they had. And then you, look at the IDF and see how much more technologically advanced they are than even some of the intelligence agencies that we have here in the United States, right?

And then you think that 40 guys on big fan.  and parachutes 

   So, it's  so obvious. It's so obvious, man. It's  and now you got what? 30, 40, 000 people that have died in Gaza. And it's and people think, yeah, well they're human shields. It's they just dismiss it. It's no, There's innocent people dying. 


 innocent people dying over here.

There's innocent people dying over here. Like we should be standing on the side of innocent people wherever that is. 

  And    To me, it's I don't look at anybody differently, dude. I don't, I look at somebody as a child of God. Yeah. They might not believe in Jesus yet, but I look at them like God loves all his kids and he's just trying.

And now we're killing each other like this and cheering it on and saying, we got to flatten it. And look, I've come a long way. Like I remember even when Trump dropped the big old what's that big old MAGA bomb that he dropped at one point.  I can't remember what it was called.

 Sure. There was, I'm sure there was a few of those 

  I know it just come. And I remember like making jokes about it. And it was like, and they did hit that. They didn't go, Trump didn't go in and do what Israel's doing to Gaza. But I, the point that I'm trying to make is that I've come a long way in this a short amount of time on how wicked it is.

War. War. In any degree yes, God wants us to defend  he wants us to defend that as a godly principle to defend yourself,  man, but when we,  it's so obvious what they're doing they want us in third world war. They need us in third world war. They're funding both sides of this, of these  little college  Riots that they're starting to have their fun in that side.

And so then it pushes all these people. Now it's this war, but it's so obvious. Don't participate in it. Don't participate in it. Call for peace. It's  but that's what they need. 

And you see it, the  conservative side of things when it came to what was going on between Russia, like you almost saw a complete 180 between the Republican party and the conservatives that were out there that always generally were a little bit more. Historically pro-war than the liberals or the Democrat side of things, right?

You look, you go back to almost anything pre 2018 and.  The left was staunch in almost every situation across the board, anti war in almost every sense, right? There were the, they were the cool liberal hippies in the seventies. They were against Vietnam. They were  there was a complete 180 at one point, very recently where you saw a glimmer of light for their conservatives and Republican party, where they looked at what was happening in Ukraine and they said, no, we don't want any part of this.

There's no reason that, this war should be happening. And there's absolutely no reason that our attacks. Hours should be going to fund it. Right? And, so

When, you look at that now,  I was optimistic about the conservative party for such a long time because they were the ones calling out against war, against the war machine.

And now you look and, they're the ones that are flying the, Israeli flags saying that they, can do no wrong no matter how many innocent children, women. Families, they bomb there. There's nothing that it's, all in the name of, and I think you, you pointed to something there specifically that I've noticed as a theme, anytime that they're trying to create a narrative, especially when it comes to these terrorists in the middle East, they always use human shields.

I I was in I don't know, fourth grade, fifth grade when 9 11 happened, but I can't tell you that if I had to think of one thing in my mind that made them terrorists that the  mainstream media painted the narrative with, it was that idea. It was the human shields that completely, they dehumanize women and children by utilizing them as human shields.

Right. And you saw all of this propaganda going out, right? Just like you saw with Ukraine, the ghost of Kiev that ended up being a video game. Right. You saw the,  women and the men being sent out in buses. I've done some videos on this and, you saw all of this propaganda being pushed out and the human shields is at the very top of the list for these people when they try to paint a narrative around terrorism. 

  well, and that's the only thing they can say too, to justify it as human shields. And it's just no, there's certain wars. When I was a police officer, if there was like a hostage situation, right. You don't kill both of 

them. That's not what you do. That goes against every, it's what's the point of the government being there? 

It's like we're trying to help. And, so that, that excuse doesn't fly with me  and all, I want to say on this topic is just be very, prayerful about it.  The devil wants the devil wants us. He wants bloodshed. That's where we're to the point. We've, already like swiftly went through this and the next phase of the sexual revolution and the devil's like really salivating for, blood at this point.

And so my, answer  is, to, not do that. My, my answer is to call it out for what it is. Call out the wickedness for what it is. Don't call for war. Don't justify war because  if we have that in our hearts and if we really are going to accept that as a collective whole, that's okay. That what's happening say in, in right now in Gaza, if that's okay,  we're not, going to be part of, the kingdom of God if our hearts are thinking that's okay.

Does that make sense?

  Yeah. Absolutely. And that's the thing that I you said you, you use the word like the, noun of the devil. Right. And you talk about the same people who are pushing for war, right? Who are profiting from these things, right? That the people who both funded Hamas to become what they are today, who funded Al Qaeda, who then turned on us who funded.

Almost every side of the war, and you see it as a microcosm with what's happening in the universities, which you alluded to as Well, right? Every single one of the tents that were being set out at these extremely expensive universities were all this the same tent because they were sent them by the organizations, the same organizations like APAC, who are funding all of this.

All but seven of the politicians that are currently making decisions on whether or not to send money to Israel,  And so you look at you, you look at all of the narratives that have come out more recently.  And I, only mentioned this because you, mentioned the devil, right? You mentioned the, 

 Well, I look at, we talk about God, right? Like we talk about God all the time, but we don't talk about what the adversary is doing in his plans.  And he hates  when we call out his plans. He hates it. So bad. And that's why he hates people that speak truth.  Because he, likes to just, he needs to justify himself too, right?

He fell from heaven, it's he has to be justified and so, he believes he's right.  And so that's what I'm trying to say is that  we, have to call these things out when we see it. And I'm not saying you have to use devil. You could just say, Hey, it's wrong what they're doing. Right.  I just, say those things because I believe this is a huge spiritual war that we're in and we have to start identifying it as such.

If we're going to like, Be able to,  ascend higher. Maybe that's the right word. If we're going to be,  if we're going to be able to defend what's coming in the next little while we, the only words that we can use as Jesus Christ, like those are the only words that we're going to, that will have the power to, to not only stop what's coming, but  to, transform things.

What's happened, what's going to happen where we have to start using those types of words, in my opinion.

  Have you seen, And, speaking of that, have you seen Tucker Carlson speak on the spiritual aspect of what's going on more recently? Have you seen some 

Yeah.  Yeah, he's right. And, I'd add  to it. He's absolutely right. And  now I don't know much about like the aliens and stuff. I really haven't got into it that much.  Is it possible? Sure. Anything's possible, but the, point that I think with Tucker, what he's trying to make is that this is very, we just see in the physical because we're being tested right now.

God, is literally just watching us and he's just testing us. Yeah. He's  what are you, made of?  You got to understand that the kingdom of God is where he lives.  If you, look in  let's see first Corinthians 1540, it talks about degrees, right? The degree that God lives in that celestial kingdom degree.

That is where kings and queens live.  And, so why I bring this up is because we're, in this test to see where it is that we are going to place ourselves based off of the decisions that we make here.  The whole purpose of this earth life I'm  don't you love that this is what we were going to talk about, Mike, when we were prepping for this podcast? 

Like not one thing, right?  So good. 

 it's all good. 


is the kind of stuff 

That I  I think most people are thinking it. I think most people think about this kind of stuff, but to try and articulate it and then to try and because yeah, could I be wrong on this stuff? I could be,  but, it's so evident that this is such  a, spiritual test to me.

 When, you talk about it being spiritual, right? In the most basic sense, you're talking about good versus evil, black versus 

 white. right. Huh.

 versus light, right? And so when you look at, when you look at the things that have been happening over the last four to five years, we've seen truth as a fundamental weapon for the side of the good. And we've seen how often the side of the bad, right? You want to say black and white  the, side of evil, whatever you want to call it, Satan, the devil, whatever 

  they try to stifle the truth. Right? The truth is evident. The sun will always show the next day and it will eliminate the darkness. And so even if you just take it from the most simple sense when you look at something that says, who is trying to stifle the truth and who is trying to  It's very evident who is on the side of the good and who is on the side of the evil, right?

And so even if you just say there's good and there's bad and there's people who are perpetuating good values and there's people who are perpetuating  evil for the purpose of self  inflation of ego for the purpose of integrity. Monetization for the purpose of the very same people who I'm talking about who are being flown to Israel to have a videographer behind them, to, to,  never  for a second to speak about the  atrocities that are happening in Gaza today. 

Right? So if you wanna vet your influencers, you wanna vet the people that you're following, you wanna.  Do you ever disagree with them? Right. Because  if I, if there's somebody out there that I never, 

 Yeah. Oh, I do 

all the time. And, I try, are you asking me like rhetorically? Are you just, 

you're, do you want to know?

 that was rhetorical, but you can go ahead and answer it. 

  Oh I'm just saying I, I do all the time. Hey, be really careful with this.  This could be very well a deep state operation. Hey, be careful with this. There's a lot more to this story stuff like that because here's the truth. We're, None of us are fully awake to this awful situation that we're in  and we're gonna get in a place where we might Be in a position where we're wrong about something and then you got to quickly check yourself spiritually hey Why do I feel off about this?

Why is there something off about it? Oh because you're being deceived. That's why And so I try to do it to good people that I follow and there's some big ones and they're  they are hook line and sinker  on support in Israel under any circumstance. And it's you guys, this is  in Israel.

This is wickedness to me. 

And, it's clear, it's  God is gathering his people right now and ultimately there's going to be like really a group  I don't know how far you want me to hear about these like I guess Conspiracies you want me to hear 

 We go deep  on this podcast, so feel free. 

when this system goes down there you're gonna have to bow down to one of two gods   Now we're all up into Israel and I, every single time, it's just  bowing down. And so, and I'm not saying that A lot of these things could be true, right? There's, a lot of things that, that, that could be true. However when we, go along with it, whatever narrative, whatever that, whatever the government's feeding us, if we just go along with that as if it's true,  we're in a lot, we're in a world of hurt.

  Absolutely. And I think if you look at the government, right, you look at all the things that have come out more recently about the, not when you say the government, it sounds it's, the government is what, 500, it's like millions of people, right? But when you look at the government, 

 the federal government is the, just the federal government is millions.

 right, exactly. So, so when you talk about the government you're talking about the governmental officials who we duly elected, right? Put that in quotation marks, but duly elected officials who have gone into these positions of power. There has been a unbelievable amount of information that has come out more recently.

Let's say the last three to five years showing that those people, right? And this is when, we talk about my spirituality or my beliefs in religion, one of the things that was a big,  Part of my moving more towards religion and spirituality, having grown up Presbyterian at a young age and then moving a little bit away and coming back now  is realizing that all of these people in positions of power, all of the people that are holding office right now, there's a  very, large group of these people who have shown themselves to be  Worshipping the darkness, right?

That have shown themselves to go in, in worshiping Malak at Bohemian Grove that have shown themselves to be within Hillary Clinton's emails, all of there's so many examples of this of, showing that the people in the highest positions of power have absolutely in one way, shape, or form. Gone to, you see it in music, you see it in the movies and the TV shows that are being pushed out.

You see it in politics. You see all of the, highest positions of culture and society. 

 Well, you see it even with Trump and you see it with politicians on our side as if Donald Trump's going to come and save us, right? Yeah.

 Right. Yeah, You go back to QAnon, right? The, he has the 

 military. in my opinion, a deep state operation.

 Well and it did it, if it was, and it, and I think that it very well was,  if it was, it did exactly what it was supposed to do. It made people look silly. It de-legitimized the opposing opinion. Right. Now, if you were pro-Trump, right?

Even just the terms maga or far right, or Q anon they, associated every single person who was.  Pro Trump to be a Q and I and conspiracy theorist. And then they took that to the furthest and said, Oh, they believe that Trump owns the military and that he can do no wrong. And really someday he's going to come back.

And there was all of these, there was the very furthest extent. of what QAnon believed. But then even if you just take it maybe 10, 20, 30, 40 percent back from the craziest sides of their belief systems, when you look at what was happening between Pizzagate  and all of these more, somewhat considered to be extreme conspiracy theories, but there's foundations there's seeds of truth in a lot of it.

But then you get into the very, very craziest side of it. And those were used the, very farthest Extreme conspiracies, and I'm not saying that Pizzagate itself wasn't, didn't have legitimacy to some of the claims that were happening, but what I am saying is that when they said that he still has the military in his pocket and any day now he's going to come back and be the president, he's really the president of the United States.

It delegitimized all of the legitimacy within the movement that was happening of people who believed things that are very real, right? All of the people waking up to the very thing that I'm talking about this satanic worship by politicians and Hollywood and the music industry that were happening and what that entailed when you look historically for that, when you talk about.

Sacrifices and how far you want to get down that rabbit holes,  but you see what I'm saying is that they utilized a very proven and true system to de legitimize the very legitimate concerns that people had surrounding what, whatever the movement was, that was QAnon to begin with that turned into what it was later on, 

  \   at this point, I think the most important thing that we can do is just get prepared  physically and spiritually, really that's it.  Well, what does that look like? I always try to tell people at least get a year's worth, at least a year's worth of food for your family, at minimum.

I don't know why that year is  stands out to me. I think maybe  you look at Noah, do you remember how long Noah was on the boat for? It was about 375 days that he was on the boat.  It's, I think that  there's something to that year, Mark.  And And I believe that we have to have  at least the provisions that much that we can, because people will die, right?

People will die of starvation. And so don't let it be you. Have water.  Know that there's water in the ground. Go to the lowest part and start digging. You're going to hit water. That's a lie that they tell us. I'm telling you. And they hate that. It's like hydrogen and oxygen create water.  And it's they've lied about how much  water is never ending.

Just like oil. I don't care what anybody says.  I'm just telling you the truth. So,  get prepared physically  and then get prepared spiritually, which is get right with God  repent, we all need to repent every day.  And we all do stupid things. That's why Christ came. And if we're prepared physically and if we're prepared spiritually, there's nothing to fear. 

Don't be afraid  because that's all you can do. 

  that's an interesting thing That I, think a lot of people, like I talked about that where the, creeping fear in, the, Realization of that through covid, where even the what I believe was 100%, one of the most successful psychological operations that happened in Covid was the toilet paper shortage.

  That was amazing.

  The, toilet 

 paper shortage  showed people, it made people freak out, just an everyday essential  . You didn't need it. Right. You can find, you can get a towel and wash it. There's so many different ways, get a bidet, right? There's so many different ways that you can deal with that issue. But the toilet paper shortage to me was a  shock test.

So I I did a podcast, a full five hour breakdown on a document that it was actually leaked from the CIA. That's called silent weapons for quiet wars. Have you ever heard of that? 

 b  no, I haven't. 

  So silent weapons for quiet wars was a document that was found in a fax machine in the 1980s in from a  purchase of a IBM fax machine so they did a whole a wholesale sale of all of these materials that were happening at IBM and one of the things that was interesting within the machine itself was a document from the 1940s and 50s, I believe.

And it was a secret closed door document by the CIA. And what it essentially did was it outlined everything that we're talking about here today. It outlined the way that they wanted to manipulate the financial Society, they wanted to manipulate the way that, that people engaged with each other. But one of the things that they talked about, there's a theory or actually a framework called shock testing and shock testing originally came from the aviation industry in which they would, take the, wings of the airplane.

They would take all of that and they would put it through a series of tests and based on the information and data that they took back from that shock test, and it was literally like basically shaking the materials to see that it would withstand.  And how it would react to certain amounts of pressure and stimuli and,  all those things.

And so they took that fundamental ideology of what shock testing was in the aviation industry and they utilized it to start to weaponize big amounts of data against the general public. And there's some really the most interesting document. It, I would say I've read is called silent weapons for quiet wars.

And within that shock testing, the idea was we want to utilize certain types of tests against the public. Like how would the society react if we got rid of toilet paper and what they might find is that if we Have a toilet paper shortage, that people might start buying large amounts of water. and they might also start purchasing chickens.

That's a very  real potential correlation, right? So they found these weird correlations and causations that happen due to these shock tests. And so I 100 percent believe these things are happening today. And the way that they're happening is much scarier than it was in the 1950s and 1940s that it was being weaponized against the general public because now they can use AI algorithms to do Hundreds of thousands of these tests at a time and see exactly how the

General public is going to react. 

  have you gotten into all the patents? I did an Instagram reel on like the United States patents on direct energy weapons. Oh man, 

Oh,  it's unbelievable. You can go to you. So I did it when it came to Hawaii, you can go to YouTube right now  and you can go to Lockheed Martin's Insta or Lockheed Martin's YouTube channel and you can see them.  Same, thing with,  like all of these major military industrial complex companies, they have like literal star wars type advertisements right now on YouTube 

Oh yeah. 

about direct energy weapons and, boasting about how amazing they are and how efficient they are.

And then, they want to take the videos that you and I create on Instagram and they want to call it misinformation when literally Lockheed Martin has Dozens of videos right now on 

 Oh yeah, 

man.  It's so the weapons that they have, it's,  and I, equate it to right now when we see all the things that are happening with the weather, I equate it to  I don't know if you remember in the old Testament  when, the Pharaoh, which is the government when, they were showing their magic to Moses, like their, tricks.

And I think that's what's happening right now. I think this is their tricks the, what they're spraying in our skies, what they're putting in, the air, there's going to be project blue beam. You're going to just be seeing a whole bunch of  Really, fascinating. Look, remember all those lightning storms that were hitting all over the United States?

Do you remember that? Just  lightning, everywhere. I was getting videos from 

 everywhere. When was that? 

  Oh, it was last year sometime. 

 Okay. Interesting. 

 a whole Instagram reel on it, but  lightning probably every 30 seconds for two hours straight, but  it was, you can tell it wasn't your normal lightning.

It was definitely a weather modification.  And so I think what's happening is the devil, 


 the government, whatever you want, darkness, however you want to label it.  This is their way of showing that  is his world. This is he's in control. And I again, I believe God's just sitting back, wait and watching  what, his Children are going to do. 

then when he starts to speak, it's, there won't be enough bunkers that Zuckerberg can build that's going to hide the truth. them from God. I'm telling you right now, like when he starts to speak and when he steps in,  look out 

  And so you mentioned a couple of things there. The one being the weather modification, right? Talking about cloud seeding or,  I can't even think of the original conspiracy term at this point. What is it  for cloud seeding? 


 Chemtrails. Thank you. Thank you. Again, same 

It's been  happening for decades.

  How many times, I was fact checked by Instagram on it, maybe two years ago. 

You look at what was happening in the,  who's the, United Arab Emirates. Just recently they had a huge flood in Saudi Arabia,  

Yep. that, that, 

right. And they have been basically sitting on, every news channel being  so excited to share how much cloud seeding they're doing.  

Right. Yeah.   It's so, yeah they, openly say it. It's so stupid that people  can't even, they don't even believe I'm a pilot. I'm a pilot. And I know, yeah. Okay. Well, how many doctors are out there pushing the V?  

That doesn't make that to me, just because you're in that profession means nothing to me.

I'm sure you're a great person. I'm sure you would never spray people intentionally to kill people. But just because you're a pilot doesn't make, doesn't mean that the government's not doing this. I'm sorry. I don't know how else, it's like cops, right?  I was a cop. I didn't, I had no idea how wicked the upper three letter agencies are.

No idea. 

I thought by getting into law enforcement, that was like the top  echelon of integrity. Unfortunately, it goes the other way around. The higher you go up, the more corrupt it gets.  And when you see that and you realize that's what we've become  as, an Amer as,  this, people that we, were supposed to be a city on a Hill, right? 

When you see  that, we have become really the bad guys in a lot of sense, like really, if you think about it, dude, like  we were, you and I were good people, right? And your listeners are good people, but like what this country has become,  it's, right? It's really not good, like  really, not good,  the worst, like we are worse than Rome.

We are worse  than Babylon of old, the United States of America.  And I mean that and I know that I keep bringing this stuff up but, it's so, On my heart that we have got to get right with God, like we've got to repent  because, when this hits, it's going to be too late if you don't have that light inside of you navigating this darkness.

  Yeah, and it's actually something recently that I've been more interested in. Have you heard the conversation or seen some of the  discussions surrounding the collapse of Rome and actually Rome turning into the throne? Three, if you look at a map and you look at the  I forget the name of it. It's a certain monument that's in Washington, DC.

It's also in London and it's also at the Vatican. And so when you look at this, the three different areas that, that these places of this,  Gosh I can't remember the term of it, but it's also in from ancient Egypt, but it was essentially a  a monument that, was utilized to show between Rome  collapsing and then reintegrating  itself into the new world, essentially by leveraging the United States as its military arm, London in.

Where the other monument like this is, I believe it starts with an S. I, I just can't  I can't think of it, but London being the financial arm and then the Vatican being the spiritual arm of what was originally ancient Rome. Have you, seen that at all?  

  No, but it doesn't  it's all going to repeat itself.  It's all going to come together. That's what I was trying to explain to you is that  God's gathering his, his the house of Israel, like spiritually, I'm not talking about physically spiritually it's gathering. And then on the flip side, the devil is starting to,  bring in all of his house.

Right. And so you're going to see all of these big the who, and  the you're going to watch all of them start to come together into one big monster here soon.

  Yeah. Yeah. There's a really interesting you should look into it. It's really interesting conversation around how the collapse of Rome was essentially never actually happened. And it was really the integration of the Roman ideology. And that's why you look at the some of the things that people point out about this is that you look to the  the types of architecture that is in Washington, DC, Rome, and London.

And the way that they kind of framework, this is that. Each one of those individual  I guess what you would call cities are actually their own individual,  areas outside of the government in which they are housed within, right? Washington DC is not a part of the, 50 States of the United States, right?

It's its own individual entity. within that, right? Same thing with the Vatican. It's, it actually is not a part of the government. It's not housed within the country that it's in. It's its own subsection of that, right? So they can have their own laws. They can have their own rules. They can have all of these things.

Same, thing with the, financial arm, which is London. And so there's a really interesting conversation that that, I've seen come up pretty recently, actually around that. And I'll have to, I'll send you some stuff on it. It's really interesting.  But when you talk about  the, spiritual aspect of everything that's happening here, when we look to the, escalation of tensions, right?

We're at a time now where  all of the institutions have lost trust. And that's because  each one of them is leading with the darkness, right? They're leading with lies. They're leading with manipulation. They're leading with  all of the they're, trying to stifle the truth,  right?

Each one of these institutions. So when you talk about the three letter agencies, the CIA, the FBI, even when you're talking about the governmental institutions, do you think there's any current institution that isn't compromised?  

  No, there's not, there are some good people within that are just quiet  when you say good, well, they should be speaking out, but there are some that are very aware of what's happening that are just trying to get their 20 years, right? That, that was happening at the police department. 

It's  I there, there's these cops that knew these things were wrong, but wouldn't say anything about it. For example, Occupy Wall Street. Remember that I worked that downtown Salt Lake City when they did the Occupy. Salt Lake City and it was very dangerous chanting F the police and they only had two of us working at a time You know inside the park they would post this up there and it was like you guys there's only two of us and I put in a complaint and I got in trouble right hey there I don't feel safe, but there's only two of us while there's hundreds and hundreds of people Chanting F the police and you have me in here like some kind of a pawn like that's dangerous You And I and, trouble's the wrong word.

I got in my my, my supervisor was upset, but it turns out that I was right.  Right. So, so I didn't get trouble on paper when it started to go up the chain. Oh yeah. Mootsos is right. We need more people in there. 

  So, so tell me about that. You were a part of the police force for how many years?  


 Seven years. And so that was a part of the, what I alluded to a very beginning of this is you had some of the controversies surrounding that, that kind of maybe speak a little bit more to the values that you hold dearly to yourself.

What, was the situation that you found yourself in that was probably the most high profile out of, everything that you experienced with the police?  

  Well,  and this obviously is part of my book too,  I finally made it over to the motorcycle unit. I've got a, I've got a crazy story.  It is a, wild story in those seven years.  But I finally made it over to the motorcycle unit and was doing really good. We, yes, there are police quotas, a lot of them. 

And that was part of the reason why. They didn't like me from within is because I called out their quota system.  And,  that's how most departments, not all departments, but that's how most departments operate is based off of money, right? You got to get a certain level of arrest to not only get local money, but then you get federal grants  based off, of numbers.

Right?  And 

so when I, 



they talk, when you talk about quotas, is that like more of an unspoken rule? Or is that something they're 

 Oh, absolutely. Yeah, it's unspoken because they know that it's wrong, but they have, there's no other way to do it. When I was a motorcycle cop  we had, to get 20 points a day. That was our goal. Well, a one ticket was a point and then a DUI was worth 10 points. So if you got two DUIs in a shift, then you got your 20 points. 

So I chose to do more DUIs because  I believe, that people shouldn't be driving around drunk, right?  When you're giving petty tickets, it just doesn't feel good as a, it's  and I'm not saying arresting drunk drivers feels good, but maybe I saved a few lives and I don't know about it. Who knows? 

But, when you're giving out a ticket for some stupid thing, cause you got to hit your 20, it sucks your soul a little bit at a time when you're looking at a person who's just driving just how you're going to drive when you go home. 

Which there's so many violations on the road.

There's hundreds and hundreds of laws. I don't care who you are. You're breaking the law when you're driving somewhere from point A to point B. And it, so when you're writing these, tickets all the time, it's, it doesn't change behavior. Now, some people would argue it changed behavior, but what about giving somebody a warning?

What about seeing red and blue lights behind you  and, that scaring you enough  Oh, geez I'm sorry. Yeah, you need to slow down and I'm not. Look, I'm, there are certain people that deserve tickets. Don't get me wrong. But  when you create an entire industry. And jobs based off of money that you're getting.

I think it's wrong. Anyway, I called that out.  And I got in trouble, but with not actually getting in trouble, I got blacklisted in many ways. Once I called out the quotas and I recorded my sergeant too, just in case they ever say that it didn't happen, it did happen.  But when I finally got on the motorcycle squad, I was the number one DUI officer by far.

I think I had 160 DUIs in that year. And then,  the next person below me had 85. I was a hard worker, right? Never been written up. Never had an IA. Never had, I never went to IA.  I had  I had awards  in my file. So,  I was,  I really, put in my heart and my soul to my career, right?

And when I was a motorcycle cop, they wanted five of us to come in and they wanted us to celebrate.  in the LGBTQ parade.  So they wanted us to, they wanted us to participate. They wanted us to lead the gay parade in our police uniforms.  And when I saw that assignment,  I can't explain it to you, but it was, every it's maybe how people felt during the vaccine. 

Don't do that. Do not take it. That's how I felt. It was dark and this is nothing against gay people. I just don't believe it theologically. Does that make sense? So I don't hate anybody. But because we live in this such polarized idea that if  disagree with someone's lifestyle that you must hate them.

No, I love you. There's nobody on planet earth that I hate. I don't, some people I don't like and I wouldn't hang out with.  But I don't hate anybody. And so I was asked to trade assignments. I said, Hey, I went to another cop, and I said, Hey, will you be in the parade?  And I will do your traffic post.

And he's yeah, no problem. So we switched spots. An hour later, an email comes down that says there will be no trading positions in and out of this. And I'm like, I knew that they knew that I got a trade, or they would have never said that because it's within our policy to trade. They were upset. At least that Sergeant was upset that I got a trade and they were going to force me into something that they knew was against my faith. 

Because I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman. That is the very definition of marriage.  And when I say these things, you have to understand I'm a sinner too.  I'm a sinner. I got problems, but I believe  in a,  value system that I try to live by. Right. I believe that we are.

quickly devolving literally into animals. There's now furries in Utah in these, and I covered this story and I'm the bad guy for covering the story that there's a whole bunch of kids,  dressing up as furries pooping on the floor in some of these schools. I'm getting reports. 

 Well, you, if you The bad guy, I think it depends on who you ask. Right. And I think honestly, 

 I'm just saying in the media now, 

I'm the bad guy. Like I exposed,  let me go let me go back. So, Because I'll go off on a tangent.  So they called me in the office, because I said, hey look I don't I sent an email, really professional, hey, I don't hate anybody, I love all people  I just don't feel that the police should be involved in this speech. 

Because, it is free speech.  What they're trying to do is normalize it because the police are involved in it.  And now look at us now. What has the state become? Well, the state has become, ironically, the forced religion. The religion, that we weren't supposed to have a separate separation of church and state.

Well, guess what? The L-G-B-T-Q to a lot of people is a religion.  It is a dogma. It is. It is a faith.  they believe this as much as some people believe in God.  And so, I was not going to bow down to that false God religion. Because that's what it is in my opinion. And I, and again, I know that there's going to be some people that are gay listening.

I love you. And I hope you know that. I love you. I just don't believe that's the order of heaven.  Because God wants us to become like him,  

Well, when. 

He wants us to become perfect like him.

 right. and when you look at the military, I was in the military, so I did four years in the Air Force, and when you look at the military, they would, you would get in trouble if you are found being a part of a parade, if you're found to be a part of a protest, and you're in uniform when you do it, 

that's an  advocation   by the establishment, right?


Like, even if, is that it's against our policy to wear something over your uniform. But yet the chief of police and all the lieutenants and all the sergeants and some officers, they're all wearing the gay  lay the Hawaiian gay thing over their uniform.

  Right, exactly. And so you're, when you're in a position of power, which is what you are, whether you're in the military, whether you're a police officer, whether you're in whatever position that you're in, that if you're advocating for a certain  if any of the police officers that were in your unit wanted to go there and dance in the parade or support them while not In their uniform or representing the police force, let alone.

That's perfectly fine. Let alone  forcing people to advocate for something that maybe they don't believe in. And to your point  I'm, passive in the same way that you are. You do what you want to do. I have no, no, problems with anybody who, is. gay or lesbian. Now, when we get into the,  TQIA plus 

  Well, and kids,

community,   that's a whole other issue.

It's, we could, that's a whole other speaking of tangents that we can get into is the, hijacking of what is a sexual preference into being what is a fetish, personal fetishes that are then being enforced on youth.  But back to the original conversation, which is that there's no reason at all.

In my opinion, and coming from the opinion of somebody who worked for the government in a position that wore a uniform that would, we would not be allowed if you went to a gay parade in your ABUs or in your blues, your dress blues  we would have, gotten in trouble. Right, let alone forcing somebody to be in the police force to be a part of that and show that the police force is now advocating for this,  against  whatever their religious beliefs are, there should,  the Supreme Court has ruled on this,  they said, I believe it was the,  it was the bakery that said that they didn't want to bake cakes for somebody who was  asking them to. 

 Yeah. Jack Phillips. Yeah, that was Jack Phillips. That was about the same time period. Cause my story was about  2014 and I think his was either 2012, 2013. In fact  I ended up, talking to him, 

to Jack Phillip. Yeah. Because when he heard my story and I guess I should finish the story. So,  a couple of days go by. 

And I get this text message from my deputy chief, who's one of the highest of the high up in this.  Hey we want to see, we need to see you on Wednesday in my office. And dude,  my, my heart, like I, I immediately knew I'm like, this is not good. This is not good.  Don't worry. We just want to talk.

And I'm just like yeah, I don't believe you. I don't believe you.  And it turns out they didn't just want to talk.  They  took my badge and my gun for discrimination.  And dude I, don't know how to explain it. It's even like thinking about, I go right back to that moment. It was like everything flipped upside down. 

I couldn't believe what I was hearing  and I remember like I as a, shoot, how old was I? 30,  I don't know, 32, 33, right around that point.  I'm crying dude. Like I'm literally crying. I can look down and I've got tears splashing my badge and they took my badge. They took my gun. Like I'm some kind of a criminal dude.

Drove me home  took all my stuff. And then two days later, all of a sudden  my entire, story, Was blasted all over national news,  officer refuses gay pride parade,  which wasn't even true. So it wasn't even a true story.  It was, absolute lie from the Salt Lake Tribune that I didn't want to protect gay people.

That was the narrative.  And so. I'm now in, I'm now in like  complete disarray. I don't know how I'm going to, I don't know what I'm going to do. And then the police department comes out and condemns me in front of everybody. We don't tolerate bias, bigotry, or hatred.  So they didn't even do an investigation, bro. 


I was on, what's that? 

 and smeared you publicly within the mainstream media. 

 Oh dude  I didn't, even get a chance to go through the process. Right?  Hey  this is under, investigation where we can't comment. It's under, oh no,  don't tolerate bias, bigotry or hatred.  Threw me under the bus, dude. 

And when that happened, I am, I knew it was over. There's, why in the hell would I want to go work for a, for an organization that doesn't, that is not inclusive, that is not diverse, that is not loving,  that,  that, is not tolerant, because that's who these people are.  They, are tolerant unless you disagree with them, unless you have your faith. 

And so, That happened 10 years ago, dude.  That was probably the most,  it was one of the hardest things that I've ever had to deal with in my whole life 


 Because, a difficult thing for you to deal with too, Because,

the reason that  knowing at least having this conversation with you and knowing a little bit about your personality, it seems like your, values and your morals drive your decisions every day. And that's very 

 likely. dude  I, you got to understand like I'm a sinner, right? I,  yeah. You got to understand  I believe these things as an ideal, but I fall short all the time. And so when I talk about this stuff, people think that I'm somehow, I think I'm better than someone else. And I'm, and I do not believe that.

I must, I'm like, I look at myself as a very, imperfect person who needs a lot of help on a daily basis who needs to repent. But there are certain things that I just, I can't live with. Right.  It's like I, I couldn't  knowing how I felt when that assignment came down, I couldn't go and do that and then live with myself.

Right.  I couldn't 

   because I don't believe it.

 It's crazy to me to see that happened in Salt Lake City of literally any city within the United States of America. 

 well, well, Salt Lake City like I said, our state, man,  we're quickly turning blue. And it's because we have so many  nice Christians here.  The kind of worship, not all, but there's many Christians that worship the gospel of nice and no quarrels, no contention. That's the highest level of,  of, goodness when that's not true.

Like it's  we, have to stand up for truth. If we do not stand up for truth, we don't have, we won't have a, country. Does that make sense? It's like  we,  I try to articulate this to people.  When you have something  and you have a certain knowledge  and you don't live up to that knowledge, where much is given, much is required. 

And so Salt Lake City of all places is that we should have been  a city that everybody looked to Utah wow, those guys got it right. But unfortunately, we are falling fast. I don't know if you've read the book, The Letter to the American Church, but on my podcast, I had a man named Eric Metaxas. 

And he wrote this incredible book called letter to the American church. And it's just about how Marxism has infiltrated our churches  and it's all going down in the name of niceness.  You just have to, you just have to be really nice and not bring this stuff up because if we bring this stuff up as Christians, that's not what Jesus would do. 

And, I submit that's the exact opposite. Jesus, his very first words were to repent. Literally his first words on his mortal mission, repent. That means that we need to turn back to God.  And right now our country is on the verge of complete destruction because of, what we've allowed from abortion to this sexual perversion that has entered into our school system. 

That's, in cartoons, right? This whole they, them,  man, I'm telling you dude, like  we are, inches away from Being wiped off this, the face of this planet right now because we  totally, screwed it up.

  And so you spoke to a few things there and I'll touch on a couple of them. So the first one being the infiltration of liberal ideology within the church. I can't tell you how many churches I've drove past. in the last six months that are hanging a trans flag outside of their church. It's in, and again I'm somebody who's struggled with their faith several times throughout my lifetime and is still trying to work on that and grow in that, aspect of my life and find myself there, whatever that means. Right. But, even just seeing that and being so puzzled by the idea that, there would be some sort of,  It is social infiltration of the ideologies that we're seeing that are very much founded in sexual perversion, right? Let's, put the Bible aside and let's just say you look at what's happening with the, trans ideologies the, hyper sexualization through TV shows, which you mentioned as well. 

All of those things that are  the and, to find that within a church setting, something that is so. so.  I  don't know the right word for it. So sensitive, right? When you're putting yourself in a position of authority, when it comes to spirituality between somebody else and God, right? 

The, amount of power that you can wield within that setting is alarming if you utilize it the wrong way.  We saw that 

within some of the things that have come out from the Catholic Church and so the other ways that, that faith has been weaponized and utilized by bad people, bad actors within those, settings to, to utilize that framework as a way to push their own ideologies or their own perversions or their own  their own wants and needs, whether it be monetization, money, sexualization, those types of things.

So to, to see that being outright pushed in front of a church where the very doctrine that these people claim to, to worship speaks pretty, at least from my familiarity of it, pretty clearly on those, subjects. And so to, see them just be outright just, Against the, very thing that they claim to, to represent is, pretty alarming, right?

And, to say that like 2014 a decade ago when this happened to you, so to see that already within a community that is very of, I would say  any, city that at least I know of within the United States, Salt Lake and, Utah specifically is very, religious in, this sense. 

And so to see that happened all the way back 10 years ago as a precursor to what we're seeing today, specifically, not 

Yeah. the institutions of the government with the police force, but also within the churches themselves over the last couple of years. 

  Well  and I don't know if it was a vision or whatever, however you want to look at it, but I saw what was coming.  Like when I had my experience, I just had it just in my mind's eye. Right. Like when you think ahead it's like we're talking about the digital currency. We see that this is going to be a very, real possibility.

Right. And so I saw. All of this stuff happening.  I saw it, dude. I saw the sexualization of kids, what they were going to do. I was even warning on Facebook 10 years ago about pedophilia stuff, about,  minor attracted people. I posted about that 10 years ago and people thought I was nuts. 

 It's unbelievable. 

  Hmm. was trying to warn people even way back then, this is coming.

This is coming. This stuff's coming. And so that's why you can't change definitions like marriage. I don't care if people want to have a civil union. Great. Get the government out of all  of our,  relationships. Right.  But, when you start to change definitions, that was the floodgate, bro. And I said that, I said, if you change the definition of marriage, which is, Between a man and a woman.

If you change that, anything can go. And now what have we seen? What is a woman? You can't even define it. The left cannot define what a woman is.  That's, how far we've gone. And what's next age.  That's what's 

next. I'm telling you, there is no such thing as age. There's no such thing as men and women. 

Kids are now animals in school. Age is next and it's going to be pushed at an alarming rate and we are going to be like, how can you even come close to participate? The governor of our state of Utah, Spencer Cox,  he vetoed a bill that would prohibit men from playing against girls in girl sports.  he vetoed that bill.

Now, luckily the House overrode him or they, the legislators overrode him. But if he had it his way, he would have men.  Playing against women and women's sports in the state of Utah, if he had it his way, 


  this is to the degree of wickedness that we're at right now. And look,  some people think that's hate.

What I'm saying,  that's, they think that I'm the one that's hating  by, pointing this out.  It's not hate. You have to understand that love is truth.  Love is light. Love is liberty.  That is love. And so when you're speaking this stuff, and this is to anybody who can knows when you post something or you share a thought and you get that opposition, you are truly loving your neighbor. 

And a lot of people just don't see it. And so I just say, keep, stay the course, keep speaking truth. Whenever you sacrifice a little bit, and whenever you speak truth, what happens to your soul is you expand  light grows brighter every single time you do something that is a sacrifice.  yourself, you literally, it grows brighter, that light then attracts the darkness.

And so what's happening is the amount of light that you put into the,  call it the universe, in the spiritual realm, as bright as you start to get, you're going to get the opposition, that's how you grow. That's how you can become perfect. Jesus was saying, be there for perfect even as your father in heaven is perfect.

That's, that perfection is, has to do with the light inside of your soul.  Not to get too deep into that stuff, but I'm just saying, don't be afraid to speak truth because when you do that,  You grow as a spiritual being.

  Absolutely. So if you go back to COVID, right, and one of the things that you just talked about was the changing of definitions. Right? The changing of what the meaning of a sound is, right? When we talk about all of the different things, whether it's what is a woman, right? They're literally the Oxford dictionary has changed the definition, right?

You go back to herd immunity. You go back to,  there's so COVID, right? The Orwellian  changing of, the meaning of a word, right? And even when you talk about things like  what, people don't realize is that unless you're like  I'm not, I wouldn't say I'm extremely Well, educated, right? 

But if you look at the people who go through private school and these high level universities, a lot of them learn Latin. And the reason that you learn Latin is because there's a meaning to the fundamentals, like the syllables within a word, right? When you look at a word like Genesis,  you look at a word like Jenna tolls. 

Right? The, fundamental, when you break down that word to its Latin derivative, there is a meaning  to the sounds that you are making with your mouth that are outside of the definition of a word itself. Right? So when you're talking about something as simple as genitals, right  it's, the, fundamental idea of, right, like it's,  it goes back to the same derivative of genesis. 

Right? The gen, the G E N has its own derivative meaning within the Latin language. So when they're sitting back trying to change the definitions of these things they're, it's literally post modernism in action, right? Post modernism being the idea that they're, the very word that you used at the beginning of this was truth.

Right? That the idea behind postmodernism is that there is no truth. There is no fundamental truth. Eric has his own truth. Austin has his own truth. And regard and dependent on which reality and,  body that you occupy, each individual person has their own idea of what truth is, but we know that's not true, right?

There's math, right? Regardless of who you are, two plus two equals four.  Right. 2 plus 2 doesn't equal 5. That's the whole Orwellian idea of, this changing of, reality to suit the need of the oppressor, right? To suit the need of the government.  They, want to, break down the idea of 

Well,  everything has to be a lie. I think by the time the devil's up, he has to flip everything upside down in order to have that king, literally everything upside down.  Because, ultimately, can I just give you my take on  our death? Do you ever just sit and think, why am I here on earth?

Do you ever think that kind of stuff? 



 Okay. So I'm going to tell you why in my belief. Okay. 

   So I'm a, Latter day Saint, right? So  the Mormons, right? 

That's what I am. And I get it. There's going to be a lot of people in your audience that are like, okay, here we go. But this is who I am.

Right. So, so you can turn off the podcast or not, but I'm telling you, this is what I believe you were born. You are a child of God, right? And so we're going to get into the Genesis in a second. God the Father and Jesus Christ are perfect beings. They are resurrected. Jesus Christ is resurrected. He has his body.

Do you understand? He didn't shed it. He showed himself to his Apostles. They felt the Prince in his hand. He didn't go shed his body when he went up to the, Father. He is a resurrected being and so is Heavenly Father. We, you and I, if we stay on this path through Christ, we will be saved. We will be resurrected.

Everybody's going to be resurrected. It's just to where you're going to be at. And so I want to read this  scripture to you. We were talking about chickens earlier, right?  So I'm sure chickens don't sit and think like, why am I here? Maybe, but if one of those chickens had an egg had an egg and it was fertilized, what would that baby chicken look?

What would that baby chicken turn into? 

Okay. So, so have you ever heard the term and oak sleeps in the Acorn? 

  I have not. But it makes sense. 

  Okay. So the oak tree sleeps in the acorn and properly nourish. It's going to go through a process to become an oak, right? Well, then the question is who are you?  So I'm going to read this Romans chapter eight, verse 16. It says, the spirit itself, beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. 

And if children then  heirs, of God, and joint heirs with Christ, if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified together. For I reckon that the suffering of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.  So what I'm trying to tell you, Austin, is that  you, have the potential, the divine destiny potential to become like Heavenly Father.

And I know that sounds crazy to a lot of people. I know that knows. But if everything shows us the predecessor, like every, predecessor shows that it can become like Heavenly Father. That's why Jesus Christ came.  And so we will have, we will,  so what I'm trying to say is there's two destinies. Okay.

Why are you here on earth? There's two destinations. We can either become like God, which is an identity, a destiny, a divine, destiny.  An eternal  posterity because if you could, you have kids, right? 


 Are your kids the greatest joy that you've ever had in your life?

  The greatest part of my, every day. Absolutely. 

  Okay. So, so do you think, and you don't have to answer me, but do you think that God is going to take the, that ability away from you in the next life to have kids?  Well, just think about it because I don't, I believe that. That posterity is an eternal posterity. That's why he promised Abraham the sands of the sea, because when you are resurrected, your body parts still work.

Do you understand? So on the flip side, so that's, the one destination. And there's another scripture too, I can even tell you. So basically in that one, it says. And if children, then heirs, of God and joint heirs with Christ, if so be that we suffer with him. And then there's one other scripture in the book of Revelation that I'd like to share with you.

And that's Revelation chapter 3 verse 21. It says, To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I have overcame and sat down with my father in his throne. And so that's amazing because  that's, a promise.  And so that's why I'm trying to tell you as sons and daughters of God, whoever you are listening, you, the divine, the divinity within sight of you,  none of us can comprehend. 

None of us can comprehend.  That's, that is the plan of salvation. That's why our families are so important. That's why  fundamental unit of heaven is a family.  Male and female. Now on the flip side, what do you think the devil wants? Well, the devil wants us to become like him.  identity, no destiny.

  separated from everybody else with, no sense of self or self 

 Okay. Keep going. 

  or woman or, 


right. They, 


  I'm telling you, dude, like this spiritual nature on  the devil doesn't want you to have body parts. Why? Because he doesn't have body parts.  And that's why this sexual revolution that's happening is so unbelievably demonic because he's getting people literally prepared for hell.

Remember the two destinations to become like God with an eternal posterity or to become like the devil with no ability to procreate  and you are damned. That is the literal word for damned is damn. You're stuck. You cannot progress if you are not having children.

  That's interesting. I haven't, I literally like from the, verbal speaking about the Genesis or the Latin derivatives, when you talk about damn in the way that you utilize that term and damned is the same way that  just how you pointed that out is your the same way a beaver creates 

 a damn. burnt as a stubble. That's why he's saying  you're a little tree, you're bush, you're as a stubble. It means you're not producing fruit. The fruit is your children.  And so I'm just trying to tell you that dude, like  you're here for a reason. And you're not a bug. You're not a tree.

You're not a plant. You are a child of God. And I hope that resonates with whoever's watching this because that is the most fundamental truth. And when you know that, and when you know how much God loves you, think about how much you love your kids. And there's nothing that they can do that's going to stop that love.

That's how much God loves you.  so that's why I'm always trying to talk about repentance because there's so many people that they don't dare to go to God because they don't think that he'll understand what they've done or what they've been through. And I'm here to testify that he has seen it all.

It doesn't matter what you've done. You can go to God and he will forgive you in a second. Because he wants that relationship with you. I know that. And I know that because I go through repentance processes all the time. And, if he can forgive me, he can forgive you

 Sure. And I guess it translating that from the religious to the spiritual. Well, Right? To me, when you talk about  the acorn becoming  the, tree, right?




Yeah, better stated that way  is that  the way that I can perceive God the way that I can feel God is that God is the Permeating and infinite everything around us.

He created everything. He is everything. He's a part of us today  And I think that when you know, there's some  sense that I, feel from people who are hesitant towards religion  the, organized  the, organized sense of religion that, that is man made as opposed to the spiritual connection with that is God.

And that, that the sometimes as we speak to the way that religion has been weaponized or manipulated and into being something that maybe  get some people to, not want to be  to explore that, that, that feeling or that  familiarity, right? That everybody, historically, every single culture, every single country has a religion.

Every single human 

right? calling to connect with whatever it is that, that there is. infinite everything is that, some cultures have proclaimed as this, name or that name but, there is a good and an evil and in the proclivity to move towards the things that are good, right?

That, the infinite everything that moves you towards the light, right? That, that there there's a, way to look at the things that we're talking about here from a sense that is  maybe  a little bit more.  available to people who aren't religious, right?  Who, see the things that are playing out today and, realize that there is a good, there is an evil, right?

And there, is something that is a core foundation of every single human being. I am you, and you are me, right? We, there, there's differences in, variables within our maybe genetic makeups. It's very, very slightly as we talk about percentage wise, but micro differences in our genetics, but we are cut from the same cloth.

We are all acorns that came from the oak tree? 

Where this,  where the seed, where this that's God, bro. That is 

literally heavenly father.  And that's when you know that, and it's such a comforting thing wow, like the, he's really there and he's just see, but he won't intervene on agency. That's one thing that people don't realize, he cannot force you to do anything. The devil wants to force you to do everything.  His kingdom is all about force. His kingdom is all about manipulation and coercion.  And I think what's happening, I don't know how deep you've got into the scriptures, but the devil, the reason why he was cast out of heaven is because he wouldn't follow the commandments.

He wanted to be above everybody. He didn't want to be one with, he wanted to be above the stars. And so when he and his minions is a third of the host of heaven were cast down, they were cast out because they couldn't follow the commandments in the kingdom of God. So what the devil has done, counterfeit, is he's created a counter kingdom.

He's created a kingdom that,  that looks very similar to the kingdom of God, but everything's fake from the water to the food, to the air, to what we watch, the whole propaganda, everything is fake  and what happens is  he will force you to bow down for your job, for status, for wealth, for whatever that is.

You have to bow down in order to stay in his kingdom and what happens so this is going to blow your mind What do you think happens so that so God he has commandments But  the devil has demandments  and what happens when you don't follow the demandments  The exact same thing that happened to him you are cancelled You are cast out of the kingdom.

You are a racist, homophobic,  whatever it  whatever phobe  you are done because you would not bow down to his demandments. That's what I think is happening. It's the counterculture of the devil, 

  Yeah, absolutely. And when you look at things like you mentioned that just there, right The the you're a transphobe. You're a, the, you're a anti Semite. You're a this, you're a that. Right.

 right wing extremist.

  I've had people, I've had people chase me down in bars. Like I went to  a, startup founders meeting in, my local city here and  did not expect anybody to come up with, To come up to me and recognize me, or I got chased around a bar for 15 minutes by this guy calling me a right wing conspiracy theorist,  literally 

wouldn't stop. This guy was, he was actually a local democratic,   running.   Yeah. He was running for a local democratic role. 

  And he chased me around this bar at Right.

  a nice location, right, trying to label you, trying to this, I, this guy was pretty intoxicated at the time, to be fair but he knew who I was, he chased me around Austin Adams, the far right guy.

Podcaster is dude, you don't even you, probably hate this person. You probably hate these people. It's you don't even know my ideologies. you don't know anything about me. I don't have any problem with this or with that or with this or with that. But the problem is the labels, right? The problem is that it's so easy to throw on a Jersey, a blue Jersey or a red Jersey, right?

And say, that's the bad guy right there. That person right there represents everything that I hate. But there's nuance to everything. I, after talking to this fairly belligerent individual for maybe after he chased me around and I just stopped, I put down my beer. I looked at them and I said, Hey, what do you want to talk about? 

What do you have a problem with what I've said about anything at all? Let's talk about it. Let's have a conversation about it. I'm interested. What do you think that I've said that is wrong? And he said, oh, you're a transphobe you're a homophobe, you're a this, you're a that. I said, look  I broke down each individual part of his conversation, said you're wrong here, I don't believe that, I believe this.

And eventually I got to a point where this guy was like  in his belligerent voice  I don't think you're that bad. It's I feel like we would probably have that same conversation with 90 percent of people on the opposite side of the, wearing the different 

color jersey that we're wearing today, 

if we sat down with them and let them speak their piece in a personal setting, right?

That they, you would find very quickly that. Almost everybody isn't a far right this, isn't a far left this, 

but when you get, when you look at social media, when you look at the mainstream media, that's the promoting culture is that there has to be an enemy for on both sides. Otherwise it's not profitable, right?

If there's not a 90 and it keeps you away from the actual problem, which is classism.  Right.

Which is the idea that there is a very, elite class of individuals at the point 1 percent of things that are have controlled politicians that have controlled the music industry that have controlled the, movie industry that have controlled Hollywood, that have controlled every single part of the highest echelon of American culture for so long.

Those are the people that we should be yelling at. Those are the people that we should be chasing down in bars. Those are the people that we should make feel shame every time they leave their house. But instead they want us fighting amongst each other about race. They want us fighting amongst each other about your, political ideologies, your stance on this, your stance on that.

When there is a real enemy out there Right. now that is causing this, divide, causing these issues and wants us fighting amongst ourselves, Rather than fighting against the real issue, which is the very, and I'm not talking about rich people. Hell, I want to be rich. You want to be rich. Everybody wants to have money.

And, by the grace of God or the, infinite, everything one of us will be right. If we make the right.

product, that's capitalism. And I love capitalism, but That's not talking about the people that were born into ungodly sums of money that utilize that to weaponize it against us every single day to continue to make those profits like what was outlined in Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.  

  Yeah. So  I'm of the sense of  even you said chasing them down  noncompliance is the answer. If everybody would have just not worn a 


 And if everybody just not would have done gone to work, and if everybody been like, no, that's not happening, none of this would have happened and they would have no power.

We give them their power. 


And so to me, massive noncompliance when they say something, you better question it. Why? Well, we need to do this for safety. Oh, we've heard that one before. Well, we need to do this for the greater good. Oh, okay. Yeah, we've heard that one before, too. And we're not going to, it's not happening. 

And if everybody did that, they would have no power.

 And you saw the very first thing that they did in COVID was create literally created the jersey. You have the people who are wearing masks. Still today and did then, and the people who would refuse it, who I got into, I can't tell you how many arguments with people at the grocery store, with people at the even outside, like it was crazy to see, but what they did is they created a Jersey.

That you got to wear either  your pro mandate or anti mandate. And they decided to make us fight amongst ourselves rather than fighting against the real enemy, which was the one that not only caused the mandates that obliterated hundreds of thousands, if not millions of business owners, but also stopped people from being able to say goodbye to their mothers while they were passing away in 

 the process.   And, all of these horrible, atrocious things that were growing on during COVID that are so much further deeper seated issues that are still not addressed today, mind you, than wearing a mask, which again, the mask  was a symbol, for which team you were on and the enforced compliance that regardless of what you think.

We're still going to make sure that you do this or you can't buy groceries. 

  Well, and it was a spiritual symbol of no, no voice, no choice, no identity. You literally can't even see who you are. It was very symbolic spiritually. 

  Absolutely. And so as we move in and then that's, and that's the thing that I  fairly appreciate about you, Eric, is that you're willing to, question. And something that I'm not seeing very consistently among the  what would generally be considered  the conservative or whatever influencers that are out there  there's, a very  small handful of us out there that are still questioning the government.

Right. Regardless of the narratives that we're, they're trying to spoonfeed us, whether you're a conservative or a liberal or a Democrat  is that when it comes to things like Israel  I'm, Anti  anti war and anti mainstream  wholesale of buying the mainstream narrative, if they are feeding it through every mainstream media that's out there, whether it's supposed to be a Republican thing or a Democrat thing,  should be questioned.

Right. It should be vetted and it should be, it should, you should find out exactly what you truly believe, not what you're being told to believe, whether you're a Democrat, who's being told that masks work when this every bit of science tells you it's not, or you're a Republican being told that you should promote the, war in Israel, regardless of how many innocent lives that are lost as a result.  

  Yeah.  And everybody, that's why  it turns out that the commandments were a good thing. It turns out like loving your neighbor. is a good thing. It turns it turns out,  don't do  this  all the things that God was saying turns out to be true. And if everybody just did that, then we'd get back.

We somehow find,  some kind of peace. But  I feel like everything's just really ramping up at such a pace. And the reason why it is because the light is shining on the darkness and the darkness has to justify why. And it's going to get very violent.  that, that, is the next, they don't have any other moves now that we, that everybody's starting to wake up and shine the light on them.

The only moves that they have left is to get violent. And I just, I pray to God that we just don't get sucked into a civil war. And we just say, we're not fighting. We're not doing that. That's not gonna happen. Now, defending yourself, yes, Of course.  I fear  that  we're gonna, we're gonna, we can have a draft here soon.

They want us in a, they want us in a third world war right now to stop this election coming up. They, need that. They need a 

 And meanwhile, Netanyahu's son is sitting on a beach in Miami and 

won't even, right? Isn't that crazy? They want to draft, they want to draft our children. They want to draft me. They want to draft you. They want to draft all these American citizens. But the son of the individual who decided 

 to cause tell you everything. 

 exactly right.

You go back to 

  That should tell, you

  Black, Sabbath war pigs.  Generals gathered in their masses, right, just sitting there  there's, so many cultural situations that during times like this have pointed this out. The most powerful people don't send their sons to the military. They don't because they know what 

 Oh it's  a chess game being played with it with the emotion and the lives of the middle and lower class that is used to profit from the upper and in like highest level 001 percent of individuals.

So this is just a game that is played and you go I'll reference this just because I think it's  such an important document. When you go back to that silent weapons for quiet wars document, it talks about how war is utilized as a way for checks and balances to not only. Be able to utilize the war machine to make profit by pushing money from taxpayers to the, organizations that fund it, but also by making checks and balances by eliminating human lives,  When you have a finite amount of money across in a social or a governmental ecosystem, like the United States of America, and you eliminate taxpayers. People like the amount of individuals within that country, you are actually making it so that the value of a dollar becomes higher because there's less people owning that money, right? So when war is used as a checks and balances  for, inflation. And that's one of the scariest things that was within that document.  

  It's we're here man,  but ultimately I'm very thankful to be alive in such a time as this. And I just, I, when I get back to God, I want to say  I tried, I was a screw up, but I tried I could see what you were trying. I could see what you wanted me to do. Even though I failed,  I tried.

And I hope that's I just want to be able to look back and be like, didn't sit quiet when I saw all that.  I at least put it out there  I try to tell people about liberty because the liberty is heaven. That's in  1st Corinthians or 2nd It says where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty  and You can't have liberty without morality freedom  freedom plus  bad choices equals captivity  because freedom and liberty aren't the same thing.

You can have that freedom, but if you don't do good with it, that does not equal. So, so in other words, freedom plus morality equals liberty.  only way that we can have liberty is to do what's right. 


And I think that's something, to me, when we're talking about this doom and gloom and this battle versus good and evil, I believe wholeheartedly that good is winning right now, today. And I don't think that we could say that four years ago. But I do believe that there are so many people that have woken up to the atrocities that are happening, the ideologies that are being pushed on people.

And I think even culturally, when it comes to things like comedy, and all of these different cultural movements. You're seeing that there is a large group of people that are waking up to these things that are wanting to not only be aware of them, but make other people aware of them and do something about it.

And that to me, as we're moving into what you say, maybe the next 10 years of the potential most difficult parts of our lives, if not the lives of most of humanity,  and in us as a species,  that it is encouraging to me. That now more than ever, just like when John Locke had the great awakening, right?

The great, the enlightenment period, where they realized that we don't need anybody to speak to God, right? There was that great enlightenment that allowed us to move away from Great Britain and realize that we, as a culture, don't need to speak through somebody else to have that connection. 

I believe there's another great awakening that's happening today, and I believe that to be true.

is encouraging as we move towards the times that they are pushing for these wars. They are pushing for these things to happen. And I believe that we, as it stands, and people like you and me, who have this staunch moral compass that says  if you want me to do anything that's against what my fundamental beliefs are, I'm not doing it.

I won't do anything about it. I'm going to speak up, I'm going to speak out, I'm going to 

make change happen.  And I'm encouraged about the way that this society is moving. So. 

 Absolutely. well, and you have to understand too that if  you can be awake, but if you don't make good decisions, then that light is going to be even darker because it will condemn you. Does that make sense? 

 Absolutely. Well, Eric, on that note, I think that's a great way to wrap this up here. I appreciate your time. That was an awesome conversation. Like you said, maybe not the one  that we had originally outlined, but I appreciate you. Thank you so much for coming on the show. I'd love to have you back. I think that was a great conversation and as things start to play out, we'll see that more and more. 

But thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you. Can you talk about some places where everybody can find you?


 All right. Well, go check it out. Read his book, listen to the podcast, watch the documentary, all of that stuff.  Great conversation, Eric. Thank you so much for being here. 

 Adams archive.  



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